Gangstas what’s up guys

First post in biz

Came across a ponzi-styled game called Ethercraft. After digging a little more;

I realized Ethercraft came out today and I did some reading and here is my opinion from what ive read on their medium article and what I’ve seen.

Some history about me, was a big ruinscaper 15 years ago when they had one world. I must have been 9 or 10. My name was anchor_blue4.

Idk if you ever played it back then but it was such a crazy feeling going into the Wilderness to battle people to death. I remember dudes would bait people in and then someone would side swipe them and take em out lol. That shit was so sick, fishing for lobsters off that one dock. Pissing off bluerose_x13 or whatever that fuckers name was.

If you have any experience with RPG’s, you know that these are some of the best games you can play. Also Permadeath is a must, without it, the game is pussy.

>what I found out about ethercraft was that they have their own unique erc20 token that will be used as gold in the game
>it will also be mineable and exchangeable for eth
> if you do die, you lose your weapon but you don’t lose your returns
> there are still entry-priced items available
> ranging from free to .5 eth.
> You can get a whole outfit for free (just pay for gas)

if the devs can nail the gameplay, this can have good potential. Keeping in mind that cryptokitties went for as much as they did and also how bad people were burned by ethertanks.

I have joined the discord to get a feel of things and have noticed The devs are very transparent and available.

Excited to see what this 12 hour old game can do. Have a good night biz

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shits gonna moon

bought a few wish me luck

stone amulets are apart of the meta according to discord.

runescape classic was the best game i ever played. so many memories...

if they could just copy that it would moon. 3 hits before running was the best fighting system ive seen in an rpg.

If this turns out like runescape on the blockchain its gonna be huge

Exactly copying RuneScape is a instant 100x from where we are right now.

>also how bad people were burned by ethertanks
What happened with Ethertanks?

they tanked duh


Videogames are the best way I can envision a mutual coin incentive ledger (like steemit or lol leeroy) iterated.

With steemit there is the incentive to scam and group together upvoting eachother's shit content. With streaming (proof of sream? idk) the incentive is to stream without listening / watching to gain coin.

'Proof of skill' seems like the best way, where people can earn based on skill and spend that monetized skill within the ecosystem while others can invest.

The knickers though....

>64 sold

Could it even run on the Ethereum blockchain? Is proof of work in general a good way to go about it?

who is this?

I agree that the permadeath and looting other players has the makings of a great experience, but reign in your expectations.

The dev said in the first article that gameplay will be simple at first, just choosing your char, equipping, then seeing what happens. More granular actions will come later, but I doubt it'll get down to actually controlling your character's movement. That cannot work for a blockchain game.

Expect it to be a halfway automated turn based roguelike where you make a few decisions during your dungeon run to influence the outcome.

That being said it's still exciting, and the idea of finding another player's equipment set because they fucked up sounds fun.

I bought a bunch of items, just following the discord now awaiting updates.

It's also cool that it has its own fucking token. I can see the threads asking "binance when!?!" Already.

Sales are picking up BIGLY. Is this Japan? What's going on?

Lol such a great game. Furthest I got was adamite armor and maybe a ruin sword lol and some boots.

My older brother got banned for 48 hours for pissing bluerose13 off. Idk if you remember him/her but they were like the only ones that could make ruin armor. So everybody would follow and ask for ruin lmao

Lol I have no idea. I know they fudded themselves internally in the community

>Expect it to be a halfway automated turn based roguelike where you make a few decisions during your dungeon run to influence the outcome.

The Medium post indicated that you would not be able to make decisions mid-run, you make the decisions beforehand and see how it plays out.

rune you fuckin goof

still the best item

LUL come on man I was 10

You don't say...

Anything enchanted is going to be super legit. If you have the enchanted outfit then you can 2x the gold you mine. (Gold = Eth)

I'm addicted to buying stuff

Just put 70% of my portfolio in this. Twitch streaming is now a legit career where people earn 6 figures from donations alone.

This is our chance to get in on basically the ICO of a soon to be AAA game. This is just the beginning. You can already sell your items on Etherdelta but if you hold, they increase in value with every further purchase AND the game pays you to as well.

No way to lose. I've already made my ROI, yes I got in early but its only 12 hours into an INDUSTRY CHANGING game.

This game puts you at Masternode status from the get go. Get going, now!

poorfag inventory, am I going to make it?

