I told my wife I bought 1000 dollars of litecoin...

I told my wife I bought 1000 dollars of litecoin. She said if I don’t make 5000 by end of year she will leave me and our new born baby. Probability that I end up alone?

how much did you pay and how many LTC u got?


ok i'm retarded how many LTC tho...

op living that cucklife

Paid 975 for 4 litecoins


>btc goes up
>ltc goes down
>btc goes down
>ltc goes down
>lee fuds
>ltc goes down
>no movement
>ltc slowly bleeds
this coin is dead before btc is

Who are you? What the fuck did you do today?

Jerome won't be happy that you stopped supporting your wife's son.

Jeb Bush low energy bait. Otherwise, you'll have enough money to buy 10' long, 1/4" thick, 3 strand Manila rope by EOY

when btc hits 50k u will have ur 1200 dollar litecoins. chances of btc hitting 50k? who the fuck knows.

>She said if I don’t make 5000 by end of year she will leave me and our new born baby

Normies are pretty easy to destroy my friend.

> Create an image that shows you have 1000 bitcoins.

> Save up and rent expensive lambo for a week.

> Drive past her house

> Read on the news; "Local Woman hangs drowns toaster electricute suicides herself in bathtub"

proceed to laugh and start a new life.

It's that simple user... normies are all big talk but if you can create the right illusion they kill themselves because they have no faith or love.

pump and dump, pump and dump.

50% i would say

You will have x100 on LTC though

100%, even if LTC moons she sounds like a bitch and will just leave you for something else later.

Anytime a woman gives you an ultimatum and you take it at face value then you’ve already lost

Your kid is gonna grow up in a broken home down the line

>listening to a woman's opinion

You will always be a loser, op

^ this

She already has a plan for you, an agenda. She doesn't see you are her "partner" she see's you as her slave.

The best thing you can do right now is fatten her up, feed her lots of corn, potatoes, everything to destroy her health and when she dies of fat diseases, you can be free.

Besides, it's not like you killed her... you just became her nemesis to her narcissist.

You would be doing her a favor.

This. If not late, you're already fucked. She probably already has your replacement picked out. Enjoy divorced life. No seriously it is better than being married.

Your bait is shit

Low Quality Bait.

But if you do have litecoin, just hodl. It's a 1st gen coin but we're due some gains in Q1 because it's on normiebase.