Bitcoin is finished

bitcoin is finished.
prepare your pink wojaks

Nice just bought 100k

Big if true

bitcoin can die

holy shit who would have thought you dont need to google once you know how to buy it and have others around you that know how to buy it
fucking nu male jew

his name is pronounced Turd Meister, correct?

Thanks, just bought 100 gays

Do you google coinbase every time you make a crypto trade?

the bubble has popped because no one new is coming in

You don't honestly think everyone in the world has friends that know how to teach crypto do you?

Oh Baby


Fucking kek'd

oh no

Let's have a look at the Google trend of Neo. No one knows but still growing every fucking day.


this is the perfect buy signal

yeah, coinbase is really fucking hard to use. it was literally the top downloaded app for weeks

tfw I started charging $25 an hour for people to ask me about cryptocurrency and what they are

You're clearly retarded


Lol must have been the Korea FUD

“Buy Ethereum”

nevermind it's just normies

Where can I get that "diarrhea" user?

But how's the trend for "sell Bitcoin" look?

Why do I need to believe what some random pajeet writes in his Twitter?

this guy's face is how I imagine a leftist, gay/cuck white man look like.

Fucking fudding turdmeister, worst name in history, hope it's not his real name...

Exactly, bet he's vegan too but still driving his expensive car and taking the plane every month

You are how I imagine a disgruntled/bitter/politically obsessed loser who talks shit anonymously to compensate for being overweight and having an extremely small penis.

A man whose name is "turd meister"

>turd master