Why isn't Veeky Forums shilling this?


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no idea but i bought it at 3900 sats. this should is way undervalued at this point.

No idea either.

Everyone's salty because they didn't buy when it was shilled here last spring, or they did buy but sold too early

I don't get it. When mainnet launches circulating supply will drop 4x (down to 100m). WORST case the price will go 2x, best case 4x+. And mainnet is launching in Feb

Oh makes sense then. I am a newfag here

I don't get it. It's still pretty early to get in. 200m market cap. This has potential to easily become a top 40.

Personally, I think that the supply drop is priced in, but solid proof of an actual coin is going to make it 10x imo. The patent by itself woll be a huge turning point in this coin, and (assuming it's not a scam) that should be soon

You boys should have been here in April / May.
XBY was shilled heavily, then a dump happened, some guy who got burned dedicated a large portion of his time to fudding this coin on Veeky Forums and over time biz started to hate it. That's why it's not all that popular round here.

Found an old portfolio pic, yes i held :^)

True, I can't wait desu. Patent takes 1-3 weeks, so we should be getting news very soon

Holy cow that's a crazy amount of XBY

My man, have one of my very first blockfolio screenshots, still holding everything. If only I had sprung for the full 500k for a node!

Top 40? More like top 10.

I just found an older one, it used to be so damn cheap!

Top 10 by EOY? I think it's too optimistic

Top 40 seems right, maybe as much as Raiblocks

I got in at 0.50 and, although it's later than you guys, I'm pretty comfy

Its Raiblocks and ETH. Look at what's on the top 10 right now....if XBY delivers what they say it will, it will be top 10.

so far everything pointing to a scam though, worthless testnets running on some old fork, company registration that for some reason doesn't go through, full anonymity of devs, that's how typical scams go in crypto

I would buy both XBY and ADC right now.

It was Resetera that made Xtrabytes big and they are now doing the same with AudioCoin.

No wonder that XBY devs are into Blockpool and ADC.

I am accumulating

>I would buy both XBY and ADC right now.

>It was Resetera that made Xtrabytes big and they are now doing the same with AudioCoin.

>No wonder that XBY devs are into Blockpool and ADC.

why not UFR

Fuck OFF you useless UFR shill

The testnets look great, already proved over 1000tx/s, devs are not even anonymous, your FUD is mud

This! You can try it yourself if you don't believe. Head to their discord in testnet-support channel and ask for a key

It's a big risk right now, I would only invest a small part of your portfolio, if at all. Thankfully, we should be finding out if this is the real deal or not very soon

kek.. Still no proof of tech..

It's still just a patched version of the bitmox code with a supposed implementation of PoSign, isnt it? I'll feel much better once it's on the actual zoltchain

Why are key members of XBY team always leaving?


Pretty much. They have been pretty good with their updates so far but the actual code is supposedly coming out in the next few weeks. The project either dies or pulls an ETH in Q1.

Yankee and Fish are into ADC

Probably Yamaha is the company

How does this stack up against KMD. Komodo seems to have a head start in atomic swaps and Bartedex coming.

Take this shit down!!!! The price was finally dropping. I need more


Could be. I'm being conservative in my estimates since I'm a cautious optimist, and going by at least q2, but eoy could reach top 10.

Here's your 10 shill points

coin is running on old code, no proof of tech, no proof of patent being filed, no proof of company registration, no proof of development, no github etc etc

>no github
Can't check your other claims, but github link is right there on coinmarketcap and it's updated frequently.

wreckless user dev

Yes, but not for the actual coin, supposedly waiting for patent protection. I would think that if they posted the code on github, then it would be prior art, and no one else would be able to patent it

The only reason to not post it would be if borzalom intends to remain user after the patent submission (because anyone filing a patent would have to prove that they are borzalom), but in that case, whose name is going on the patent? How would borzalom remain user if anyone can just look up the patent see who holds it? Unless eastern European patents work way differently than in the US. It's weird

Pic related, possibly tge XBY team rn

What's the github code for then?
Other than that time will tell, user.
We will probably find out soon.
Either way I'm in, don't have much invested in this but if it delivers it'll pay my bills and groceries for a couple of years.

Ehh wtf. I throw like 100 bucks at it

too risky

I was doing some more research and didn't even know it, but it appears XBY is / will be quantum-proof as well. Should've been added to that comparison chart.

The wallet and the patched bitmox code is there, I think

Just want this to moon already, price is dumping hard.

Selling my CAPP for this eom or when capp hits $1. Whatever comes first

Everything is dumping

A cult-like and toxic community, and a project that wants to attack everything. Their community manager is like herpes, periodically coming back and stirring shit up. Wouldn't bother with this coin unless it's for a PnD.

CCRevolution? Yeah that guy is a fucking douche. But I think XBY will be the coin of 2018 if it delivers.

I'd probably call it 'quantum-resistant' rather than 'quantum-proof'. As far as I know, there's nothing about SHA-512 that makes it insusceptible to quantum computers, it's just in general more secure than SHA-256. In other words, if someone does build a powerful quantum computer, they'll be going after other coins first long before they get to xby, and by then, xby would be patched with a better algorithm

Yes, but not by 20%

until the wreckless dev steps aside this coin goes nowhere

Idk man, money skeleton has stated public support for CP and has threatened to leave if people didn't stop making jokes about sharting, and eth is doong fine

XBY would be better off with someone better in his shoes, but in the end, it's about the tech

>Why isn't Veeky Forums shilling this?
Because it's a shitcoin with a shitty whitepaper and 0 hype

Tbh, the more autistic the developer is, the more I trust them. Is that weird?

pretty much

Maybe there's a correlation

You're right, it was my semantics. Nothing can be called quantum-proof. I meant quantum-resistant, really.

>Yes, but not by 20%
My FLASH bag is suffering even worse, took a 27% dip. MED suffered more than 20% as well I think.

Fair enough, looks like all alts are suffering, and xby has already recovered quite a bit.

Because I'm down 40% on this shit.

From community.xtrabytes.global/threads/the-correct-perspective.426/

"Patent descriptions are being written (we have 2 so far) and the work is ongoing. We are in discussions with an international IP law firm that will ensure accuracy and thorough patent protection. Although we cannot provide specific dates, the good news is that we do not need to have the actual patents before we can move forward with the technology. A ‘Patent Pending’ status is sufficient because it is a matter of ensuring that the patent office knows this is OUR work and not someone else's. Therefore, we cannot release the tech publicly (testnet or otherwise, closed source included) until we get the ‘Patent Pending’ status. Beyond that, if required, we will remain closed source with the patented tech until the patent is finalized."

that would be the dutch, I helped, we fudded well before the june PND due to all the red flags surrounding this scamcoin. luckily a few of us got out at the pump and never looked back. At 50 sats it was worth risking total loss, not so much at todays price.

you gonna be a millionaire if the project comes through user

Thanks for the gains senpai

>closed source until patent is finalized

money skelly made public no support for CP, he publicly stated he hates it, and right now the technology does not matter.

i don't really know what you mean but if you bought my dump then i am happy to see you have profited, i was feeling pretty bad about it for a while especially seeing the liquidity deteriorate as it did

Kek, Dutch came on a few weeks ago and admitted that this might not be a scam and he was wrong. He holds millions of XBY now.

Well he might have a better idea than me, I haven't kept up with it, made my money and moved on. Will happily revisit if it produces some substance but not looking for anything 'long term' at the moment.

It might make decent normie bait for another pump, I'm leaning toward slow bleed though and don't want to be caught out on it in a marketwide bloodbath