Do you have a foot fetish, Veeky Forums? Be honest. No judgment here

Do you have a foot fetish, Veeky Forums? Be honest. No judgment here.


sure. who doesn't?

I have an efro fetish (watching girls shit, basically)

yes especially stinky ones

With my crypto gains I will make a foot party someday so every girl puts her stinky feet in my face

i do. ive had it since i was a kid. my dad tells me i would always touch womens legs and feet especially if they were wearing stockings. literally wired in the brain to have it

You guys are freaks.

I find feet cute but not in the
>I see a girls foot and get hard
kind of way

Yes. Several weeks ago I went to a BTC atm and withdrew 200 dollars to pay for foot worship with a preschool teacher.

I never understood the stinky foot fetish though. Disgusting. I want them clean, shapely, and painted red.

stinky is the best humilation there is

i dont even get that hard from pussy

who's that chick vitalik's fuggin?

i thought it was just a meme. what attracts you guys to feet tho?

its some chimpanzee thing. feet jerk is hardwired into men. its animalistic and we got off on seeing women behave us like treeclimbing fucks



Feet are cute but there are literally nothing sexual on them.

womens feet can be aesthetic
slender with a nice arch - mostly caucasians and some asians have feet like this
fat pancake feet are fugly tho - niggers and spics got pancakes



not liking feet is the weird thing now


tfw no cyber waif toes


no, way worse. Fat Fetish

I remember this post, her feet were gross too

this. the curves in a sexy girls feet are similar to her body curves

god damn...

omg 10/10, would spend 0.1btc for a night with her

I have a vagina fetish. It's weird, I know.

why not both?

dont find humiliation appealing, but the idea of getting jerked with them once in a while is pretty hot, and having them visible in a picture can make it hotter as well

for the longest time I didn't give a fuck about feet but recently (last year or so) I've started finding them more and more of a turn on, especially when the girls short like ~4'10 and has nice tiny feet, makes my dick diamonds

kinda love some feets now


Instagram is a gold mine for feet. So many "foot models" whoring it up.

It is a bit weird in my book. I love a chick's ass, tits, body shape etc. But a vagina is just visually unappealing to me.

Feet are absolutely vile and looking at them makes me immediately feel ill. It's a pet peeve of mine when people walk around houses barefoot. It disgusts me to the point where I can't even eat. Same thing goes for women painting them. It's like putting makeup on a pig.

No but I want to come on every girl's exposed legs

Also, buy APPC coin

fkn weirdo you creep me out

Sort of, it's a minor fetish

footcoin when

Soft wrinkly soles and high arches are my weakness.

Not anymore although I appreciate good white feet or pale feets. It says a lot about her if she takes care of them as well. A girl with good feet game is a girl you want to marry.

I used to when I was a kid. I used to fap to feet from 6-14 years old. Now I am not turned on by them in the slightest. Is that normal?