>literally holding bags
I'm joking, but in all seriousness you better take out an insurance policy if you plan on using the Merchant's Tricks set. Here's a tip: Pep's Tokens may look expensive and slow-selling now, but when the cheap Mechant's set has all be bought up people are going to quickly realize what a fucking deal being able to protect ALL your items will be for a fixed price of 0.5. Once these things are taken down for sale on Feb 14th, they are going to become the most rare and valuable item in the game because of how powerful they are in dungeon runs and the fact that they get CONSUMED when you die.

Months down the line when we're all raiding dungeons and the best players are wearing some of the newest and most expensive equipment they can find, every single one of those top tier players are going to wish they had one of these babies. They won't leave home without it. And in the back of their head they know that one day in a particular tough run, they'll make it back and the token won't. Every single time that happens, the token you were hodling all this time increases further in value.

Just do the math, if somebody is wearing their full Merchant set worth multiple ETH (which they will because you don't get the bonus gold unless you're wearing it), their choice is to either drop all of that when they die or burn a single Pep's Token instead. You ONLY lose it if you die, so you get to keep it if you live. There's no downside and the upside literally eliminates the risk of dungeon crawling. This shit will be the currency of the elite, the SoJs or High Runes for those of you who remember Diablo II, no question about it.

Pep's Token seems to be mooning for some reason

>26 sold in 12 hrs


>0.5 eth
>all of the other .5 eth items have like 3 sales

so did the nips find out about this game yet? seems like it would be up their alley

I wanted to get one but I bought a whole inventory of other shit with that .5 I hope i can get a few Pep's though.

Yeah, I wanted to get more. I was only able to afford one after grabbing some of the cheaper tier Merchant gear. That's part of the reason why I'm shilling it now, because if enough of you fags who also recognize the value get one I might be able to get enough ponzi money to afford another. Nearly halfway there with my current balance.

meh i'm in

worst cast scenario, i'm down .5 eth

best case scenario, i'm on the ground floor of the next cryptokitty mania and im making multiple eth per day

seems worth the risk

i dont get how can u make money of this
the item price can go up ?

pls somone explain

you get dividends everytime someone buys an item after you. Then later you can either use the items to farm gold for Eth, or resell them.

The item shop price goes up every 175 buys according to the discord group.

Actually after 175 the price doubles, and then starts going up a little bit every few sales or something.

so im just need to send eth to my metamask acoount and buyit ? pls help total noob here

Yep, put Eth in metamask. Unlock your metamask and click the buy button on the ethercraft shop page.

Yep, easy as that.

Is anyone having their transactions go through? I've been waiting over 5 hours for my ETHCraft shit, and it's still pending on Metamask but not showing up on Etherscan. I've already used the retry with higher fee option on MM several hours back, don't know if it made it worse.

Price will double after 175 and then go up the respected increment (each coin is different) keep in mind people shelled out 20k for one cryptokitty. This game is a fraction of the price and you can make money by playing it.

Unlike the previous blockchain games, ethercraft will have their own token and you will be able to mine it for “gold” (eth)

There are many more benefits. Feel free to join their discord and also their whole article can be found on medium.

Keep in mind the game is about 12 hours old, there’s still a lot of time left.

Is this gonna be a real game, or some faggy turn based pen and paper type shit

reinstall metamask, cache is probably clogged

what's realer than staking your money and your life, user?

So how do you mine this stuff?

Hold tight. We are waiting to find out. The whole platform is version 01, project is basically still in the incubator. To see it make this much progress without any paid advertising is a sign of what’s to come. This is not some home run for ever. The devs still have to get it right. But seeing what they have done, in the amount of time they have done it in, is quite amazing. There are only 2 devs. The rest is the community coming together to get this great game out into the world

That isn’t 100% known right now. But inside the gameplay you will be mining while playing and also having the ability to battle for rewards. I do know that wearing the enchanted armor will boost your golf findings (up to 2x).
Something tells me that actually playing the game is where you can make a good amount of money and get a lot of resources (their erc20 token/eth)

Ahhh fuck! Someone shoot me .5 so I can play. Fucking Kraken still won't let me get any of my funds. We can settle up later.


I don't wanna miss out on this train!!! This is BULLSHIT! Someone HELP!


Plus a lot of retards who don't understand the implications of permadeath are going to litter the dungeons with valuable items on their corpses. Early on before everyone becomes familiar with the game you'll probably be able to make a profit just exploring in free gear with all tactics set as cautiously as possible until you stumble upon some unfortunate whale's merchant gear.

Thanks, I did this and finally got some shit. I did new transactions with 60 gwei gas price just to be sure.


This is day 1 boys, let’s go!

shoo da loo poo u pajeet trash

why can't they have a controllable game with tokens? isn't that what projects like parsec frontiers etc. are planning?

