I don't get it, 90% of coins mentioned here seems to be trolling, is ChainLink troll or not? Small team that doesn't say much but apart from that, isn't the idea great? What did I miss?

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It's actually a pump&dump discord scam

Glorified json parser, do not ever buy into this mass hallucination

>Anyone tells you to sell just want your cheap coins

It's an internet token that generates memes through mathematical equations, hence why every thread has LOADS of memes posted. Sergey is actually AI

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Biggest meme on biz, stay clear

It's a meme, like ETH, BTC and Trump, but what is meme magic?

Whats the idea?

Checked, also read this


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Sergey has ben dinkin about dem oracls
da orcal probrem is a big 1 in teh smart contracts space
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Are you saying external data isn't needed on blockchain? Any youtube tutorial can show you how to make a Jason Parsner. Still no external data. Not needed! Amirite.. Amirite???

I post this too often, but if you don't educate yourself and learn to differentiate pajeet shilling from legit researches you will be eaten alive by Veeky Forums, the best way is to do your own research. But it's up to you dude

Pajeet strikes again. Already lost loads of money on this piece of shit. Hope to God it goes up and doesn't bleed out. Not looking hopeful with the whales selling off :(

If biz is constantly shiling a coin, avoid it.

It's not a short term investment, that's for sure, I'm brainlet enough to avoid daytrading because I'd get burned soon. However if people want to survive the incoming crash they have to invest in solid technology with fundamentals. Btw, i'm not a pajeet

it's actually a massage parlour with happy ending

I'm doing my research by reading something with title like" why i believe ..."?

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It's literally a spoonfeeding article for normies, basically what you were asking for, otherwise you would be lurking through their whitepaper

Not you mate. Thought you'd been suckered into buying this - most likely by an Indian.

Check it out properly. Basically a two man team- neither have a background in software. Nail salon is not a joke- google map headquarters. Took $32 million, CEO immediately disappeared and has not been on social media for months.
Your money at the end of the day.

The digits are converging

>survive the incoming crash
I really hope you guys don't believe this meme. Literally every dip comes with a 'BUBBLE POP TIME' with an increasingly nervous 'heh- "back to normal!"... youll see...' when it rebounds.

I'm asking what is idea behind this coin OP think is so great. Is it so hard to tell?

Ok, I'll go through.

Smart contracts are basically pieces of software that can oversee and execute a trade, without any third party having to press the “trade” button. So if we want to trade, say, 1000 LINK for 10 ETH, a smart contract can “look” to see that we have both put up our ends, and when we have, it automatically performs the swap. It’s great because we can never rip each other off (the swap only happens when both sides have fronted) and we don’t need a third party to do the swap for us and take fees.

But smart contracts are limited at the moment because they can only perform swaps for very specific things, and that is, things that are coded in terms the smart contract can understand. For example, an Ethereum smart contract can trade LINK for ETH because it can “see” both of those things on the Ethereum blockchain. But it hits a wall when we want to trade, say, ETH for a concert ticket. The concert ticket isn’t coded in a way that Ethereum can natively understand, so there is no way for the smart contract to know that it is a legit, non-cancellable, version.

This is where oracles come in. An Oracle is a company which has recently appeared in the smart contract space, whose job it is to translate data into a form that a smart contract can understand. So, you could hire an Oracle to program your concert ticket in a form that could be read by the smart contract, so that the smart contract could properly execute a trade when you have fronted the ticket, and they have fronted a couple of ETH.

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Something ethereum can easily put in their next update. Alright I'm out of this tread. DYOR.

But there’s a pretty serious problem here. If you’re paying a private company to translate your data into a smart contract readable format, then what’s the point of even using a smart contract in the first place? The whole point was that we didn’t want to have to trust a middleman in order to make our trade, but now we’re using a trusted middleman and both of us have to believe that the Oracle is doing an honest job. The whole reasoning behind using a smart contract is wasted, because if we’re going to be paying private Oracles to translate data, we might as well just pay a private mediator to oversee the trade and take a fee.

This is where ChainLink comes in. ChainLink creates a decentralised network of oracles so that the entire process of smart contract execution is trustless. Instead of trusting a single private oracle to translate the data honestly, we are now using a trustless network of nodes to move information on and off blockchains. This is massive, but to get an idea of how massive, you need to think bigger than concert tickets.

