What the hell is happening with LINK right now?

What the hell is happening with LINK right now?

Price singularity

Looks like it's about to crash

Chad singularity

What assblaster told us.

people realise ist overpriced as shit

it has found its price its going to sit at for 15 months

d..do we have any sign of life? Did he do the suicide with two shots to the back of his head yet? Did he die for our sins?

We’re pumping. 100k group coming in shilling biz over the next 10 hours. Screen cap

bump. Was he actually ousted?

does this mean

i sure hope not. I'd like to think some great karma is headed his way

>what is market manipulation
you linkies are truly retarded

huge news tomorrow, people are accumulating


"As the investor dumps the stock onto the market, the price will naturally begin to nosedive. Other investors might panic so now they begin to unload the stock as well. As a result, the price continues to fall.

At some point, the institutional investor decides that it's time to jump back in and it begins an aggressive buying program. Soon other investors notice that the price is rising again, and they also begin to buy. This also pushes the price up higher."

so its going to go up some. then we get dumped on? or it goes to uranus?

He did a post some days ago, he fucked up, he put a ticket of a dinner in Belgium with Veeky Forums written in it, and our autists friends calculated who he was. Apparently his twitter was doxxed and is no longer a public profile.

I know. Hence the worry, retard. He got justed, BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

i literally just watched a few thousand sell walls pop up

literlly not a single move as I watch the trades. Not a single trade is happening

lol wtf is this

clearly the singularity approaching

Is chainlink kill

MY FELLOW LINK MARINES ARE NOT FUCKING SELLING, is what AssBlaster warned us about

on eth pairing you can literally wipe the entire sell side of the book with $20k

what happens then?

Funny that's not what it looks like to me you lying cuck. Looks like Linkies are about to get decimated.

1. It's ETH/LINK
2. Zoom out

Then you put in a sell order at 10btc for 1 link.

Pluto is the limit

ETH pair was exactly like OP pic some minutes ago


Assblaster is a stupid larper

nice photoshop dude, fix the prices on the axis next time faggot

>knows he's been found out
>immediatly tells his companies to drop chainlink out of spite
>Veeky Forums single handedly crashes their own light of hope for themselves


We didn't deserve him, he was too nice to be true

idk wtf I just said, but that pic ain't legit

>We didn't deserve him, he was too nice to be true
I miss Assblaster, he was rich and handsome, a good guy, now he hates me because some stupid user

Assblaster Died for our sins, but worry not, he will resurrect.

c u on teh m00n fag8s

I'd like to think he knew the autists of 4 chan would do what they did. And that he's watching right now. smiling with a cigar and a glass of whiskey.

I don't blame him if he never trips again.

dont sell, lmao the volume of btc on binance is so low now. people are holding on like fckin goldddd

Show the whole screen you fucking scammer.


so in theory if someone had 25k to throw at link right now, we'd all take off into Andromeda?

nice try. again...

you know we all have binance and can see zoomed out right? Eric.

just check,if someone buys 30k we will reach 8

I never said I wasn't zoomed out fag.

AB wasn't doxxed, he basically outed himself.

AB posted a picture of himself (face blocked) on Veeky Forums and mentioned he worked in Brussels in the insurance industry. He then went on to post in the ChainLink slack (under his real name) mentioning that his company would be testing ChainLink. People looked him up (due to the comments on Slack) and he was a guy who worked for an insurance company in Brussels and just so happened to look like AB.

Veeky Forums really wasn't that nefarious with this one.

Are you talking about BTC or ETH pair?

He wasn't assblaster

@Creatine on twitter isn't our guy Ass Blaster
unless he's super smart at LARPing

nvm checked again, sellwall got bigger

LINK holders formed a resistence, only 1.6% of the circulating supply was traded in the last 24h. It's going to fall, but it will take longer than expected

Do you think there's any realistic chance of Binance delisting LINK due to having such low volume?

It's simple

The digits are converging

People do have that much to blow on link; you can see the buy walls, but they aren't dumb enough to just market buy 25k.

since the start of this thread, the sell walls have now become the giants.

one final attempt to shake us down?


Did my comment just trigger that massive dump?

