whats your reason for not being all in on DBC for the impending moon

Shill me on this coin

Oh boy, I'll bet this is real!

I am all in with what I can my BRAIN GANG friend.

3400 and trying hard to make sure everyone makes it! :D

I am unironically all in 100% already.

I'm seated, buckled up and ready for blastoff

OP is just shilling hard because DBC is shitting itself right now and he wants to get rid of his bags

accumulating for 3 days straight. can only push a spring down so far before it erupts

I'm all in, ready for takeoff

I love you boo.

I've been nestled in between the sellwalls and buywalls for the past 2 days accumulating free DBC on the swings.

this faggot is still holding lol

as much as im in on DBC fuck this guy

Is now a good time to buy?

>bought in at $0.50
Should I do like And try to get some more?


I am happy for you even if you hate me for some reason my friend.

I will always be holding, I am with the BRAIN GANG and it would be wrong of me to sell when I know that we the DBC is going to be big.

It can be dangerous my friend, careful daytrading stuff if not very experienced.


>*eats your market cap*

DBC is a Chinese knockoff compared to SingularityNet. AGI on Tidex.

I'm only down like 15% from my initial investment in DBC just from catching freebies on the swings.

I wouldn't advise taking existing funds and buying more because who knows where this coin is going but right now it's really easy to track the market due to low volume and take advantage of the swings

if you're actually still holding onto DBC i really feel bad for your mental health, if you were too stupid to sell at .60 you're hopeless and will not make any money in this market. God bless, have fun with the pnD shitbrains coin thats dead now

You keep saying this yet I continue to lose money.

>dead now

Go take a Ritalin for your intense ADHD flsreup.

Coin dumps and 3 days later it's "dead" ... fucking millennial faggot. Go back to buzzfeed

So you aren't a millennial? Aren't you a bit old for this site?

Do you have faith this coin will go anywhere near $0.60 again?

I've been here since 2006. I'm not leaving any time soon.

Yes. It may not be within the next week like some ADHD children expect, but if you're in the red on it you will permanently cement the loss by selling now.

I have half my stack set to sell at 59c and the other half I plan to hold to see where it goes after that point.


DBC is getting shat on hard. Whales who sold at .60 are accumulating hard and spreading FUD.

Next round is the pump to $1.

Me too, but being here at 40+? Hopefully I'll still be here by then

Tell me it'll moon before the MAN ICO goes live Veeky Forums

Thanks for restoring my faith user. The patient waiting begins

Idk why you people think this will ever be worth anything. Have you read the whitepaper? It doesnt say what the product actually does, its just a bunch of memes and buzzwords.

Have you ever been to Veeky Forums before? That's ALL there is to this board. Welcome.

What the fuck? Who the fuck said user was over 40? If he started 2006, I think he's now 25-35 years old.

Well he clearly said he isn't a millennial, that would put him under 18 or over 38 right?

I still believe. I've got nothing left in my life except my coins, I'll always believe until the end.

Omae Wa Mou... Shindeiru

I'm all in on DENT

wakey wakey money sneky

Stabilization has commenced, expect it to hover around 30 cents tomorrow as confidence is slowly regained.


Whales are still keeping it sub 20


Cents not sats.

good time to buy my portfolio is only 1.2 ETH, how much should i put in

All of it



unironically this.


Wait... What? If he was born 1999 he wouldn't be millennial, right? What are you talking about? Why he would be over 38 by your logic?

Google it

They arent my friend, just have fatih and know this coin has a lot to it!

lol Awesome stuff BRAIN GANG friend!

Give it time my friend, you will be fine.

You have the BRAIN GANG too my friend, and dont worry it will rise just hold on! :D

Listen to this guy on holding he is right that this will rise and to sell now just makes you lose.

Then best start feeling bad for me lol but no worries I am fine and will get better :P

peace love and happiness to you friend.

I'm 33

I'm just giving it till the end of the month before I bail. Everyday I wake up hoping the price will be up but my money just keeps sinking lower and lower

Oh. I've been always thought that millennials was born after 2000. So I'm also millennial, fuck.

Congrats you are a millennial

user, I put my money where my mouth is.

Wtf are you 10 years old???

Wow you are going to make it friend! So very happy for you, keep the faith and remember your dreams!

It will be ok my friend just have faith and believe. :)

Depending on your definition I either am, or am not. I'm borderline at my age.

But I came from a working class family, had a hard life and I work a very hard career. I definitely don't live like most millennial manchildren do.

Honestly, i sold 2k out of my 78k, but watching the accumulation being done as we speak has been the best motivation I need to keep holding. That 1mil buy that took place this morning was pretty telling.

Wtf? I'm fucking 25 and still millennial. Never knew about that till this day.

