Poorfolio thread

Poorfolio thread.

Will I make it Veeky Forums?

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Did you fall for every single one of Veeky Forums's pajeetscams?

Yes unfortunately

Getting JUST’D right now

Pls send halp

r8p me daddy

>diversifying this much with less than $500
When you have that little starting capital (I started with about $500 so not judging) and you're trying to make it, the only real option is to go all-in on a coin you've researched enough on and believe will 2-10x.

Then once you've made a comfortable return, research and find another coin, go all-in. Then repeat until you have a comfortable enough amount to start diversifying.

I got into XRB late November, switched to KCS around the new year once Kucoin listed XRB, and just now I'm starting to diversify.

Of course I could just be a lucky scrub with survivor's bias, but I honestly don't see how it's possible to even come close to decent returns when you have so little in each coin.


good, newfags should suffer


too much TRX in your portfolio

Will I make it to 10k?

Who here

Getting JUST'd right now?

I don’t want to be poor forever. Help a poor user

I’ve been holding the doge since 2013. Never selling.

>I don’t want to be poor forever
>holding that much of your portfolio in DOGE and unwilling to sell
I don't know what to tell you user

Fuxck You CEFS fuck you PRL.


long term hold has paid off

What tracker is this?
Blockfolio sucks


Am I diversifying too much with a working capital of $1600? Going to get rid of my shit bags XRP TRX and REQ once they moon

Delta. It's worse tho prices are always fucking wrong.

^ forgot to post port

Most likely. Might take a couple months.

My nigga. We either make it or we fail together

Easily. Ethereum has been undervalued for way too fucking long.

Question is, will I?

That's a lot of ripple

what will the eoy look like if I hodl this?

I got in at like 90 cents, don't know if I hodl or not

Make it? No.
Also, way over-diversified for $50. Split it all between Ven and ETH

do something you stupid meme coins

Sold 200k trx at 1900 sats and 50k at 1400. Feels good.

1k and that’s pretty pathetic

Started with $1200 in July, have done pretty good. Mostly HODLing

FOMO, mainly. Thoughts on ven? Just like every coin, biz is divided.

Damn nice. Congrats. Good luck with taxes, ha.

>350 dollars
>holds 3 coins

Your best bet is catch TRX at it's lowest and then waiting for the next pump. You'll be able to get to 1k possibly.

obscure coins but not bad!

could do really well or really bad. there's no inbetween

>$200 monopoly dollars in large-cap coins
>thinks he has any remote chance of lambos

not good.

your portfolio would be worth 2x without all the transaction fees you must have incurred getting this overdiversified, got damn!

I see lambos in your future, my bruddah

You know what really pisses me off? All these newfags jumping into the market and only putting in $300 into 6 different coins thinking they're going to become millionaires, and all of a sudden become 'crypto experts'

One of those coins will go up like 50% at $50, that's $75. Seventy fucking five dollars. These people are never going to make it. Either go all the fuck in like the other user said, or get the fuck out.

they'd be better off buying an xbox and becoming a gay camwhore on twitch


I put $100 dollars into REQ, ZRX, ETH, LTC and Bcash. Literally did a ten times in like a month. No idea what the fuck you are talking about.

I don't have a huge choice in terms of exchanges in this shithole country and I don't have enough of any other crypto to withdraw to Binance or something

Also I'm bad at crypto

Thanks man. My sights are set on WTC and Telegram's upcoming ICO as well, waiting for either KIN to hit a decent exchange or for verge to get back up to profit prices before I reinvest.

Realistically, will I make it?


>post in a portfolio thread
>owns literally 1 coin

I feel for ya. god speed user

zero investments made, mined all coins (long list) with my trusty gtx 980 while sleeping/away from home, i was up above 1200 usd but i fubar'd when i hadn't updated Numus wallet before 50k block split so i lost 50 NMS...

Still in profit on the DBC but shitty volume on this coin. Binance when?

Any advice? I've put in $800 so not great returns, and I bought too small portions of altcoins like a dumbass

I honestly feel bad for these retards holding more than 2-3 coins with sub 5k. Literally never gonna make it

followup on list of coins

Whatcha think?

