He doesn't want people to know that he basically dropped his pants and let Amazon take over their entire architecture...

He doesn't want people to know that he basically dropped his pants and let Amazon take over their entire architecture in exchange for having Amazon Web Service get into the Chinese space.

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Little do they know OP

Can you please give a brainlet a quick rundown on what this means

Were you in that thread with the gay guy started talking about getting the info from his "blockchain group"?

Amazon needed to get AWS into China but couldn't because of all the censorship, with blockchain emerging it decided to get into a a major decentralized chinese cryptocurrency and finally chose TRX because it was easiest to bully into fitting their needs.

So, buy tron because amazon is now running that shit?


Tronix is partnering with Amazon Web Services indicated through various rumors and then being labeled on the partnership page of the Ocoin website - the first company and token to join the Tronix network when the mainnet releases EoQ.

Isn't that a good thing though? Why wouldn't he want people knowing Amazon is working on his coin? Even if they have control, it's good.

so what the fuck now



This was posted on Reddit, it mentions tron but not sure of the validity of it.

Either way, almost positive this is why whales are suppressing so hard.

What are the actual implications of this?

They just pay Amazonsw to host their shit
If I buy a coke, does it mean I have a partnership with Coca-Cola? Kek.

Well if the space partnership is with any of the companies rumored that have low orbiting satellites that can be made into nodes, then I think Amazon wants to help completely decentralize the internet.
>internet 4.0 meme

(Media and Partnerships), you really think they’re going to do some dumb shit like that? If you seriously think this is what they’re doing you’re an idiot.



And that will make me money how?

checked and agreed

What is it line having such a low iq.

Damn look at those quads
Jesus Christ do I need to spell it out, this means TRX will basically start the new decentralized blockchain internet and be an integral part of it

>quads then dubs
>are you god?

Fuckyou hetter jotnhe kyung. I’m about to butb100k and I’m deunk as fuck. Can uooo promise me user?

But Satan, how will it make us rich by buying that token?

I promise you, if it breaks past 1$ by February send me some TRX as a tip.



Univeristy of tokyo project lmao

it's a different tron retards

>this is the tron they think is partnered


Pretty much this.

So they also used the wrong logo in

oh my god youre hopeless

It’s literally on the ocoin website you fucking duck

Why would AWS partner with a tokyo based company if they're trying to get involved in the Chinese market? They needed a decentralized blockchain to get there, so they went with TRX

holy shit. the tron listed on the aws site isn't a company.