Cappasity news hype

Should I buy now or wait on dip biz??
FOMOing but maybe some crash coming?? HELP

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no don't buy it.

in fact dont buy anything else either.

take in the FUD and FOMO in at 2usd.

imo it wont be cheaper, soon binance and kucoin (info from telegram)

hory shet u're right user.

buyorders just went from 38 to 48 btc within 10 minutes

If you are planning to hold for long term any time under 1 dollar is a good buy.

This shit is going to the moon.

This is a legit partnership with working tech behind it.

If crap like Tron can break the top 10 with nothing...what the hell do you think this will do?

Instead of making this post you should have been getting funds on cryptopia.

buy now or stay poor
when it reaches other exchanges it'll moon quite nicely, it's only on cryptopia rn

its not going below 3000 sats u can believe that

An actual partnership with NVIDIA unlike these other shit coins?

Guaranteed it will never go lower.

>who cares about nvidia
>only the leading 135 bil market cap
>lets buy the dip, haha it's a biz scam

enjoy being poor

Don't buy it

The partnership had to do with the event, not an ACTUAL "cooperation"-partnership outside of that between CAPP and Nvidia.
Don't trust the shills that wants to sell their bags high.

You would know if an actual partnership between a tiny coin and a multi-billion dollar company happened.

Oh really? Now fuck off.

it just happened, im letting u know dumbass

nice fud m8

Why even waste the energy with fud?

This shit is .45...are you that fucking poor?

>bought like an hour ago
>up 40%
kys FUD fag

What is this current stagnation? Time to bail? Is the pendulum about to start swinging the other way?

damn good for you, cryptopia took too long for me to get approved. watched it climb from 2.6k to 3.6k. ended up getting in between 2.9k and 3.2k

also had to approve myself on Huobi for "level up" withdrawals, should've been more prepared