BAT and Brave thread. Where my BATbros at? We demand memes!

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Criminally undervalued


We need to get these two together.

holy shit.

when do you think he will mention it in one of his youtube vids? or would it be breaking contract with youtube or something?


i got off this sinking ship just now

even pewdiepie shilling wont fix this shit

why exactly you think this will sink any more?


Lol, every thing is red you dipshit. And we're playing out the chart perfectly.

convince me to buy this over SALT. i'm looking for an alt with a long term investment prospect


How much BAT do I need for a girl like this?

Crypto is small. Really, most people barely know what crypto is. They are starting to hear about it right now.

Well, youtube on the other hand is big. Most people use it daily and watch different channels.

Sometime in the near future, BAT will trend on youtube. The crypto hysteria will hit the masses for the first time. BAT is what will make cryptocurrencies mainstream.

Coinbase wants to promote BAT because they know it will bring a lot of new people in.

I don't think that Coinbase see SALT a crucial component to their success.


bat is just shit there’s no actual use for this coin and people know it

you got it all wrong. this is one few coins there's actual use for. 99% of all the other coins are shit and will never be used by anyone. but hey, I don't give a fuck about you because you seem retarded


are you mad because you know i’m right and you’re just a filthy bagholder?


Anonymised paywalls for premium content. Paid using BAT.

Jewgle and Facebook are getting heemed worldwide over ads, and BAT fixes their problems.

Anything worthwhile that's behind a paywall already accepts credit cards

every coin has that pattern atm due to the current market you fucking FAG

let the nobatties doubt this project. i gave up trying to convince people why this is the only crypto with a real use besides cryptokitties, buying drugs, gambling, or waiting hours to pay for shit. nobatties will keep doubting brave and bat till they realize they are still using the equivalent of aol while the rest of us are using the next version of the internet

maybe you are right, hopefully not. but yes, the future is uncertain and everything that has been started that has resembled what BAT is trying to do, has failed in the past, so chances are it might fail this time as well. but I'm willing to take the risk


I'm new to crypto and I have a BAT related question.

I bought ETH yesterday at the ATH and it instantly dipped hard. The point in buying it was so I could use it to trade for more BAT. My question is, should I wait for ETH to go up again and then trade it for BAT, or is it smarter to trade for BAT now while they're both dipping?


Trade now

ETH may double to $3000 thats only a x2. BAT could see $3 - 5 by end of Q1

BAT being over $1 defeats the whole purpose of the token. If you knew anything about the project, you'd know this.

Use your brain people. Are you seriously going to fucking buy this over $1?

Don't need to think, some fancy investment group did it for me