Nice gains on that NEO

If you remember the year 1999, you are a millennial.

I'm super fucking salty about that actually. I was hoping to up my stack before it went off. I fucking love neo, and I will never sell it.

Where are these retards coming? Like I said, I just realized I'm also millennial, always thought millennials were born after 2000.

And ofc I remember little bit from year 1999, I was at the second grade.

I missed the Mickey Mouse moon, I feel I've dissapointed me and are too good for my money now.

what is the actual DBC token USED FOR? how do i benefit from holding it?

You buy it when it's low and sell it when it's high.

Its used by companies to purchase computing power, and to anonymously exchange data.

this is a shitcoin. feel sorry for people who buy these bags

why cant you buy this computing power with fiat or other cryptos?

It literally has no purpose and these niggers ITT are retarded

Dare I say the IQ quotient exhibited among DBC holders is just a couple standard deviations over the oatmeal brain drooling anons that are supporting other coins? Why could that be? Why do I sit at a Wall Street desk right now in anticipation of the 'wide base distribution phase' aka the promotion to conclude, (aka "the promotion" to get DBC into more hands for a stronger moon). The Chinese know exactly what they are doing. Look at how the total amount of wallet holders has exploded, and run some basic arithmetic of each of those holders accumulating, say, a 25% increase above their current holdings. That spells a moon to another planet over a 3-6 month time period. Now hold DBC until NEO doesn't, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You're welcome.

To incentive people to actually "mine". DBC is given as a reward to miners similarly to POW cryptos. If they allowed people to buy in other cryptos, there would be no value to the token and no one would mine it.


fair enough, who are the competitors to DBC? how far along is the working product?

That's how the coin works. It feeds off people's ignorance every time they buy it and leaves them dumber than they were before. Meanwhile the Chinese dumpers brains grow large and let them solve math problems even faster.

That's the state of my generation lad. Crypto has given this generation unrealistic returns, they want the 'now' and don't want to wait.

They cry when a coin that went 5x in a week won't go any higher. Not sure how they would've survived 80 years ago with the stock market with 2x return a year.

I keep telling myself I should have sold it when it hit 60

WTF is deep brain chain? someone, please explain what they are trying to do and why the coin will be needed?

DYOR fucko, it's not hard

They're trying to make us go mad with the never-ending dumps

if you want people to buy your bags you better bucko.

wen is this dip goin end pls lord

Miner release q1, full integration to neo blockchain q3. Not sure on competitors, but these guys have neo council backing, and a solid list of former customers in the AI business.

not selling my bags m8, holding forever.

Lol this tripfag still shilling this shitcoin.
Yall shoulda sold at 0.50 now you're just covering your ears as the shitcoin crashes

Will The miner release cause the coin to drop further by adding more to the market? Or will it increase the price by driving interest in it?

sold 70% of ico bags at 0.56-0.64 .. have 70k of this shit left locked on huobi... gonna see where it goes. I doubt it will hit $1 (1b mcap) but i am sure it can hit 60 again if the shit team actually does some decent PR.

this shit will prolly dump once huobi enables withdraws

I just visited their website and everything has bad English. I can't even fucking understand what they are selling.

I'd like to try to get some more. I bought mine at a worse rate than it's now so I'd like to make use of this bargain that it is now.

Will someone explain why this will go up in the next month or are y’all all just delusional?

iktf brah, my belief is slipping but knowing someone is in the same situation gives me a little comfort

Full integration to blockchain is q3 so I dont think new coins will be added to circulation until then. At that time however, there should be increased demand assuming there are actual customers.

Anyones guess what happens though, but I'm sure you can guess what my opinion is.

>hat happens though, but I'm sure you can guess what my opinion is.

yeah but you're taking a huge gamble with this shit show. i'd ride the waves for a few months and dump it hard. Threres no point in holding a coin which has only 15% of its total supply in circulation. AI isnt even that big and the toy they released seemed shit as fuck.

dump it

Why does dbc need a blockchain?

been doing the same thing, its way more fun than letting it sit around decaying.

they announced they are bringing back all the X series games 1-8 in the summer for ps4 xbox and pc and switch

Because it provides traceability, and an economy to allow the product to exist dummy.

I'm not saying this is going to become the next watson. I can see this making some decent gains in the short to medium term. If they actually achieve their goals, it could be a nice little coin. I gambling few a bit until more info comes out around the elastos ico. Ill likely reappropriate most DBC funds to that if they accept my KYC

Thanks for the info bruh

what product are they selling?

If you plan on investing, watch how low it drops tonight. Buy walls dropped, likely we see .23-24 cents again. Huobi contest ends in a few days, hopefully we see steady gains after that.