They've never done that, and it would go agaisnt their interests.


but it looks like its gong down again

i've been taking photos of the buy walls
there was one for 7,777 @ .00073064
32,443 @ .00073063
3,284 @ .0007300
26,041 @ .00072701
41,937 @ .00072700
15,740 @ .00072675

it looks like they all pulled out and went to the sell side.

the buy walls were huge. a group is def trying to shake it up

Are there bots or what? I'm seeing buy/sell walls apear and vanish in seconds wtf

Everyone is HODLing. Only retards sell now.

Would it be dumb if I liquidate some of my other positions to get some more cheaper link now.

Where the fuck are you watching that? Are you retarded?

I don't know. but I am 100% in Link. And I'm tired of oatmeal.

These buy orders can be cancelled at any moment from what I understand. Could just be a final bluff. I imagine if someone buys some serious volume right now the enemy will take notice.

Then hopefully their greed kicks in.

Up to you though user

Relax pink ID

the tables just turned out of nowhere

Oatmeal bro, I'm probably about to liquidate $20,000ish in other coins for link.

What would happen?

I'm completely relaxed with my 60K LINK.

I'm honestly not sure now that the sell wall is so large. It's been hovering hard at .00073062 - I was repeating out loud that while cooking my dinner. it's slightly lower now.

I have 185 link, will I make it?
>captcha: Bruxelles beech

Ha aaaaaaaa Link BTFO back to 7.1k sato

Don't eat Quaker oats. There was supposedly a class action suit against them for carcinogens in the oats

You've got to be kidding me.

Well I just put in another £200 in to it so it's likely crashing to zero.

Dump my Link?

If you ever planned on selling you don't deserve LINK
I've hodl'd through losing hundreds on this coin and rn I'm up ~$400
It'll get better, especially since no real news has caused this minor price drop


So two whales are in a standoff?

Disregard market manipulations, aquire LINK and believe in the use case

I wish I wasn't. Google search.

My 1st cousin died from the ones that was found in Roundup.

>go all in on link
>have to live frugally while I wait for return
>oats and 100g chicken a day, water only
>1 time a week I have some milk
>link still hasn't mooned
>nothing but oats for months
>start to feel bad, having really terrible stomach pains and blood in my poop, maybe malnourished?
>go to doctor
>"Sorry, you have colon cancer. It was those Quaker oats you were eating. Do you have health insurance?"
>no, I'm american
>"Well do you have some savings? Chemotherapy is expensive without insurance."
>n-no...I'm waiting for my link to moon....any day now...
>"Sorry we can't help you. Security, show this man out."
>as I am hauled out of the office I notice the doctor open his blockfolio with a sneer
>its okay hes only got a small 3 figure blockfolio
>oh, its the total amount in bitcoin measurement
>w-wait! what do you think about link??
>security throws me out
>he takes his phone out and checks HIS blockfolio
>ETH/DOGE 50/50 split, 6 figures usd
>"get lost, stinky linkie"
>oatcancer riddled bowels loosen and bloody diarrhea floods down my legs


Top kek


I unironically eat Quaker oats every morning.

what does that image show other than a fuckhuge buy wall?


Oatmeal with frozen fruit, greek yogurt and honey is actually quite a luxurious meal, without even adding in possibilities of nuts and seeds. People are just trenchbrains of they don't understand that some of the most frugal meals are also some of the healthiest/most nutritious.

the jews are still poisoning you with mercury in your canned tuna. your efforts are for naught.

Any whales out there? Feel free to break down walls.

12k LINK sergeant major here, about to fomo and liquidate some of my other holdings to increase my link stack, i need 20-30k to feel comfy ;/


>tfw increased my stack by 20% these past 2 days because of the price drop
pls keep this wave going 1 more month so i can reach an even 100k

How do I find out what kind of taxes I'm gonna need to pay if link moons hard? I can't imagine that any boomer financial advisors near me know anything about crypto

Fuck, 73k sell wall.

Fuck off whales

My plan is to cash out and hope the tax man doesn't notice. If he does I'll pay him when he comes.

Price is about to spike hard is what's about to happen.

What are some healthy meals? Preferrably things I can throw in a slowcooker. I've basically been fasting because I dont know what to cook and heat out too much still...

Gonna cook a sweet potato now actually

Sure. Post about it in an internet board where other crypto tax avoiders hang out. Surely nothing bad will be coming your way.

So basically just keep 30-40% of your gains free/saved so that you can pay if you're ever audited?

is that damn CUP handle happening or not /biz

K will do.