Who is ready for this shitshow

>40,000 people participating

only 1000 will make it


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>got in on the presale

Market supply?

I aint ready mayn. Waiting for my NEO from KuCoin. I dont deserve it considerj g how late I left if.

turning into a shitshow... people spamming links on the telegram...admins posting Lambo...

Starts in 1 hour 30mins

Still not ready. I aint gonna make it.

Cool, just sage this shit hopefully some whitelisted faggot forgets about it

is this about selfkey ?

site isn't even fucking working

yea no fuck this, im gonna wait for it to hit exchanges

when is it tradable?

they just announced price is now 3.5 cents for each token now 200 million market cap

fucking jewed again. i wish i pulled the trigger for the presale.

fucking jammy chinks

Neo more than doubles since presale what did you expect

Site is down tho. I got an account, who is willing to buy it?

is neo going to crash?

this is gonna be the biggest shitshow in the history of icos


How much would it be traded for at KuCoin???

Holy shit what a mess!!!
Fuck this shit
Any other NEO ICO currently on presale rn?

Wait, the sale hasnt started yet? i tho it was over

Can anyone place an order?
Theres nothing under "orders".....

it starts in half hour

>Buying into a scam ICO.

redpill me on this in ONE sentence.

chink ico, female ceo, no product

They x3 the price of the token right now get out

ID verification via blockchain already in use by 130mil people.

Is literally being used in many chinese cities

>chinese gov gave an award to a scam ICO
>business entrepreneur of the year is leading a scam ICO

>it has a centralized version of the product live already
>talking about about an ICO without a live blockchain product, what would be the point of the ICO then dufus?

>ID verification
nice chink botnet

it's gonna happen without or without us.

we might as well get rich along the way.

>letting emotion and muh chinks get in the way of your investments.

The beauty of the key is that they never control ID, they simply are a tool to transmit ID from governments to business/ect. THEKEY is never in control of your data.

Thats what they want you to believe you stupid fuck.

government crypto hospitals/ schools/ business/ a way to verify who you are if requested but able to keep your details private to those not authorized kind of interesting. Simply put principal can access your school id but you cant access principal and dean can access everyone and so can top chinaman. I think CHina government outsmarted us. THey said fuck btc and no mining yada yada but now they are working with chink ether. Everyone caught on. VEN WLT NEO and all ICO under NEO will be 2018. Seems like China stopped hoarding gold and started to mine future asset. wake up wait man. CHina man is wake while you jerk off to hitler dick pics.

all the code is open source and has been released publicly for audit.

Top notch fud. Dunno whether im gonna even bother now. 2 billion mcap for a x10??? Hmmmmmm

doesn't mean shit when it's brand new and you have to fomo in within a few hours

So the first fucks who got in got 2mil tokens for 1BTC which works out at 0.35 cents per token at the time. Now you idiots are buying tokens at 3.5 cents each?
>triangle shaped funding plan


Chinese female entrepreneur of the year

What a shitshow of an ico. Telegram channel is filled with porn atm

think this will follow the "sucess" of CAN?

504 baD gateway again on orders pagr. Notr happening lads

Guyre remember if you get the 504 Gateway. Press ALT F4 to reconnect !!

thanks it worked. im ready!

Just kys already. You desperate assholes are pathetic

lol, website is still down. wtf is this shit?

Address is LIVE now : neotracker.io/address/AYZBc4Fjn22X1NLZQZKxhJt2sALz3SjDBN


shoo shoo stinky pajeet!


total shitshow. people posting scam addresses all over the telegram now

Well i'm all out on this one.
90% of sellable Tokens got sold 1/3 of Ico price.
Better buy in when it hits exchanges with like 0,02$ and take those x2 on NEO tomorrow

anyone got in yet?

i loaded the site but there is no way to place my "order"...



That actually worked on my pajeet

Nothing. 502 then 504 bag gateway lol jist got into orders page but still no aaddress.

Actually it is, but NEO is down alltogether, network clogged..

Go to the real ICO tomorrow... Ignite Ratings. 6pm GMT. Whitelist now.. KYC is optional.



Dear crowdsale participants,

The Neo deposit address is: ANmGxAhfBcp6hFLJDjBQ65f1BGCNVkeRd3

The total allocation of the crowd sale will be 10,000 Neo. The minimum contribution is 1 NEO and the maximum contribution is 10 NEO per person. Only NEO will be accepted during crowd sale as announced before.

Beware of scammers! Dont send your NEO to anyone over private message!

All the best and good luck!
Jan 15th, 2018

>Beware of scammers! Dont send your NEO to anyone over private message!

does that also include pajeets on Veeky Forums?

im still just bouncing on 502 & 504..

Appreciate this, sent.

I set my fucking alarm at 3am for this shit. I'm not giving away my NEO for cheap like this... fuck these guys.

I'm out lol. Want to sell 10000 tokens, hype it out for weeks to get the telegram to 33k members. ico day the site crashes, telegram goes to shit. Company run by a woman. Figures

whats the individual cap?

I also stayed awake for these stinky chinkies to deliver, fuck this

Thanks user. Sent 10 over to them now- will it go through if i'm whitelisted but didn't order through the website?

lul I hope you're joking


Its the address for the ICO

feels comfy holding my 130k tokens from presale

the fact that I received 3 copies of the same "crowdsale info" email shows that these guys aren't the most competent people around

Wow what an overpriced piece of shit. it's not even worth the trouble lmao.


Did we miss out on a Chinese pajeeting? Blessing in disguise?

open the fucking door already


they bungled it so hard. changed the price 45 minutes before the sale what a load of shit.

Yeah and neos tanking now too. I got pajeeted

this is the worst part since i bought my NEOs at fucking $170 each

fuck yes i knew i had a bad feeling about this. hype was way too much. thank god i backed out buying neo at the ath.

where does it say

168 here. We were led on a wild sanjeev chase

I sent you 20, you stinky pajeet. Keep the change

3x presale price and presale has more than 2x the amount allocated with no lockup.

Whales gonna dump on exchanges boys easy 3x money for them.

>tfw i have 250 referrals

its 400.000 now should be a mil

>the power of NEO
>the next ETH
And it is fucking crushed still. Where are those 10k transactions per second? Bullshit.

TheKey itself it's just a shitshow. Not even worth talking about it.


Lmao they changed the conversion rate. Presale now has about a 300% bonus compared to crowdsale. They cant even get their site to work. Absolute chink shitfest

they should cancel this shitshow and just airdrop us like 5000 TKY each

Is neo really down or is it just this this trash company thekey getting fucked?

Not even a lock period for pre distribution. Kek I am laughing for all the normies and pajeets happy to buy this shit at 3x

Thanks anons. I'm out.

clownfiesta.... almost 25 minutes hitting refresh...

Stay mad when this lists at 30cents