Holy fuck, I just paid about $43 in fees for 4 transactions. Only increased the gwei to 60! says to use 58, so what the fuck? How do I avoid this BS in the future?

gas is expensive

This is much different than that. Ethercraft is an rpg/permadeath game that has attributes from all the great games before it.

That other company looks to be some virtual reality company, but there are a lot of VR companies trying to pave their way.

This is the first game of its kind on the eth blockchain to do what it’s claiming to do. We will soon find out the fate!

Buy a Prius

God damn I've sent ETH transactions before but never fucked with the gas options too much. Fuck me.

If you're still playing games after university you're a manchild.

>t. ex WoW addict

There is a biz bro making a game like old school runescape that is set in the future I think

Ive skipped every game so far because they require metamask, is that easy to setup?

It's a chrome/firefox extension, you literally install it, make the account and fund it with ETH.

yes its a browser extension ethereum wallet, its very simple

>is metamask easy to setup
this is the level of absolute mongoloids who browse biz
holy shit I thought it was a joke that this places IQ is rapidly dropping below pol but it seems all too real now. I'm going to give you one clue norman, no it is not easy now fuck off and kys faggot, no one wants your literal mouthbreather nigger ass in crypto

Did anyone else pay out the ass in tx fees?

I pray this loot crate gives me what I need to succeed in life... because I just spend $2000 on bullshit game assets... again.

So many plebbitors...


Nice, that was much easier than i thought it'd be though I guess I need to eventually see what info is being stored and where. This is actually really decent, I dont get why these sites dont seem to provide any info for getting started, they just assume you already have metamask.


You backed up the seed phrase, right? In multiple locations, preferably. Most important step. Also, read up on how gas pricing works if you haven't already.

Some people are better than others. That's a fact.

Thanks, I backed it up. I'm familiar with gas as I send tokens a lot from here to there. Holy shit though, I just checked ethgasstation and its at 50 gwei, it was 6 like a day ago.

Ima grab 1 decent item then when fees calm down grab all the free stuff. I dont really care about making eth, I just want to experience a blockchain game even if it sucks.

says who? you? stfu bitch, what are you gonna do about it

>easily carry an additional 32kg in loot
>has a *chance* to contain a rare item

user pls we all know whats better

frog hat for best item

Fuck I thought this was a scam

user you are in luck. Many high quality items are at the exact same price they were when this thing started, as they only go up after 175 buys. You can get in at the same price as the rest of us.

I reccomend stocking up on Jolly Boots for this reason

I hate this site, the scroll bar never shows up for me and I have to hack around it.


>convert eth to in-game currency
>play with in-game currency for a long time
>when you're ready to cashout/withdrawl, convert back.


Poorfag here, please feed me. I can make memes to help promote this shit but if without incentive there's no point. Will be posting more as I think of stuff.

shit I meant to post this one

Some of the stuff is still entry level price. also, this game 15 hours old. The items available now won’t be in a month or two, forever.

Devs are doing their best to help early adopters and it’s working. They have the gameplan, if they follow it and execute it. This will take off.


You need to buy EGAS and hold it long term, it has huge potential. 13M Max supply and it costs pennies right now. Great concept and active twitter. mooncoin material.
Take a look@

Duuuuude this is the 200th time I’ve seen that message. Avoid this guy at all costs. Spams every post with his scam coin

I have 0.215 ETH, what should I get? I already have a Jolly hat and suit.

Got a pretty decent feeling that there's going to be some sort of water dungeon or underwater shortcut to a secret area or some such shit.

Otherwise "underwater breathing" is a completely fucking retarded mechanic.

This and only this is the reason I went frog hat x3


These are the easiest ROI atm, few bought and high useability:

Holy shit this whole thread is boots and shills. Die all of you

Nah man top hats the way the go. Will easily be purchased 1000 times

if you guys missed out on this subprime crypto is live and the houses are still low value.

contract just got made about 4 hours ago. BRAND FUCKING NEW

i am not a shill, you purchasing a house doesnt benefit me at all

buy now, sell to reddit this shit is still secret


how the fuck does that even work, unless every choice either leads to the same same set of choices or kills you? It would tell you the entire plot of the game all at once no matter what, before you make "decisions". that's fucking stupid and impossible and wouldn't work. That being said, I'm gonna put 5k in

We are not shills.

I’m going to be honest with you,

If you like rpg games, permadeath and the ability to mine gold and trade for eth then this is for you.

Ethercraft has a coin listed in etherdelta. Each item is a minted coin, pretty neat stuff. It’s still early so hop on while
You can my G. Have a good one