BTC and LTC Bagholder Bread

Daily reminder BTC and LTC will keep fucking skyrocketing.
There is no stopping.

BTC: 30k eoy
LTC: 1-2k eoy

neck urself


LTC $4 EOY, screen cap this.


literally impossible

Realize what? Litecoin is coupled to a sliding rock?

your holding sandbags

that LTC will be better than BTC in time

You know this how?

LTC $9k EOY. Bitcoin Ben says so.

>p-please buy muh bags
no. fuck off.

I really don't see the hard logic, no "well this is how do it/used to do it" but just logic.
So basically it's a shit transaction coin, okay so the BTCer says well it's a store of value.
But why would all people of the world accept THIS as a store of value? Cryptos aren't like gold, gold can't be COPIED and set up again. For all we know people will just step over to another savings account.

i like litecoin but no. Litecoin is great when i buy on Coinbase and transfer over to an exchange, fast and cheap like my women. Once it's on the exchange I dump that shit as fast as I can, i don't give a fuck what the price is as long as it's close. Most non-retards do the same. learn from this OP. as soon as Coinbase sells a faster coin with equally low fees you can kiss Litecoin goodbye. those days of glory are over.

you are a fucking retard who doesn't know jack shit about crypto. coins can't be "COPIED" you fuckwit. get the fuck off this board you idiot.

Wrongly worded it can be set up again, see tons of alts.

no, the store of value cannot be "set up again". forks are different products. you don't know what you're talking about at all.

>BTCer says well it's a store of value.
But why would all people of the world accept THIS as a store of value?

because they already do. that's all all things get their value. baseball cards, collectibles, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds (utterly worthless without artificially created 'scarcity'). precious gems and metals are just junk that people assign a premium value to because...reasons (outside of industrial applications).

>it's a shit transaction coin
Who need a fucking crypto currency?
We will have a crypto youtube soon
a crypto torrents soon
a crypto AI trading biotech stocks
A currency? What for you even need it?

Why would normies trust their money in an almost decade old completely decentralized blockchain that has been attacked from every angle for years and still holds up strong to this day, as opposed to some experimental new tech headed by a bunch of 20-something nerds who take it where they want on a whim.

wtf I love bitcoins now

Bitcoin and Litecoin growth is inevitable. People are just too worried about trying to catch the next 5x or 10x thing with a lower market cap. While we're all mucking about making some gains here, and some losses here, Bitcoin will (as it always has over time) continue to grow long term. Atomic swaps, lightning network, segwit, etc etc etc, it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin reaches new highs. The problem, is that nobody likes to wait a long time in crypto. I bet if any one of you were promised a 2x return but you would have to lock your funds and wait for 2 years, you would turn it down.

lol I'm trying to buy Veeky Forums bags actually

BTC and LTC are probably the most useless coins in existence

based Mcaffee I'm voting for him in 2024

Why would normies trust their money in a giant pyramid scheme where the price of the coin fluctuates wildly, has skyhigh transaction fees, slow transaction times, very low liquidity, not backed by anything, and a small minority of people hold the majority the coins?

Did your pimp daddy tell you that?

I got rid of my Bitcoins at 18k


You panic sold at $14K.

Last year around May I JOKED ETH would be 700 by EOY, as a form of bullish optimism, believing in my heart it would never go past 400

look at it now

Well gold and silver is a resource it's a naturally special thing, there is no alternative to them you can't just make a gold element 2.0.
But okay the mining effort already done and tweaking gives it a good base, I'll accept that as a very strong practical advantage.

Well if a cryptocurrency is actually used for transactions in great numbers it would become a standard in that way it would have way more potential value that way.
And I think you're mentioning things which aren't really that advantageous, what you're mentioning sounds a bit dot-com-like.

No but I think that's what you did

its serves the same purpose but its way more scaleable + high transaction speeds + lower fees

Nothing's impossible user. But yea, it almost certainly won't happen.

Imagine actually believing this

Bitcoin: on moon, resting and refueling for incoming Mars mission

Litecoin: stuck in low earth orbit, destined to burst into flames and crash into the pacific ocean