New to trading

Hello I'm new to trading crypto
I started trading LTC/EUR on gdax

can someone explain to me wtf happened here?
I have 0.01 EUR balance!
I thought I should have 2.48 EUR balance
Thank in advance anons


oh my god.

please leave and never ever return.

>Just stop it, find an adult and tell them what you have done.

just help me out

just share u lambos when u get fleets

get the fuck out of here. give your money to your dad

You enabled a specific feature that allows for massively huge transactions. It recognizes your account, and automatically connects your financial history to your savings account. Afterwards, the exchange will contact your bank and it will proceed to issue the loan moast suiteable for your order. In this specific case your order was huge... So huge in fact that your account is immediately liquidated because of the small return percentage. You are in debt now, that's why everyone is laughing


u just lost all your money ever and all future gains ur times done here hope you enjoyed

how can you tell that from the screenshot he posted?

there are alot of stupid people here...

wtf are you serious?
my dad is going to fucking kill me

I dont use GDAX

You can still fix it.. You should call your bank immediately and tell them about the situation, show them this thread, via mail. They will know what to do

why did you choose GDAX its only for the most advanced users?
you should go with something very safe and simple to use like EtherData. but easier to use try that user fix your issue before pops finds out cuz if your under 18 they will garnish his wages in the future

good dont

I probably am a brainlet, and I get margin trading but i dont see how you can see it from that screenshot

Lend a few IQ's?

h-he must be larping r-right?

ok thanks a lot!

I hope so... This is some next level jewry we are seeing here... I really feel a stone in my stomach for OP...

le epic troll thread

yeh anons fucked either pay the bank the fiat cash when it comes out plus charges (cuz there will be lol) or earn it back on an index account and bet it all on USDT did you see their announcement this morning, another 50 mil in circ. u can get back in the green for sure just take out the largest margin account you can afford to win big and get out of the shit hole u put ur self in


you are lucky for asking here first while you can still fix this. Imagine if your dad found out by himself

>trading 2 eur

OP ur getting trolled n have no $ cus of fees, ur orders were all under 2$