site doesn't work right now.

I know you likely dont know shit, but that could be a good thing.

Elaborate. This was obv a pump and dump

Elaborate. Name a past pump and dump with a working product and revenue stream. Dont worry your tiny brain, you can't

"Working" product.

do you really need to ask this question lol? Try and use their site.

Exit scam

Did anyone really think the new UI was going to send us all to mars or whatever? Repaint the spaceship all you want but if the engine sucks, its not going anywhere.

All it needs to be is a functional exchange. Yeah, the team fucked up a lot. They are trying to do too many things. No other exchange has such a high fee share built into the smart contract. If they can just get the UI and servers to shitopia levels this thing will skyrocket 10x. The problem is the site is unusable right now, so it is naturally crashing. If they get their shit together and just make the exchange usable it will moon.

I believe in their product but they should fix that site asap

I had some of them, made 25% ETH profit but their site is absolute trash. Who is going to use this shit over Binance or even Kucoin?

At this point, I fear that even if they finally get up and running a functional exchange, who is going to use it? It already left a bad impression and burned so many people. Not FUDing here, genuinely curious as to how are they going to get people using again.

Because right now everybody likes the idea of COSS and is thinking the same thing, theyll come back when they see the site start to generate volume. That and fiat will cause people to flock to it, especially with the uncertainty of coinbase and bittrex's future

Why biz fudding COSS so hard?? This shit will go to $5-10 easily. Don't fall for manipulation, whales trying to buy cheap before it moons again baka.

Also, COSS needs to upgrade their trading engine. All the GUI update did was make the exchange look better, didn't add any functionality. If I recall, this is something they are working on right now.

I wouldn't call this project a write off just yet.... Time will tell...

>Why biz fudding COSS so hard??

Nervousness because of the p&d and the shitty site (for now, I hope they fix that stuff)

nothing personal ,kid

People keep saying that. "It just needs an upgraded engine." Or "Wait until FIAT." If it was so obvious that a new engine would fix the problem, why didn't the developers focus on that that first? What was their line of thinking to release something that wouldn't make their exchange completely functional first? I'm no whale and not trying to post nonsensical FUD. I'm here for a legitimate discussion as I do hold these to.

because it wasnt supposed to grow so fast so early, they were waiting for the singaporean regulations to come out, there is a reason why they have more compliance and legal people than devs

Ive been trying to tell you retards that the coss dev team are legit retarded for weeks. They cant be fixed, because they are shit from the top down. Its not a replace 1 or 2 people problem. The entire team and management is horrific.

Coss.io was presented as a minimally viable product beta, and then they invited people to start spending real money there despite being fully aware of several hug bugs that can and did fuck many people over.

Stupid. Slow. Poorly designed eyesore that might lose you money randomly based on a ui hiccup....thats what they came up with to show off their skills.

Then people believed them when they said they could do better. OF COURSE the shit tanked when the new ui came out and it was still shit.

They dont have a clue. Wouldnt touch coss with a 10 foot pole at this point.

>future of coss being more trustworthy than normiebase or bittrex

Not only are coss devs retarded, but coss bagholders are too.

>singaporean based company vs a chink company and a company in the land of the free

+nice dividends forever
+FIAT exchange will make it unique and more popular

-The new interface sucks balls and isn’t even functional

Remember: this is still in beta. I’m holding. From the looks of the chart, it does seem like a lot of people are taking advantage of the chaos and doing a shitload of swing trades real quick while they can.

Anyway, hodl.

You see the thing is Singapore apparently has a more free market than both China and the US right now. Their corporate tax rate is 17% compared to China (25%) and the US. Though I'm not to well-versed on their regulations. What are the regulations they were waiting for?

Yeah Im sure you can trust the literal islamic communists not to shut down a currency exchange.

Let me know how it goes.

i remember Veeky Forums shilling this trash a few days ago when it was mooning. Honestly if you EVER buy a coin mid moon you deserve to be JUSTED

announcement of new regulations from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which COSS is going to register under as a major payment institution.
Singapore is one of the most business and crypto friendly places you can start a business, they'll suck your cock for an investment

CoinMetro will come and provide the most liquidity and fiat to the market. Coss will be dead in the water when real exchanges start coming online

Singapore is an authoritarian shithole full of greedy, stupid, backstabbing slants. Business friendly is misleading. They can and do slowly strangle established businesses with mounting regulation after they cannot afford to move back out of singapore.

Its a centrally planned islamofascist metropolis that parasitically feeds on international investment.

Lived there for 1 year. Miserable insectile people and arabic chants on loudspeakers 5 times a day.

