7 hours to get in before moon

Are you accumulating APPC user?
It's going to hit the biggest Chinese exchange "huobi" in hours
and Aptoide is big in china
whales are keeping the price low for you to get in.
Don't stay a poorfag... go to binance and buy APPC

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I can't wait to sell my bags. This fucking coin has held me prisoner for the past 4 days.


literally every time a huobi listing is mentioned, the coin dumps like hot garbage right when it his the exchange. (see DBC)

The goal is to sell just before that happens

Good luck getting this thing to moon tonight, it just gets pushed back down whenever it looks like it's going anywhere.

Its just starting its up trend lol

Looks like it's still going according to planned

Hopefully it does in the next couple hours

the sell walls are keeping it down, it should moon when they remove the walls once it hits huobi

This over-manipulated shitcoin has just been slaughtering me the last week or so. I just want it to actually moon so I can get the fuck out of it.

Aaaaa, i am a new in cripto and i dont know will be moon or down, but i bought :)

you, me a few days ago, and everyone else who keeps making these threads.

I'm in the same boat..................

Everyone just keep calm and hodl

Getting antsy, but I just keep reminding myself that I could just hold till the end of the month and it'll be up, just like every single coin goes up 4x every month

macd reversal in 20 mins, prepare for moon landing

The prophecy shall be fulfilled!

The China man has been awakened. Shit's ripe to blow.

Am I doing this right?

These sell walls are triggering me, can’t wait for whale sashimi to be back on the menh

Lol and up goes the 22btc sell wall. Nice.


hold till wednsday, guaranteed moon by then

I think the whale's trying make someone sell to the support line

they said this shit about DBC too and once it went on huobi it got fucking dumped 60%

DBC was long past overdue getting dumped, only the incredibly stupid are still holding after not selling after .60, was literally a pnd from the start and it was so obvious that it wasnt actually going to go anywhere. God bless all the drooling mouthbreathers still holding DBC LOL praying for a miracle it goes back up

True but I'm still going to dump it before it goes on Huobi just in case it does dump.

Listen to this guy.

The moment DBC was release on Huobi, CMC looked like it has already hit its peak. APPC, on the other hand, looks like it just started a reversal. I can't see the future, but depending on what the we do to APPC, this can either turn into a massive cup, or we can all just chain reaction panic

Zoomed in, it looked like this

break the wall and we are going to the promised land.

Been sitting on it all week hating life

Sell a sell limit then so you don't cause a panic

From reddit now:
[–]darkness1219 5 oчкoв 4 чaca нaзaд
We are positive because we see huge potentials in this project. Cryptocurrency + in-app purchasing & advertising is a great idea by itself, not to mention the successful app market and huge user base that the team already has.

Everyone vote up AppCoins

Broke 20k sats again, up we go

How high do you think the price will go?

I think it'll break previous ATH

2х-2.5х ?!

we will break ath

It has to, but it has to do it slowly, otherwise the Chinese will think it's just a pump and dump

What would be a good number to put a sell limit? And is it best to sell to btc or eth?

Likely to cross the 31k peak we saw earlier this week. Meet some resistance around there, then break out to just under 50k sats before settling back to mid 30s.

Source: My ass


30k sats. doesn;t matter

:)))) Thanks

this and CAN
getting completely JUSTed on CAN

you must've bought at ATH, sitting comfy at my 2.50 buy can only go up from here

the pump is starting

You sure??

lol at this shitcoin. It just will not moon.

breakout at 20600, that's all we need

vote here so it gets more exposure


eth walls are fuckin insane

Wow, you weren't kidding, 103eth sellwall on this shit.

200-400eth walls up till .0032. does ANY coin NOT go thru this whale shit? does consistent healthy daily growth exist in crypto? I'm wojakin already and haven't even lost money. I gotta stop watching this

what timezone are those charts?

I wanted to ask this. Is the whole crypto game just entirely rigged by whales now? I don’t really have 3 million to throw around every day so I’m not very hopeful about this shit.

UTC. I did Huobi -8 hours to crop it

the entire planet is rigged with traps by big money. we gotta invest, take it up the ass for 12hrs to 6 months thx to nothing but whales, and hodl till we're free in the green to rinse and repeat. This is dreadful, but making me money for doing jack shit.

This whale's not even selling, just putting walls down wtf

we're witnessing MASSIVE accumulation. this 17k-22k is the ATL in this coins post-ICO history and possibly lowest it'll ever be again depending on future dumps

Whales have always manipulated crypto. Each coin has a whale, similar to each territory being guarded by a divine beast. The Legendary Bitbean whale is arguably the most difficult to slaughter, although, the Bat Whale Bot is giving him competition.

Yeah I guess you’re right, it’s annoying and we all wish it were different but at the end of the day we can still make money.

why is it that every time a coin tanks people keep insisting its the work of these mythical "whales?" i saw the same exact stuff in all the verge threads and on forums as well as other coins, and none of them ever exploded

It's like the boogeyman under the bed. Most likely these whales don't exist, people just like to imagine they do to give them an explanation and comfort. Like God.

Yeah no the massive sell walls are just figments of our imagination

you nigger doofuses are blaspheming against reality here, big money sound better than whales? how bout money bags? goddamn this must be what christians see when half-assed atheism is presented. do you niggers even money?

at least the breakout is now at 20k

Why are whales suppressing the price with these sell walls? What's the point?


but guys these whales don't exist and we never saw 300eth sellwalls. It's all in our heads, right?

Yup, the price is just being artifically driven down by science n sheeit

I'm telling you, it's fucking magnets that's causing this shit.

The use case for this coin is retarded.

I posted a shill me a coin to put 3k into because I was feeling rich and some pajeet told me to go into APPC and it was doing okay when I put it in and literally as soon as I bought I got JUSTED, this bag needs to be sold.


New exchange. First 10,000 users get 500$ to start with.

Ackshyually whales don’t exist, sell walls are a result of the quantum flux delineations

It’s retarded to us but feasible to the chinks, that’s all that matters

You didn’t get justed just be patient, we’re all in the same boat here

fuck off pajeet

Fucking whales, you're rich already, just let me have this!
0.006 ETH tonight, or fuck it higher, it'll make you richer too!

These shillers number of victims is growing by the day

>dark brown ID
>pajeet post
Like pottery

I wish we had moderation to get rid of pajeets, but I think this coin will pay off

relateable but the volume is also increasing which is good

Just need to be 5200 volume to be above XRP

The bitcoin chart is very symmetrical. Makes me happy. I've found coins that have symmetry tend to pump hard. OMG had amazing symmetry back in its early days.

What I like about this is not the symmetry, but the massive cup it's forming right now.

this is going to be amazing when it finally breaks 22k

Has trading started on huobi?

nope, 2 1/2 more hours to go.


I do not see any advance



What would be a reasonable sell limit to place right now?


.003 eth

do that at your own risk, I'm waitin till mid Feb, I'm strapped in

Damn, I was hoping for higher than that.

Guys, what are we expecting this coin to go to, realistically? It's been at $2-$3 since its inception.

$10-20 if you can bare to wait a month or two