Alright biz you guys helped me buy VEN now I'm gonna help you

Alright biz you guys helped me buy VEN now I'm gonna help you.
Buy selfkey before it lists on Kucoin.
Ico sold out in 11 minutes looks like a better civic competitor. I just unironically bought 100k.

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Add a # after .com/

nigga didnt this just have an ICO? it's not trading yet

Use the link I gave you to buy on etherdelta


lol this is not SELFKEY

Read my second post

im aware how ED links work. it links to PPT. try your own fucking link user
Ok this should work

How far is this from ICO at the moment?

X4 pretty sure

120m market cap not even 24 hrs after ICO. explain to me how the fuck this is going to pump on kucoin and not dump into the 2x range.

Because there was a 3 eth limit per person in the ico

SelfKey's ticker is KEY. WTF is SELFKEY? You trying to scam newfags?

I have last 100$. Should I go in?
Is this legit or scam?

No selfkey isn't on the etherdelta ticker yet. I don't know what KEY is hope you didn't buy it

theres 100 ETH walls on ED. lol.

>being scared of one 150k wall

>thinking eth limits in ICOs matter

Okay stick to shitcoins like ufr then. Once this shit hits Kucoin it's going parabolic

already bought in. this is really an easy moon mission for a quick flip, and, ironically, none of biz wants to buy in. can't say this wasn't a warning, when you're FUDding other coins and crying about your bags because your tissue paper hands can't hold coins for extended periods of time, it's not our faults that you were spoonfed a quick 10x and you didn't listen and thought it was a scam


They never listen until it's too late, we'll see threads all next week bitching about how selfkey did a x2 or x4 on kucoin and no one told them to buy in

any date? looking at their website right now

Gets added to Kucoin tomorrow

fugg, i'm on SPHTX right now

why is etherdelta so gay

Yeah I wouldn't sell that for a loss

>being this new
KuCoin runs on HK time. It gets added TONIGHT, its already the 15th in china.

>tick tock

When I enter the buy order it tells me it opens up at 22:00. Right now it is 8:00 in Hong Kong, that's still another 14 hours from now isn't it?