Big business, and I mean pretty much any big business, will love smart contracts. Billions if not trillions of dollars a year are spent on exchanging value, and huge money is paid so that the value is exchanged properly and accountably and fairly. Smart contracts automate the process of value exchange and therefore offer billions and billions and billions in savings to companies that use them. But companies aren’t diving all over them yet because of the problem listed above. If a number of entities want to perform large exchanges of value, but are all using their own private oracles, then the trustless exchange is not achieved and the smart contract is pointless. ChainLink, and ChainLink alone, offers up the possibility of bringing end-to-end trustless smart contracts to the world, and this is a revolution so profound that at this point it is almost impossible to see the future extent of it.

But is ChainLink the project that will do it? You might have been reading FUD about 2 man teams or absentee CEOs or shit like that, but here’s what we know.

The ChainLink team were the only blockchain related team to be invited to present at SIBOS two years running, and in their proof of concept this year they showed that the ChainLink network could automate messaging for certain aspects of SWIFT’s bond processing. Sergey’s EOY announcement mentioned SWIFT by name twice in giving examples of the sort of work that ChainLink could do, and the work that was ongoing. While the market seemed to want to hear the word “partnership”, this was proof of a close and ongoing relationship. SWIFT manages messaging standards for more than 11,000 banks worldwide.

Also, ZeppelinOS recently announced a partnership with ChainLink. ZeppelinOS stands to be the base development layer for future dApps and smart contracts on the EVM (Ethereum network). They provide a standard interface for dApp/SC development and will use ChainLink as their default oracle service. This means that the vast majority of new projects built on Ethereum will use ChainLink in the background without even knowing it.
And this is just the beginning. ChainLink is probably the most profoundly anti-hype project in the crypto space right now. They have said that they will let their partners announce all partnerships, and they just want the tech to speak for itself. If ZeppelinOS and SWIFT aren’t enough, the EOY announcement hinted at ongoing work with everyone from small SC startups to the absolute monsters of finch and insurtech. ChainLink’s demo at SWIFT had data provided by organisations (like Barclays, Santander, BNP Paribas) with literally trillions of dollars in assets.

Also look into this thread It contains all the info about the APIs situation related with banks

So, we need a centralizzed offchain company to program a ticket and a same company to front them this ticket. What is the point of putting all this to blockchain? Real oracle company database can handle this just like this.

>If you’re paying a private company to translate your data into a smart contract readable format, then what’s the point of even using a smart contract in the first place?
Didn't read this far. Disregard previous post

Topkek, people still fall for the 'we can just plug into ethereum and play' meme

part of you should also say do the opposite of Veeky Forums, put abit of money in it and see where it takes you, just out of merit of going against these filthy bizralies

> blockchain agnostic?
Does this mean something besides that it can work outside ERC-20? I'm not familiar with the word in this context, I just think fedoras.

>ChainLink creates a decentralised network of oracles so that the entire process of smart contract execution is trustless. Instead of trusting a single private oracle to translate the data honestly, we are now using a trustless network of nodes to move information on and off blockchains.
Bitshares has market pegged assets anyone can trade. USD, CNY and even gold represented on decentralized exchange by bitshares backed assets, while bitshares delegates (which can be voted in or out by stake holders) check the price in decentralized maner and form price feed. Isn't it looks like bitshares solving oracle problem before even it become mainstream?

It's not like I against link or something, just bitshares has this idea and Dan solved it in 2014.

The LINK token is ERC-20 but all it has to do it allocate payments to nodes.
"Blockchain agnostic" refers to the ChainLink middleware itself, which works on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, NEO, etc etc.

>dan created a network of nodes that supplies data to smart contracts
i thought bitshares was a dex?

Yes, Dan created network of nodes that supplies any possible data to blockchain. Bitshares don't run smartcontracts at the moment but it looks for me like idea behind Link is not so much about smart contracts but more like about problem with external data processing and trust to the price of this data feed. Bitshares delegates process any data and track exact value for this data.

I'm thinking about buying more link, but i have a lot invested already. What do you lads think will happen with it by EOM

Buy now or stay poor forever OP


When this shit flies you will be able to cash out to your bank directly from your paper wallet or ledger.

it's 35% trolling and 65% devotion

/biz claim they were like an ETH cult before it bloomed and thinks Chainlink will be the same success history