INTchain (next Walton)

Up 40% since i posted, still not in, user?

Weekly report:



DYOR user, dont fomo in later ;)


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It's not on CMC. Which exchanges?

Coinegg,OKexchange, Allcoin.

coinegg and okex

thats a cock, user

lol. surprised anons arent flocking, Veeky Forums will fomo in at 5x as usual.

stay smart, brainlets

It's a erc20 can I buy on ether delta or radar relay?

Saw your last post and bought in. Cheers m8

What's the best exchange to buy this at? Withdrawl and trading fees wise?

Coinegg, Allcoin, or okex. store it on any eth wallet.

cheers bro, stay based

Already Fomo'd in on Okex.

coinegg if youre in the need for verification to deposit, but need it to withdraw.

put canada as citizenship, they just want an english country. got verified in 2 days.

got verified in 20min

OkEx announced withdrawals will be open on the 15th

nice desu, stay "woke"

I wil probably shill this one more time before anonsiss the boat... it is 2x rn since earlier today.


Thanks for the post OP. In at 2000 earlier on. This gun be gud.

lol. fake partnerships on their site. 4 page of literal piece of shit white papper. njoy bag holding retards

DYOR fuck tard. if you see the link re partnerships you see it is legit af. stay poor senpai

anyone got an ED link?

not in ED user, coinegg is your best bet ... ok ex if international outside of usa

Thank you senpai. I'm us based. You said I can get verified if I say I live in Canada?

yes desu, they care about your identity.. they just want an english speaking country

Pump is starting. Twitter is starting to catch on.

yup,hopefully anons get on board.

its been fun guys,

see you on the moon

its starting, thanks for the heads up

what is the token address

what so you just put canada as your country and use your U.S. identification? and that works?

have to use drivers licence yeah
just buy it on coinegg or okex or allcoin or coolcoin

fake shitcoin no whitepaper.

It's literally in the OP.



this thing is huge

just buy it jesus and dont cry like a fucking faggot in biz all day poorfags okay?

if you are really confident in this coin, what is your price prediction for end of 2018? is it a long term hodl? be fair in your prediction and don't overestimate

almost at 50k
will i make it?

- Chinese $IOTA
- Circulating supply 150M
- $INT MCAP = $50M , $IOTA MCAP = $10B
- Huge partnerships: Microsoft, Huawei, IBM
- Mainnet launch by 31st Jan 2018

just do the math user

If I buy this take profit and put that into PFR will I make it or will payfair go up just as quickly?

dude fuck your scam ass coin. i remember another biz fag shilled ITC as the chinese iota. i dropped 10k on that shit and im already down 4k cuz it fucking tanked maybe u should fuck off this post til after the 31st to see what happens

pfr is still goin down, so id pick int

dude dont listen to this guy. some other dude shilled IotaChain (ITC) as the chinese iota and i lost 4,000 SRS. im not making the same mistake twice with this sketchy ass chinese iota shill again. stick with PFR

wew another retard on biz
who would have thought

1billion total coin supply... enjoy your bags of Chinese shit.

Thanks for the advice, I was leaning towards PFR because of the residual income anyone, honestly I was just hoping for a quick pump off this but i'll play it safe!

ppl like you sicken me. dont shill a coin if you can't back up its performance you cant even predict the price end of year? oh and u should check the prices again, the 34% pump is back down to -10% give me some evidence this isn't a scam

How bout you stop buying tops and identify good coins, numbnuts.

Im not some other guy, i bought antshares at 1.50$, been working for Veeky Forums since before you were in highschool.

150 mill circulating supply, brainlet

This team has legit angel investors and partnerships, go to the reddit to verify.. all sourced.

Like i said, goodluck anons. 10 x in 4-12 weeks.


Source on Microsoft?

Thanks for the early call

Whats the wallet contract address symbol and decimal stuff for the MEW wallet?


this guy can't back up microsoft partnership claim. if it was legit he would have already done so. pass on it. stick with strong community coins like XRB/REQ/LINK/NEO/VEN/ENG

i didn't buy at the top u fucking idiot. ITC peaked at $9. i bought in around $4-6. It still tanked HARD and im down 4,000 and it hasn't recovered. good for you on antshares u got lucky once doesn't mean itll happen again. this is a classic pump and dump coin. itll pump 5x then dump hard before u can sell. that happened to me with ITC

In the whitepaper,senpai

fuck off newfag, keep shilling coins i got in at under 10 cents

>anons,dont buy pumped coins

i dont engage with retards, everything is sourced.

salty walty

No its not. You haven't even read the whitepaper. Unless you think having a member who worked for Microsoft and a member who worked for Huawei count as partnerships. So I will need a source on your claims.

god, /biz has gone down the drain lately.

Im done here, see you guys at 10 x.


does the website take forever to load for anyone else?

im not shilling coins. these are 2018 best hodls. it will actually make gains over time, not some shitty pump and dump coin

When will you guys learn to buy real coins like this before they moon..?

you haven't proved anything. just bc someone from the team worked at microsoft doesn't mean its a fucking microsoft partnership. move on kids

already at 48k

guys when will this hit CMC? should we apply for it or did somebody already do it?

if you wanna buy coins before they moon TAU/XBY/PRL/ELIX. not this chinese sketchy shit

>walton chain


>omise go




stay vigilant, Veeky Forums

where the fuck did i say there was a mico partnership?

there are two confirmed partnerships with ruff and zheizhing. medicine and pharma. all sourced desu

any idea when I should dump these? what’s the ATH in the next month? 3x?

