Trx holders are idiots if they think their current chart looks anything but a pump n dump shitcoin...

Trx holders are idiots if they think their current chart looks anything but a pump n dump shitcoin. Saw some guy on twitter thinking it's going to bounce to a new ath after it "corrects" a bit more

of course tron is going to bounce back

Not a lot of room left for correction. That sucker's already dowwwwwwn.

does trx have anything coded yet

I wonder if it could go any further, I thought like 15 would've been the support.

it has a logo

For people that hate this coin so fucking much you sure do talk about it alot. Is this a reverse psych thing where the troners positivity helps you cope with this 1800 sat bags you are still holding on to?

it's like the digibyte for normies

I want to watch it slowly bleed to 0

I just looked at it for the first time ever earlier lol. All I've seen is normies with Sub Saharan IQ saying stupid shit on twitter. I figured I'd finally look into it when I saw a guy give a buy signal (which explains the recent green candle btw).

The amount of FUD on a coin that has pretty legit partnerships and a huge following seems really odd...almost...coordinated

Tron will came a comeback once the weakhanded normies have been shaken out

No FUD from me dude, I'm just fascinating at watching this obvious shitcoin moon and collapse

you wanna know what i just found out guys?
I legit didn't even know it before t b h
but TRX
is an ERC20 token


I saw these exact posts 7 days ago except they were talking about Ripple. Keep holding this coin if you want to lose money. Maybe you'll learn your lesson

They got caught copying code just now, not a good look.

how new r u


Can you guys post those Trx screen shots? I need to share them on twitter so everyone can point and laugh and watch it crash it further


I feel sorry for the idiots that bought at 2000

Do tron holders really feel good about their investment if this mong thinks it's a good invest?

I wonder who is behind this post

Brah its going up now screenshot this.