UFR Research

So, lots of shilling about UFR on here lately, it piqued my interest so I decided to do my own research. Couldn't find too much concrete stuff, until today. UFR came out with a new blog post that give me a lot of confidence and ultimately I've decided to invest in this coin.

TL;DR For the lazy
> New UFR Seeding Protocol
> Explanation of how UFR will be used in the ecosystem
> Information about UFR App
> Cancellation of contribution period 2 (Less Dilution!)

Oh, and the kicker...
> UFR will be listed on a top 50 exchange within 10 days.

IMO this coin is doing something completely unique, has no competitors, and has such a low market cap that the potential is a 10x within 10 days.

I've done my research, if this looks appealing to you, do your own, and then do what you will. This baby is going to the moon fellas

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Oh I almost forgot, here's the post: hackernoon.com/the-upfiring-dapp-mid-january-2018-update-2fe0d4d3a6e6


Ive already invested 2k @ $1.85 so you just shill away pajeet, you have my confidence.

Any idea what that exchange might be? I'm hearing KuCoin. I know it just got on IDEX recently but there's supposed to be another exchange after that. You have any ideas?

Why even bother shilling, these retards don't deserve it.

Nice article, I picked some up earlier today after finally reading the whitepaper. Does anyone know what the new exchange will be? I used Etherdelta which can be a pain in the ass.

You /shil/ retards don't give up do you

>top 50 exchange
are there even 50 worthy exchanges

scam 100%

lmao.. how so? Its easy to find the founder and he looks legit.

"he looks legit"
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Well it cant be etherdelta because it is already in the exchange, so I'm guessing a medium size one we will now this week that's for sure.

Whatever exchange it is will also have a mobile app according to the dev update.
Chinkdelta and crippletopia have been holding UFR back. A convenient, secure, and stable exchange is going to breathe new life into /ourtoken/. I'm going to have the dollar signs in my eyes as I watch the gains during the first hours it is available on the new exchange.

Pretty sure its not a decentralized exchange because in the article they were talking about paying to be on exchanges, and as far as I know most decentralized exchanges are free (and as you said UFR is already on ED)

It sounds like it could be Kucoin, which would be a good sign since most new coins listed there have mooned. If so, UFR could be $5 by the end of March (and I tend to be very conservative with my estimates)

UFR i a /shill/ SHITTOKEN that s shilled by discord group fucks. ...always the same guys. They have to shill at least once a day or they get kicked out of the group. DO NOT BUY THAT USELESS SHIT: AS YOU CAN SEE PRICE IS DROPPING.


>solid project
>low marketcap
>gonna be announced soon in new exchange
It's not a lot of money, but I am all-in on UFR, not joking. There is a risk ofc, but the reward compensates it. The project is very cool and I can see normies becoming interested in it.

Pathethic UFR shills with their shitcoins ready to shit on innocent anons who simply want to get rich quick.

I don't understand why literal retards keep clinging to this. The big boys in the discord already dumped their bags onto those who stuck around too long, naive fucks must be pushing this in a desperate attempt to recoup their losses

You dumb faggot are going to be so mad when you miss the UFR rocket.

Your tears are delicious. Salty you missed the UFR rocket, pajeet?

Exactly. Salty facts will miss out on UFR.

Nice. UFR to moon soon.

This is a useless shittoken shilled hard by a discord group. they get points for every post and comment they make here, if they don't post every day they get banned.

That's why there are UFR posts here 24/7.

But don't let this distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table.

It's obviously nothing more than a scam.

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Most coins are falling right now due to ETH rising and BTC falling; even KCS is down nearly 40% from ATH even though Kucoin has drastically increased in size.
As for UFR being shilled; it's a given the OP of any coin thread owns some of that coin. If the coin has good fundamentals, it will rise in the long run (which appears to have happened to UFR). In that case, the shills deserve to make money since they have exposed a viable product to the world that is making me money as well.
I became a millionaire due to Veeky Forums shilling me BNTY, DBC, and KCS, and if UFR is added to Kucoin I will almost certainly buy some as well.

Going all-in on a coin is very dangerous, even if the coin has good fundamentals. I would have made millions of dollars from KCS if I had gone all in, but even though FA supported my hypothesis that KCS would drastically increase in value I only put a couple BTC in.

The biggest cancer killing torrents is the leechers that don't give a fuck about seeding. Understandable because what's in it for them to seed? UFR is the only project on the horizon that offers a decent solution to this problem. Plus the fact that it's low marketcap, it's only on the shit exchanges and it's soon to open up, makes it a no brainer that it'll moon. Read the update lads. It's pretty obvious that the devs have their shit together.

For the pajeets screaming shill, just laugh at them. One of those faggots went to the effort of photoshopping fake tweets from the Kim.com guy bashing UFR. And simply sit tight, relax, and enjoy your steady gains all the way to the moon.

With a new mid-size exchange coming soon that apparently works a lot better than Cryptopia, I’m sure you all know what that means Biz. Screw the “PnD Scam”. Take the coin for what it’s worth, look at the marketcap, and ask yourself where it can realistically go in the next few weeks. My guess is to 100M.

looks legit as in his resume u fucking twat.

literally who cares if its getting shilled hard by a group. fucking Veeky Forums does the same shit with favorite coins. You are confusing a shill group and actual interest with a PnD. Even if it was a PnD, this is an actual promising project.

UFR maybe on KUCOIN. going to stock up on Cryptopia while I still can at a discount.


Are you faggots reading the whitepaper? The updates? Doing fundamental analysis? There's no way a couple hundred poorfags scrambled together from biz are doing a PND on this coin. That's not how PND works. This is grassroots marketing on a legitimate project, a project that will moon, and everyone gets the gains. This is a longterm game. UFR will be huge in half a year. And selling at that time will hardly effect the price. So it's a win-win.

Are you faggots going to be daytrading all day, turning neurotic from checking the charts every 2 seconds, losing as much as you gained the last week, or are you going to get comfy and HODL and reap those 10-100x gains?