As long as the azaan doesnt interfere with your gainz you should be good

Tell me more about this "CoinMetro"

elaborate scam. ico isn't till end of feb anyway

That is an absolutely beautiful dead cat bounce.

>tfw almost bought into this

Fuck, I'm so glad I don't listen to biz. Enjoy your day bags, cucks.

If it's a low market cap coin that's just rallied to an ATH and you see multiple threads a day on Veeky Forums, chances are this is going to happen that week.

i told you assholes it was a dead cat bounce

COSS isn't low mcap, it's overvalued even at $1

I know right? I made about 3 threads trying to warn assholes about it.

I told you guys it was a dead cat bounce, should've jumped out at the top

>back to 2.10, down 30% when everything is down

Scam? it is run by a legitimate Forex market lol.

you're either

A) Someone who bought early and knew this shitcoin was going to dump last night but didn't sell because of greed
B) Retard who bought at ATH

get your money asap off that exchange. 3 guys in the team were part of veros, a shitcoin that confido'd. They are using the magnalis ico to exit scam, its a fake company registered in panama.

C) someone who bought early and believes in the project so he doesn't care if it goes down a bit

nobody uses coss

The coin pumped way too hard. It's legit not worth $2 at the moment hell not even worth $1.50 let alone that $3 price it hit yesterday before the new UI. A steep drop was inevitable. Because what does their exchange do better than already existing exchanges? Nothing. Like the other user said. Most people holding now are like probably people who held when it was like less than $1 dollar or even below 10 cents. I'm sure that end of Quarter 1 or even end of February is the last chance that most people will give them.

>coin dumps over 50% from high
>"went down a bit"
jesus christ, hodlers are such delusional pussies

COSS only mooned because of people left in the dust by Kucoin wanting to catch the next rocket. Problem is the exchange is fucking terrible, has only shitcoins and it legit costs $400k to list a coin. With the alt bubble ending there's no reason it will take off, this was all so fucking obvious and I tried to warn people but no one wanted to listen. "muh fiat gateway" "muh trading engine"

I made over $30k off this shitcoin's bowel movements today but this project has more bugs than a gas station bathroom

was this babbys first dip for you or something?

shit wrong pic my bad

point still stands

>was this babbys first dip for you or something?
no, which is why I saw this coming from a mile away and told people to sell last night, and not to buy back the bounce

Ok the dip was obvious, i caught it myself, but you are acting like it was the end when its obviously recovering and has alot of potential

It's so easy to tear this product apart. Let's compare this product to a product of a similar sized coin in terms of market cap. Any takers?

it's being used as a PND, doesn't mean the project itself is shit. But still, it's being used.

That aside. Pnd group will move on to next shitcoin, coss will remain.

this is /biz, pre dump they love the coin, after dump they call it shitcoin

biz is just a PnD group

PND is great for Coss.

More movement means higher dividends. Money going from a Whale's pocket into my pocket is a win in my books.

The UI update was being overhyped and the rumor was already priced in--when it got released the price dipped because people sell the news. This is a long term hold anyways for most, so this dip shouldn't really bother you.

"Long term hold" doesn't excuse the devs prioritizing the UI over an engine upgrade though. They really need to get that shit on lock, I despise the people continuously giving the excuse of "it's in beta". Binance was a no name website last year, so was Kucoin, now they're both handling 10 - 50x their old volume.

Development takes time.

KuCoin and Binance were very bad in the early days as well.

UI v1.1 in February should fix most issues. Expecting end of March before this exchange becomes usable.

I can wait. I bought in at .25, and dividends keep me hodling.

Man, the histrionics on this board are marvelous. Everyone take a deep breath and trade the waves. Stop drawing meme lines, set your limits, close Veeky Forums, close CMC, and go for a fucking walk or something.

U fucking retards actually had me nervous. It’s not a pump and dump u dumb fucks. It’s was 2$ yesterday (where it is now). Unbelievable people actually think this. It’s a normal correction after going 1000% in a week.


If you are a bagholder like myself, actively fudding this to weak hands is actually in your interests.

More movement = More fees = More dividends

They are 20% muslim heh

You can keep saying that, the fact is that Coss has been around longer than Kucoin yet still has more problems than they do. Meanwhile, other exchanges will grow in volume while Coss gets left behind and potentially left behind forever if another exchange can do Fiat trading pairs before they can.


Coss has already grown in volume.

Used to be trading at 500k, now it is +5M. This is just over the course of 2 weeks.

No other exchange is offering such dividends. Once this hits +50M I can retire. I am expecting that by March end.