Litecoin moonshot in 6 hours

Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t be the only one who missed the bus.

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why please expand


here we go again... can u prove it?

otherwise FAGGOT

literally a bot

Whales will complete their gathering and check in NLT 0300 GMT. Upon their confirmation Litecoin will liftoff and pump to $400.

3 am gmt?

Finally some potential good news but I'd like some proof please user.

t. litecoin bagholder

Isn't that in about an hour?

Has already been reported on Z3News yesterday

This is good for bitcoin

Check in yes, moonshot in approx 6 hrs.

i onyl have 1 i bougth at 150usd.
Am i gonna make it?

No, you should’ve bought more.

>Literally making their assumptions based on Seeking guidance form god.

Well if Veeky Forums believes in dubs fuck it im Christian now.

Dude im poor and trying to compound with shitcoins.

I've always been putting money into litecoin. It's been my favorite by a long shot. Even if it is just a copy of btc. Mast and user transactions are awesome.

big if true

As soon as the bear market starts recovering it's LTC's turn

Literally can't wait

that has been said the past 2 times when everything is mooning but LTC. wake up litecuck!

yea fuck this stupid shit LTC is a relic from a lost age

good for quick tx's but not much else