Made 150 bucks from quick selling Capp. Now I have about 500 on cryptopia. What coins should I get to hodl?

Made 150 bucks from quick selling Capp. Now I have about 500 on cryptopia. What coins should I get to hodl?

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just hodl that capps, jesus its partnered with nvidia today and u sell, lul

It’s clearly a pump that will dump. Get out while you still have profits.

have fun FOMO'ing at 2usd

Have fun holding heavier bags than the DBC boys.


extremely low market cap
dipping/on sale right now

Splitting between these two. Adshares is comfy.

What about DNA?

Yeah that's great and all but an easy way to make money is this Pump discord group. They said first 1000 members get a high rank.

discord gg/YQqTCqt

Im going all in Linda before it reachers 2 cent.




Buy into UFR
Market cap sub 25 million, undervalued due to dip and FUD, and is currently $1.80 below its ATH

Technical Analysis and market evaulation techniques show that UFR is in a consolidation phase right now after an immensely powerful bullrun. Now is the time to get in before it goes on a mission to mars and disrupts the public tracker scene forever.

discord gg/3fW7bzr

Are you fucking retarded nigger? LMAO they just partnered with NVIDIA

No wonder you're broke as fuck

If you're willing to hold 1month then UFR is ready to take off and Cryptopia is one of the few places to get it. (For now. New exchange coming very soon so all the more reason to get involved).

Really communicative devs and a solid update a couple of days ago hasn't really been priced in yet due to a lot of FUD on this board and whales working to keep the prices down as long as they can with sell walls. FUD has been disproven though and upfiring is reaching new ATH as soon as whales finish accumulating.

Things might taper off slightly but if you're willing to hold 3-6 months then wait for Q1 alpha and Q2 beta launches for an easy 10x. I've linked you more info from the devs here


DNA on major breakout watch. Thats the safe bet

Are you fucking retarded?

They have around 200 mil mcap, outside of top 100 with Nvidia partnership and Alibaba collab PLUS MORE EXCHANGES CONFIRMED.


Buy the CAPP back at a higher price moron

Hobonickels. Don't say no one warned you. Shit is moon bound.

>Alibaba collab
can this meme die? it's fucking alibaba cloud aka chinese AWS

it's nearly ATH right now

ADST is on sale, the ICO just ended and it was on it's way up fast until thie market dipped.

I also see in the code a mention of binance. Not sure if it has anything to do with getting added there though.

Whats the circulating supply or market cap of CAPP?

Market cap is at $110 mil right now


buy the LUX dip

if you dont buy lux you are braindead and need to get a terminal disease

Qrk ... or phoenix

i looked at LUX. Best thing I saw was a pretty animation on the website.

pajeets trying to boost another cheapo cryptopia coin like LINDA or PACcoin.

it's 220mil moron



All great buys atm, good discounts


UFR is just recovering from a dip and Imo has great potential for growth. Curreny at a low market cap with a new exchange coming this week. (Since last exchange we have seen a 10x increase and that was fucking cryptopia)

UFR is also releasing alpha soon, thats also guaranteed gains. Go do your own research, but im pretty bullish on UFR both longterm and shortterm. Its getting increasing amounts of attention aswell, which is always good in the crypto market.

Kek, just wait, easy 4x-5x in the coming weeks

Thats right it is possible to buye bitcoin for less than $1 and cash out big time . visit

Tell me more

Skycoin you retard

UFR is on a fire sale at the moment, you'd be stupid not to get some. Just saying.

a whole fucking 150 bucks woah

dude.. you will FOMO back in - just admit it


Nigger are you retarded? I held since 66 cents and sold the top
It's dumping because its shit lmao

Enjoy those bags

yes and then after a couple of days they hype dies out and it'll crash

You are stupid as fuck

This coin will probably do at least a 5x this month or in early february.
It's less than 20M marketcap, we just got an update from the main dev, there's a new exchange coming soon, and the alpha releases in early february.
There's no way this coin won't go up.
Oh, and it's the perfect time to buy because it's in a dip.
Thank me later.


Steady price growth ever since launch, I've made $15,000 off BWK so far with a $1000 investment.

UFR. They have a dev that has come forward and is highly interactive with the community. He regularly publishes articles written about their progress on medium and hackernoon. Here is one for example:

Buy the dip user

thank me later

UFR without a doubt, it is being added to a nee exhange this week and it is a solid project with big things coming up. Im expecting atleast 2-3x by EOM

2018 Roadmap:
Q1 2018—Alpha release
Q2 2018—Beta release
Q3 2018—Full Desktop version release
Q4 2018—Open-source community contributions, potential for Android/iOS application feasibility

ADC, it's gonna be x10 in a few days

How am I stupid when it's true? Happens to like every coin.

You should DYOR, but people are going to FOMO into ZCL like you can't believe due to the Bitcoin Private(BTCP) fork. Just waiting for the date to be announced.


Buy CAPP, about to explode.


Time to FOMO in?

Adst and ufr are going to steadily moon pretty soon