Shill me a coin to buy under $0.30

Shill me a coin to buy under $0.30

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If you're looking at coin price instead of market cap then no amount of shilling can save you.

get in here and also buy capp or xby


I already have EXRN. I'm losing a lot of faith though.
>anonymous devs
>100,000,000 supply (not EXRT)
>No white paper
>barely interacts with community on Telegram and won't go on reddit

If they do come through with their tech it's a billion dose platform, but we don't even know the names of their devs.

I look at all the factors but I want to start with a lesser known coin right now for maximum growth.

What does xby have to offer the market? Is it feasible that their platform will be used?

>He judges coins based on their individual value

Buy DOGE, it's only $0.01 you fucking Pajeet

Magnalis ICO = $0.30 per coin
10,000,000 supply
Trading in June

Low price does not equal lesser known. Please read up on market cap ffs

Many people think this is a scam. What do you say about that?
You know what I mean dude.. I've been trading for a while I'm not a brainlet.

PFR is around $0.40 but very low market cap. Only on EtherDelta though

Always do the opposite of what /biz says. So buy Verge

>caring about price rather than market cap

Holy fuck you're retarded


Yea whatever man. Never said I don't take that into consideration. In fact I said the opposite here


i expect to be paid in BTC


Nice fucking scamnon trying to post this on multiple different threads advocating for this exit scam. gtfo fucking pajeet

This coin is communist.

says who?

Says their website
Somewhere on there it says that wealth needs to be redistributed and they're donating a lot to the environment.

OP, a safe long term hold with a good future ahead is TNB, find it on binance for 14 cents/ 0.00001067 sats, you will want to get it under 20 cents. It's a comfy hold bro, we're all gonna make it.

sign up with my binance ref id 11617516

What does it even do?

>I look at all the factors but I want to start with a lesser known coin right now for maximum growth.

thoughts on LIFE?

Hey OP, you should buy TRX. It's gonna hit $10,000 by 2025. They have a lot of road maps coming up.


Crypto of the future. My business will start accept Bitbean within the year

How about ripple? It's so cheap compared to bitcoin!! So much potential for growth

Digibyte (DGB)

I thought this coin was dead? Anyways, too late. I ended up buying GUTS GET.


Actually gonna say Dent since one user talked about how he saw Dent had a working platform for mobile data purchase. It's at just six cents right now.


Re-branded and more software that is using it shall come.


Big partnership with Wordpress. Lots in the pipeline. Way more useful than Publica.


Explain pl0x, still learning the basics

Already on it. And Telcoin.

it just says they are donating to environmental causes. Trust me id rather die than go red


Might as well join at the base slash RT9d9S9

>no whitepaper
>90% of coins locked up
>horribly formatted website



unironic tooo

Marketcap is (coin supply)*(price of one coin). The more coins there are, the lower the price of each coin (because it's not as rare). Now, some coins might be more valuable than others for whatever reason. People will be willing to pay more for those coins. The increased price for those coins multiplied with the number of coins in circulation gives you the market cap. You can have a coin be worth $0.05 with a market cap of $10 billion (and thus not much room to grow as the market cap for all of crypto is about $700 billion) or you can have a $10 coin with a market cap of $100 million and much more room to grow. It'll be easier to 5x, 10x, etc. with a lower market cap coin.

U fucking retards. It’s not it’s fiat comparison value to look for, it’s mcap.

Another vote for telcoin. Ian balina all star rating. Normies love that shit

why does the marketcap matter

Buy OPT. Thank me in Q2

Who cares they already have an app in the appstore and the Android version will be released any day now.
LOL I just sold that shitcoin.


only looking at the price ignores the supply of a coin but marketcap looks at both (defined as price * supply). If people only looked at the price to determine value, then I could artificially increase the 'value' of my coin by only releasing a handful of them in to the wild to give them a high price. Marketcap prevents this and gives you a more equalized valuation

Because its a good way to determine how much potential a coin has for growth. Total crypto market cap is 890 billion. If a coins market cap is already close to a billion it has less potential for growth compared to one that's only 1 million. Market cap is calculated using circulating supply x the price of the coin. A coin with a price of $1 with 1 million supply has a market cap of $1 million. A coin with a price of $0.001 with a circulating supply of 1,000,000,000 also has a $1 million market cap. Even though the price of the coin is cheaper the market cap is exactly the same. Get it user?

Doge is the shit!

Don't listen to them, higher marketcap = more gains
>hodl ripple and tron


POE, you fool.

>coin price
you aren't gonna make. just cash out now

dbc PLS