>Anonymous (ID: TZ7YP9x2) 01/14/18(Sun)18:07:06 No.6459236▶
> (You)
>- Chinese $IOTA
>- Circulating supply 150M
>- $INT MCAP = $50M , $IOTA MCAP = $10B
>- Huge partnerships: Microsoft, Huawei, IBM
>- Mainnet launch by 31st Jan 2018
>just do the math user

this guy fucking said microsoft and huawei partnership. i smell BS already. i never said WTC/OMG/HPB were scams. this is definitely a pump and dump 0 volume.

HPB has a prototype, i already invested in HPB. that shit's legit. this chinese iota sketchy scam coin shit is not. prove otherwise

>Buying at ATH, what could go wrong.


dude it wasn't ATH? are you retarded? did you read? I bought in at $4-6. ATH was at $9 for ITC. STFU

>>- Huge partnerships: Microsoft, Huawei, IBM
nigga, this is outright fake in their site. I try find source for this. but cannot find it. prove me otherwise. did u look at their wp, crap.

I smell newfag everywhere

Attached is a pic of them at finwise conference, which is verified they were sponsored for on reddit:

I have my name on the line faggots, I called walton at 1$ here and antshres at $1.50


You have no idea what youre talking about. look at everything sourced, kid. You have no idea what a whitepaper is, all the chinese wp are shit initially.

its not true. i could not find any evidence on the partnerships and OP is not delivering BTW, this coin has 150 million circulating supply... that is a huge amount of coins available stay safe anons

>BTW, this coin has 150 million circulating supply... that is a huge amount of coins available stay safe anons

top kek.


alright cryptogoober, how much money should i invest in this? call me a newfag all you want. if u srs want to help. give me advice how much of my portfolio should i put in % wise.

btw Walton circulating supply is 25 mil. ANT circulating supply is 65 mil. INT is 150 mil... this is a red flag crypto goober

well you make the biggest gains making large, concentrated bets at the bottom. ride coins for 5x like walton, neo, etp, omg, ven, a bunch of recent rockets.

I stay half btc and the other half is alts. so like 20-40% of your portofolio depending on your risk tolerance.

imho this is low risk high reward. mainnet launch at end of month, great angel investors.

wait for a dip for a good entry,


Circulating supply doesnt matter broski,

That determines the market cap. ttat is what matters.

A coin that goes from 1$ to 5$ is the same as a coin that goes from 30 cents to 150$. 500% gain.

market cap is what matters, and compared to other iot tech like xrb and iota, this is immensily undervalued.

2k sats good entry?

OkEx / CoinEgg / AllCoin lowest withdrawal fees??

I’ve heard OkEx are stupid high. Ausfag here so can register on all of them.

>imho this is low risk high reward. mainnet launch at end of month, great angel investors.

thanks cryptogoober im poor so im gonna be high risk. plz dont fuck me over if your saying this is low risk

use coinegg

Yes anything under 2 k good entry, im personally accumulating up to 50 cents.

not sure.. sorry ausfag.. some fosters, im drunk

Dont worry desu, zoom out on the graph. perfect retracement after intial pump back to .5 fib line.

Meaning: low risk, back on support and starting uptrend.

buy in batches, so you get the best cost avg. dont blow ur btc load early

don't post this again for another month plzim poor peasant so i need time to accumulate. i dont got monies cuz im a broke student *cries* i pray it doesnt moon too soon, thanks crypto goober for helping the new fags i appreciate you

idiots this pajeet are shilling you to buy fucking scam bags. just look at ITC. this will be the same. classic chink pnd shit and fucking chinks exchanges like okex are trader's nightmare, just google it

okay so where can a US citizen buy this? None of the exchanges work

Per the Telegram, a lot of details cannot be released.

Biz calls everything a scam, so, yeah...

This is definitely a gem. Nowhere to tank to.

Get in.

Coinegg. put canada as ur country. use drivers liscence. verification take 1 hr- 2 days.. u can deposit,just cant withdraw unless verified.

This is what sets biz apart from other platforms, how the fuck did you even find about op this user?

Cryptobrahma telegram:

#INT / A2(Cause it is on chinese exchange) / Coinegg


why buy < 20?

He stole the info from my post on January 10th and 13th. See last night's thread. ;)



(i know this doesn't mean much right now, but this is definitely ground floor and worth a shot)

which chatroom/app?

telegram. get in anons, LAST CHANCE

Im on telegram what do i do to add. Im trying! whats the name.

Nothing does a 5x anymore dumbfuck.
The moment I see someone say it I know the coin they're shilling is a scam.

what? that literally makes no sense whatsoever.

ICX did more than a x5 not long ago

>up 40%
fucking liar.
I checked, it barely moved and you posted this shit yesterday.

haha.. this is like chainlink and swift. until it happen u have to bag hold. + chinke scammers in INT.