Silently triples in price

Silently triples in price.

Remember when biz made fun of people who bought at 50 USD?

I remember Veeky Forums making fun of people for buying ANS above 5 dollars

i was one of them.

I bought in though @ 90

Holy shit, these sell walls go down like it's nothing, i'm starting to think we'll hit $200 very, very soon

Nigger it will drop back when the FOMO stops because something went green

wtf is going on?!?!?!


already sold. Good luck all

Need NEO to buy an ICO

Congrats on your profit user

Oh yay. Used to have 200 antshares/neo when they were 5$. Sold them at 15. fuck me i guess

discord gg/3fW7bzr

Neo moons because they don't market themselves, they just keep getting shit done. This is the Chaddest of coins.

>Chinese Ethereum

it has something to to with the chinese and korea normies because icon and neo are rising the same

NEO isnt even on korean exchanges and china is banned you fucking newfag... Once NEO will be available in Korea and China lifts the ban you'll see the real NEO price.

Dump pajeetblocks neo gonna to 1k eoy.

I sold at 107$, just before the pump.


I was gonna buy more last night, but I bought VEN instead....

Tfw only bought $100 worth at $3.

Yesterday i want on Ven.
Huge news. Doesn't moon
should have held neo


Are you fucking retarded? Jesus fucking Christ this board is starting to get me...

Reasons why NEO is mooning

>China back in the game
>Utility crytos (ETH, NEO, XLM, XRB, VEN) are finally getting their shine
>People go back to safe bets
>Entire January is NEO development conference
>Yes, ENTIRE January
>All over the world
>People are sick of fake partnerships resulting in pnd and want a real deal
>There are tons of ICOs coming on NEO so expect ETH moon soon


Good luck trying to move them

Tripled in price? Let me chase it!

how does GAS get distributed? will it show up if I hold it in an exchange?

On binance yes
Dunno about other exchanges

They will move next week. It is fixed, devs confirmed it hour ago, all tests went fine. We'll see, definitely not selling them as I bought them at 4$.


got the answer. hold it in NEO wallet

>network gets killed by a 5000 people whitelist sale
great stuff you got there

are they fair? i don't trust bitfinex or binance in these matters

AAAAAAAAAH I was gonna buy last night but I listened to the VEN shills....

On binance, yes. On bitrex, no.

I sold my NEO at 110 to buy more XLM, and I see now that was a stupid thing to do.
I'm just gonna bite the bullet and buy back in once NEO corrects a little

>once NEO corrects a little

Amsterdam event, more people are buying.

more conferences all January, so comfy af

move to wallet, only whole numbers tho.

I feel you, same for me. Was broke when it was

This was the right move. I also bought the ven dip and was very happy this morning.

deluded noneo venny

dummy. I already own neo. so yes I'm stoked about this run!

Stfu about ven u shill

mfw I bought and sold at $33 to chase the BTC pump and ended up with a shitty ass bitcoin stagnation.


Meh xlm could heat up these next month or two

you get gas delivered every day if you hold neo on kucoin - 1v4y1

How do I get that sweet, sweet GAS with a Ledger? DL the wallet? Do I have to use whole numbers for some fucking reason?
>tfw smoking dat GAS

so if NEO is not divisible, how come you can buy decimal amounts on binance?

>what is withdrawing?

ummm wat?

I bought at $100. Still comfy.

DYOR. Lurk more. Google: Private keys, paper trading.

You can still buy .5 NEO on an exchanges, but because it doesn't actually exist you can't withdraw it. If you buy .5 more, you can withdraw it


>Selling NEO, ever

You dun goofed.

LOL NEO is on another level to ICX.

tfw didn't buy $100 worth btc at $7 because I was broke

Its going down. RIP chinkcoin

Is this McAfees pick for coin of the week tomorrow or what?


once its off exchanges do you pay a fee to move it to a new wallet? I just got a cold storage and was going to leave it in there for a bit but I dont want to effectively lose a Neo in the process


>Utility token



No, he only picks shitcoins. The only exception was FCT, which is a solid coin he picked.


I am seriously considering selling all my BCH and dumping it in NEO. I'm scared because NEO's mooned hard and BCH has been trading sideways = primed for the next moon

Half expecting him to pick Bitcoin Cash tomorrow. Shitcoin or not, it is one he likes to promote. Lots of good news on the horizon for BCH.

guys. it's bouncing off the previous sat ATH on binance, look. of course people are going to sell there to buy back

I sold literally everything for NEO. This better be worth it. I’m already depressed so if shit hits the fan, I can just kms.

hold me dude, went all in at 12400 sats

Depends on the price you got in at.

why do you people only chase ATHs? do you have any foresight at all?

I used to have 600 NEO that I sold at 19, so don't trip too much about missed gains it's just crypto. Everyone makes money

155. I just got in.

Your bad decisions aren't an emergency for anyone else.

Lucky for you Neo is guaranteed to hit $1000 by end of the year so just drop it into storage

Fuck this, my portfolio has been going sideways for two weeks and I missed a moonshot right under my nose

keep calm and surf the kali yuga

i went all in at 12000 lol just fuck my life, the one time i pull the trigger

might as well hold, too late to cut our losses now. Im confident well be back up within a few days, as long as bitcoin doesn't crash

went all in at 121 satoshi.

Am I retarded?

for anyone wondering why it's going down. of course it was going to bounce off previous ATH.

when are you useless pajeets going to realize that NEO is 1 year behind ETH. so look at the chart for ETH in 2017, thats what NEOs gonna do AT A MINIMUM in 2018. If you want a safe way to earn > 5000% this year, put a big chunk of your portfolio into this chinkcoin,

yea dont mind holding for a while since you get gas.

just sold and put my buy order at .01btc

please drop pleas drop (If i get this short, I would earn 3 neo in one trade)

will it tricke down for the next few months this time too?

what app do you use for that and also how do you do TA?

Where can you short?



>tfw 0 NEO

buy some tea leaves and curry then take a shit in the streets of India

if this was the top of this pump.. but i think this thing is still going far. everyone is buying now to hold for gas generation

thats, i don't do heavy TA, main thing i use for finding where prices will change is Moving Averages 20, 50, and 100 periods. the lines are previous peaks which turn into future support/resistance. i try to stick to 1hr/4hr/1day charts, going into the minutes will mess with your head.

I just sold hoping it would go lower. I'm using bittrex, but it looks like I sold at the bottom of this downtrend so I got JUST"d instead

>selling low

Stratis is about to do this from the bottom, unironically.

>tfw been holding since $5 ANS

And why's that?


link to that or shut the fuck up

>buys ATH