Shill me on Payfair

I got 100k in XRB, 100k in LINK, 50k in ICX, 10k in WAN, thinking about dropping 20k in Payfair. Shill me

> You love money?
>You hate money?

It's that simple user

P2P Blockchain escrow service
passive income

you cant lose



Thinking about getting out of DBC to get into this.

not a bad idea I would do it right now or this week.

Don’t be like that

What's a good price to buy into pfr?

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It's low market cap, not on any big exchanges, and has a lot of buzz on reddit.
I have no clue what the coin does but I dropped $5k on it at 28 cents.

.0003 eth. So like right now. It's down about 25% from the all time high. Should retest it later this week.

>my board

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Wich exchange can i find it?

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>Bitcoin is tulip mania 3.0

It's Anglo hours. There's not a more bitter group than that (they lost everything after all) so at this time you just gotta ignore shitposting.

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>buy payfair or die broke

Pure /pol/ bait. There will be no discussion of payfair, or anything else but race in this thread.

where can i buy this?

>my board

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