We are the BATmen


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and we are NOT SELLING

under $1

U usta vam ga metnem

over 1 dollar u mean

I mean, I'll sell at $1, because going over $1 defeats the purpose of the coin (if you had a brain, you'd know that)

t. brainlet

Bat boys Bat boys whatchu gonna do

convince me to buy this over SALT

300k reporting in. It's only a matter of time boys.


< 1k user. Will BATlets make it too?

>usta vam ga metnem
how many balkan folks are there, i feel like we tend to move around in these circles, at least the dudes

The Currency Of The Internet

Any guides on buying BAT? Preferred exchanges with low fees? All I have is BTC btw

Let me buy your bags. Please.

here is a list of available exchanges coinmarketcap.com/currencies/basic-attention-token/#markets

guides? What the actual fuck, why are these people who can't use google even here

I'm on clover at the moment faggot

buy it on Binance noob



You on Binance already user?

Bittrex is BTC to BAT.

i want to buy more but no ethers left

What's this talk about BAT being used outside of Brave? Is that all just speculation or would it actually be possible to incorporate it into Chrome Apps?

No. Going to hold out a bit to see if it goes below .6 so I can buy in

Metamask began life on Chrome.
It was adapted for Brave.
Brave is Chromium-based.
Definitely doable.

Mozilla will likely adopt it.

If you join up, 21890832 is the referral code.
Buy this.
Hold this until you see it on Coinbase at least.

People are vastly underestimating how big this will be. I'm only sad I can't buy more.

What makes you so optimist? I have a little bit of BAT but I don't really expect much.

Most people talking about this are US-centric.

Q2 will see a reckoning for US tech firms and BAT is a way around it.

I must wait for the next dip to buy more.

when I see a coin being airdropped like BAT is being airdropped, it is obvious to me that it will take off

just imagine what one pump will do to the bank account of big youtubers, just imagine what they might tell their audience.

yo need to look at BAT like a virus that spreads very quickly

dumb question: what is airdropping

>we are the BATmen
Probably still uses chrome

Is Brave really that good?

I usually use Firefox and have been enjoying their newest release but Firefox has become a sjw circlejerk fest.

Using Brave today on my laptop. Seems pretty solid. Needs more extensions but the most important ones for average web surfers are included out of the box. Its my main browser on mobile now.

still some bugs but so far its amazing

The mobile browser is a thing of beauty. Shit even saves battery life, and cuts down on data usage

BATbros... Come out and PLAYEEAAAY

Its over a million downloads now. Good signs to me about BAT desu

any BATgirls feeling lonely tonight?

How many BAT for a woman like this?

Brave is the best browser I've ever used

why would you buy this useless shitcoin when you can buy RLC

>bought 7000 BAT at 5k sats with by daytrade stack and considered
>nearly sold at 5.5k sats
>nah I'll sell at 6k it look good!
>bagholding at 4.8k
>mfw this token being over $1 defeats it's purpose


You're an idiot. Probably bought RLC at the top.

True. sell order at $1 prepared for the crash to zero when a single BAT is sold for 1.01 and the purpose of the token is defeated.

watch it mister


Gtfo boomerfag

>buy at ath
>lose money
>muh shitcoin. It's the shitcoins fault
The absolute state of bagholders

It's very cheap now, so thinking of buying in.

What's the future of BAT? When are Youtubers adopting it?

I use Brave on my phone, but I can't access Veeky Forums for some reason. Help a nigga out?


I sold my bags.

Donating coins basically to grow the community


wow the monster eats the image

Click the lion and lower some shields

Neat, thanks.


godddamn. I though my bags were heavy at 10k

not even v1.0 yet. Good shit is coming user.

please kill your self. I hope your mom finds you.


Over here bathunk. Wanna buy some BAT?


hey thats me

did you receive BAT for viewing that tranny ad?


I think it's because I have an iPhone, since I still can't access Veeky Forums from Brave. I'm sure it'll be fixed eventually though. I'm really satisfied with it otherwise, it runs crazy fast

lol would be nice
Hiro needs more shekels

Yeah that’s great and all but an easier way to get money is joining this pump discord server

discord gg/YQqTCqt

Same problem. iOS brave blocks Veeky Forums, quite annoying or I'd make it my go-to phone browser.

turn off the shield ffs

You're the fourth user that has mentioned mozilla. I was able to screen cap another user that said the same before deleting his comment.

Where are you guys getting this info?

Being over one dollar defeats the whole purpose of the coin lol you'd know if you actually read the whitepaper

>an entire thread of people who never read the white paper
>honestly thinking BAT will ever be more than $1-2


The only reason to use it as my main browser is to keep the shield fuckwit

Why would any coin be over $1?

when you turn off the shield on one particular page does not affect the others....................................................................................



What did he mean by that?

>it's a bat thread where various posts are devoted to ridiculing bat holders by telling them that bat is meant to be a $1 coin therefore it will never be more as absolute shitcoins have top 10 market caps episode
Will retarded bizraelis ever learn?

I've tried turning off the shield but it still doesn't work. It's fine, it's probably a bug. I'll just wait for it to be patched soon.

Anyway, I wanted to ask some of my BATbros. Do you seriously think BAT can reach $100 dollars per token, or is that overhype? What is the lowest you see BAT being EOY?

Big things behind the scenes. Just wait slim thiqq money is sitting on a lot of news because he isn't a newfag hype Dec and actually knows how to build and grow a product.

Posted from brave mobile. Yes it's faster than chrome.

What seems to be your problem?

I use Brave by default with no problems. Click the lion and allow scripts.

Not even a joke, when I make it in crypto that's the car I'm buying. I don't give a fuck if it's a meme or not.

it really depends on where you see crypto going.
if crypto is just a fad, then no
if crypto is the revolution that will transform our society in many ways, and if everyone finally gets sucked in to it, well, then a single BAT could go even higher
if youtubers start shilling it,
BAT might become the first mainstream crypto
if it does, stores might accept it like they do bitcoin today
just because something is a utility token does not mean it could be used in plenty of other ways to pay for stuff
what I'm trying to say BAT could become huge

idk about x100 within this year but the market cap and volume cap is still pretty low so theres room for growth
Lowest is probably x10?

I'm with you user. I've made enough where I could buy one but I'm still kinda eyeing a few. There seem to be some in the nice show car ~$20k+ category, then some in the project car for ~$8k category. We can hit the track together man.

I'll be living in the mountains on the plot of land I already own, so I'll probably die there blasting eurobeat. It'll be worth it. The ones I've been eyeing for the past few years are the 20k~ ones, it'll be my one big treat for myself.

No idea what the problem is, I can't seem to figure it out. Scripts are allowed, and the blocker is off.