passive income

> passive income

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Why the fuck would buy something like this?


>he didn't sell cryptokitties for mad loot
>he didn't make 10x his money on ethertanks
>he doesn't want to get in on day one of the biggest cryptocurrency game yet
stay poor, user

What's stopping the dev from taking all the money and never making a game? I just don't get it.

Money is tied up in smart contracts, inaccessible to the developers.

best item

I fucking love this game
Nobody has gotten the swords yet btw, still less than 40 sales

It's like people forgot what happened with Etheremon

What happened with Ethermon?

Bought 1 rare crate early on.

What ROI can I expect on this thing? I've already made my money back. 194 sold so far. Can this really get into the thousands in terms of numbers sold?

filename related

>hope I don't lose my ass.

it was like this for a while and then just blew up out of nowhere, every single mon was purchased 300-500 times even the expensive ones

Okay, enchanted bag or the mage mincer?

mincer's cooler but i'd go for something with less sales desu
idk why nobody is buying the ring

reee I want to put more money into this to make a full set with a sword, but the rest of my money is in fucking bleeding alts, I don't want to sell at a loss.

It's risky for 0.5 ETH, I'm still up in the air but I'd like to hope this becomes the next new thing.

yeah dont risk it if you can't afford it

How much bigger will this be?

well we're into the evening and item sales just aren't stopping, in fact they seem to be picking up on some things (?)

This WILL be the biggest crypto game.

how do i withdrawal to my wallet? when I clicked it just did an internal contract transaction

I just want more people to buy rare crates

Tx - .000249 ETH

Not really fucking free then is it faggot?

.31 ether left, have merchant feet glove and hat.

Do I go in on one of the .2 eth swords, or do I buy the mage mincer and uncommon crate? Or more merchant gear? fuck. something tells me people will buy the weps once the game comes out. They're sleepers.

the santa outfit is gonna be extremely rare. Expect a year minimum for any chance to see it again after it's endtime happens in Feb.

Wtf is the point of this?

>why not :)

really want to get into this but I cant afford to gamble 0.1 eth, which is the minimum transfer to metamask wallet
Feels pretty bad, man.

>can't afford to gamble 140 bucks on a pretty likely chance you'll at least get your money back

So poor you can't take a risk heavily weighted in your favor. It's early enough that if this nigger doesn't exit scam you'll make it all back and then some.

But where's the actual GAME. I get they wanna release the platform first but shit. Let a nigga slay some monsters and traverse some dungeons

I'm 20 years old with a minimum wage job.
0.1 ETH is 8.5 hours of my time at work.
I'm trying to make more money with this crypto shit and I'm making small gains here and there, but it's not enough.

I'm trying to break the cycle but shits hard, man.

It's coming. think of this like an ICO. Ground floor type stuff ;)

>i just don't get it.
i just don't get your FUD. I already pulled my investment out via those beautiful blue withdraw buttons that you see in OP's pic. Everything after this point is pure passive income. It feels juicy af.

Count yourself lucky. It's like 8 hours too late

I hope the games come out and I can live by farming dungeons with my epic merchant set and pepe hat.

Can I open my gift box yet or no?

>8 hours too late
dumb nigger i just picked up a sword to add to my inventory

Nope. That's on the next update:

Uncommon loot crates are where it's fukkin at. Gonna buy a few more before bed and wake up to GAINS

Thinking about picking up an additional frog and Merchants potion. not sure which

plz send me 0.1 eth so I can play


No you didn't

How the hell do gift bags work?

That's true. I didn't actually..

thanks, just sent 100k

Whales please send me any item so I can get started


Thank you

Probably frog because it will be worth more

How to break:

Buy enough of an item so that you can withdraw more eth than you spend on the item.
Keep buying the item to drain the developers wallet.

Holy shit.

Put this game into Decentraland and we'll all make a fucking killing.

Is this real? Not some sort of shill action? I think I might actually buy.

am this guy.
Would really you to give me an opportunity here that I'm unable to give myself. We all have different circumstances and sometimes we all need a friendly gesture.


It's real, read this:
And this: