Have $500 to invest - shill me a coin that’s a gauranted return over the next couple months. No pajeet coins please

Have $500 to invest - shill me a coin that’s a gauranted return over the next couple months. No pajeet coins please

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mainnet launch will be a moon mission as long as its even semi-functional

2nd highest volume on etherdelta and it isnt even listed in the drop down

literally the only non-pajeet coin listed in the thread

ODN. Do it or don't it won't matter once we hit binance.


if it looks stupid then it is, check out POE over at po.et they tell you when the coin will pump on the roadmap


Payfair, read up on it and enjoy the easy gains

TRX is super oversold, none of the FUD is real dude. The whales have been suppressing the price

SingularityNET (AGI) will probably be the biggest AI coin. Get it on Tidex.


ELIX. Shit's going to be 4x within a month I swear to god. Go research it.

This gem had some dates confirmed in the near future but DYOR


VEN is probably your safest bet if you're patient.

Its so easy to make money on the market if only you practice patience.



Do not buy a single coin mentioned so far.

Go all-in on XLM and don't look back. I promise man, don't doubt me.

Trx is a shit coin run by a scam artist. Justin literally tweets some bs about some new partnership or big news coming everyday. Yet it always fails to impress. I'm not buying your bags user


You'll get a 5% coin mint return as well

Current price: $.19

Market cap: $46,279,118

Volume: $2,757,300

Curculating supply: 223,540,383

Total Supply: 308,540,383

CMC: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/lomocoin/
What is it?

Lomocoin or LoMOStar is an advertisement based coin / location game coin based in China. It like Pokemon Go for crypto. It allows business to purchase advertisements VIA crypto (Red Envelopes) This will make them a pin on the LoMoCoin App. Users then can go to those businesses and collect free coins. It increases foot traffic to small business and actually gets people to come to you unlike advertising on google or billboards. This app currently has over 300,000 users on Android and is currently waiting for Apple approval on there IOS app.

LTC, once atomic swaps are introduced it is going to jump into the thousands easily, then who know what hype will do

stop talking about LMC, I want it to dip more


At least 3x in 2 weeks tops