H-hi guys. boobs too small to be any worth to you guys, but what do you think about my holds...

h-hi guys. boobs too small to be any worth to you guys, but what do you think about my holds? still think im a bit too over diversified and im thinking of maybe selling off one or two more to increase my other holds

uhhh wtf is this

what device is that?

a trap

Boobs not too small, post boobs.

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You fell for the ERC20 shit token meme


lenovo yoga tablet :3

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If you're a trap, be brave and kys

>No Leviarcoin
easy 100x EOY, not even 1$ yet and really small pool

stinky linky......the FUCK


I LOVE SMALL BOOBS. They look elegant.

good holds user

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it's a trap. KILL HIM

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It's obviously a young female, look at her shoulder and her skin.

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It's a solid way to spot the pajeets. Thanks OP

>stinky linky
With a stinky pussy, open bobs now.

you now the rules b4 any answers

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portfolio is shit

Sell REQ and XRB and go for a lower cap coin. Choose between PRL,BNTY, DBC or the new shill, Cappasity.

show benis

she's a kid ,
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>write on tablet
>”darling, come over here.”
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Women aren't in crypto and women don't use Veeky Forums, OBVIOUS SHOP OR TRAP

What's the story here?



Show me a skinny twink shoulder looking different.

>one of us millionaires

it looks pretty sweet. nice picks, just hold them! for 6 months


I'm not doing the research for you, I'm just giving you a start.

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>mfw this trap fell for everything Veeky Forums shilled and it alrdy mooned.
Sell Link and Monero for XRP and Tron. Post the new version of your folio with caption "the ABSOLUTE state of Veeky Forums"

Link and Ven looks good, rest is pretty shit

Traps are a disgrace to human society. Seek help or literally kill yourself

Writing is obviously done by a female though.

10/10 would fuck.

J-just need a CryptoGirlfriend

Who doesn't love small boobs? They're more aesthetic than big nasty boobs. Tits or gtfo.

We need your total value to make a call if youre diversified or not

For all we know thats only 1000$

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This. Look at the heart. Only girls do that not a guy doing90s teen movie thing pretending to be a girl.

Twinks are still male and have a different bone structure (shoulder falls lower and further away from torso). This is a young female. Also look at writing.

You are not over-diversified. The people who put it all on one coin - some small amount of them get 10x or 100x, but 95% of the others get nothing. Putting coins in a bunch of stuff gives you a much better chance at 2x or 5x, and you won't get nothing. That's basic portfolio management.

Boobs not too small.

Post feet

you think a guy can’t make his letters look more delicate and round? you think a guy can’t draw hearts?

another shitcoin whitepaper is all gibberish.. no team no nthing... all buzzwords
10/10 pajeetcoin

>bitch rule 4 or GTFO

Exactly. Well, most people here never spent any time with a female in their lives, so what do they know.

I don't care if you're ugly, a trap, or have small boobs.

You have the nicest handwriting I've ever seen.

>whores are begging

He could try. It wouldn't look like that. You coul try to draw like Picasso, but you're not Picasso.

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Thanks for the start fuck boi

What the absolute state of fuck is this that is going on here on this day. Stop posting this instant, shrimp. This is not a portfolio thread. This is an attempt to kick these sad excuses for men off balance.

That being said, the writing is aesthetically pleasing. Write more things.

i dont know my dad ;_;

i mean i only hold about 5k in crypto right now so i think im pretty over diversified for the amount i have

lmao thanks. i think my handwriting is shit tho

He fell for all the coins biz shilled for a month, moons are over bitch, always do the opposite of what biz tells you, it's rule number one.

>blonde hair
>flower shirt
>on a /pol/ offshoot board

>417 replies and 150 images omitted. Click Reply to view.

nice acne

You are over diversified
Max is 1k per coin, and even then that's overkill

do you live in new england? would you like to join the 21 BTC club tonight?

>fake blonde


why are whores suddenly posting on Veeky Forums

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are you satisfied with the attention you got in this thread today? i bet not, and you will be off to Instagram to post your daily selfie.

Because the normies are here you silly sod. Not "lmao wait till the normies enter the market" here, they're ACTUALLY here now. And the attention leech females are prancing along with them. Where is that bubble pop when you need it...

Did we get rich?

Dude chick have been here since we were all in /g/ posting in doge threads

should've hid the face now im disappoint

Instagram or gtfo

>girl here [self-deprecation to make me more relateable] what do you think of my shit portfolio?

your thread is shit

looks like dyed blonde, spic

did i do good user??

thread ruined

>thought it was some wholesome girl
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why do you dress like that anyway? these whores are so far down the hole they are actually making themselves uglier.

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>No WaBi

That weird lower face structure makes me think some type of mongrel

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It's retarded.

that needs to read 50 % LINK 50% REQ. Not even Veeky Forums is stupid enough to hold TRX. Show us your fucking tits already

what the fuck is wrong with your lips?


Sell the XRB, rest is good.

Borderline overdiversified for 5k, but wont be in 3 mos


Stop talking like us

Yess yessss, buy TRON, it went x100 in a few weeks with no working product but go ahead, buy it! Go all in!