That ETH is my withdrawal from ethercraft, prob putting it into FUN or REQ.

What do you suggest? I'm mostly stuck with what's on BTCExchange until Coinspot bothers to verify me.





*Btcmarkets, my bad

If Ethereum is undervalued then NEO is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy undervalued.


You have survivors bias. That said you are right.

OP you have to be patient In case your coin doesn’t moon for a week or two

This. He should be all in ing every day chasing green. Or at most 50/50.

Any chance I'll hit the 10K - 100K club this year?

I've just stopped telling people because nobody seems to care. There's a reason that only 5% or so people actually make it on Veeky Forums. You have people who do their research and invest heavily in one or two things at a time and then everyone else who just tries to split their pitiful amount of money between every coin they see mentioned on Veeky Forums. I don't care about these people in the slightest. They should care about themselves but they don't.

I will make it

Only if you have iron hands for for at least 24 months.

Buy CVC, OMG, XRP, GAS, NEO, and VEN. CVC has a chance to be huge later this year after they do their thing.

that Neo. How many Gas do you accumulate a month?

How much gas do you accumulate a month?

Will I make it? I feel comfy

Rate please 1/2

I just consolidated a lot of random shitcoins into ark and odn plus got a bit more link and req

assholes who expect people to HELP THEM MAKE MONEY but won't bother to rate ANY of the other posters in the thread. get fucking lost.

or rate my portfolio

3 coins is over diversifying?? I have 40 in neo 40 in link and ~10ish in appc

0.26 neo because I bought some with my mate. It’s in my wallet collecting gas monies. He has 4.74

What portfolio should I use to buy meme coins?

Coinbase seems like it only does the big three

Poets vapourware, it may pump and dump a few more tones but it’ll never make you rich. You should get XLC on cryptopia instead.

Dude you are evenly spread everywhere, this is legit advice STOP CHASING SHIT. they're all equally shit if you spread liek taht even if one moons you're back to the start.

Someone shill me on why i should dump money into this and what exactly to put it into.

agreed. hoping for a pump and then a +50% exit or something like that.

XLC isn't going to work. sure, it would be nice for the user, but what incentive is there for the app developers to use this? it reminds me of coins that are meant to allow users to trade unlockable items in video games with each other (weapons, player skins, etc.)... sure very cool for the user, but that's actively taking money out of the hands of game/app developers. THAT is vaporware

No idea why this posted here sorry lads

I wish I was you. I’d drop the link and put the ltc into something though. Then again, that’s how I went from your value to mine.

IMO, too many ya'll niggas don't have enough capital to diversify. Buying 5 of each coin that's shilled won't get you far.

He's my portfolio. This bleedout is making my grip strong.

How stupid am I?

Down like 50 grand this week. Was heavy in dbc but folded at a small profit for some other flavors of the week. Also have 7 million kin from the ico and some prl. Will I make it?

No hpb no moon

chad folio. mines the same but neo instead of eth, and a touch of vechain.

Nice. I want to get into NEO, but I'm waiting until next month. Hopefully there's some truth to the ICX hype. I'm kicking myself because I sold my Vechain stacks a few few months ago.

Why do so many people try to stretch a couple hundred dollars over a bunch of coins? Gonna put $100-200 a week into crypto, gonna all in or 50/50 on promising coins while trying to build my stinky linky for a longer term hold. Did I do good or am I retarded

Will this poorfolio go up in any way or should I just give up hope now

Right there with you my friend. Was above $200k before the Korean fud.

finally, a portfolio that's as diversified as mine.
think we'll make it user?

wanted to reach $5M by EOY but it's too greedy of a goal, what's your goal?

>8 dollars in bitcoin
What do you mean by this.

>being tricked by an anonymous message board into buying pump and dump meme coins

This is why you're poor.

R8 me biz

Stop over diversifying it’s meme by the rich,

Binance referral """free money"""

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

You don't make money off the gold rush. You make money by selling the shovels.

Am I over-diversified biz? 100K+ portfolio