Dad died a wage cuck

>dad died a wage cuck
>last thing conversation we had was me telling him he was a failire and im embarassed by him
>tfw now crypto millionaire and feel guilty about it

my picks for this week, SONM, BNT, MCO, DCORP, and maybe a blue chip like ETH


>tfw gotta get rich so i dont die young like my dad

Same, my dad worked as a security guard his entire life working for close to minimum wage.

Mom supported the family and made 10x his wage since she was a top financial adviser for a bank

Don't ever let him know it though

I made more from my day job and crypto in 2017 than my dad has in 10 years of wagecucking. I lowkey hate his ass so I always make up excuses for why I can't help financially.

>dad is a neurosurgeon
>we never talk
>haven't hugged him or said I love you since I was seven

I don't even want to the idea freaks me out but I feel bad if he wants to

My dad was basically used by my mum for his black sperm. My mum was a rich white Liberal girl who became a doctor and remained pure until she met my dad. Then they were together for 2 years while they had me and my brother. Then she told him to move out of the house she had bought (he was not making doctor money lol). He comes over to stay all the time but he's had 5 girlfriends since, almost had a little brother. Now me and my brother are brother 190cm and studying engineering and medicine respectively.

>now me and my brother are 190cm

Kek I don't understand the relevance but whatever

And you're also half niggers, so have fun!

Have a great relationship with my dad. We're both pretty well off. He's more or a wagecuck than me but it paid for my college so I'm thankful for it. Get gud user.

hows it feel knowing his last thought was how his biggest regret was him shooting his cum in your mom to make you? and then wasting his whole wagecucking life raising your frail, pyscho, virgin ass?

>good things happening to terrible people
Here's hoping that you get hacked, Gox'd or just cancer.

dad worked his whole life for us, sacrificed his future, his health our house, all his money he saved just for us to have a better future, 23 now, i cant wait for the day i have money to repay him, not that the whole world's money would be enough tho, but atleast i try to repay him somehow

What's wrong with you?

My dad is an old school hard work kind of guy.

Barely graduated high school, worked for farmers until he had enough money to buy one small farm. Started farming his small farm and renting the lands of widows. Used his profits to buy more land, then more, then more.

Never took a vacation and growing up I felt more like his worker than his son. But I learned a lot. And he was an incredible person who into his 70’s was still farming and still renting the land of those widows (or their kids nowadays) under the same old agreement because they gave him and chance and he is still honoring that chance they gave him.

He owns about six million dollars worth of farmland and another million in tractors and buildings and trucks.

I didn’t have a touchy feely dad but I do have my cut of his land and I learned a lot of things I want to be different in my relationship with my son.

What kind of man was he? Was he always looking for easy money and schemes, or did he try to instill some values and work ethic in you?

>Dad is still alive retired at 57 amd now just travels all the time
>was very upper middle class double income and we got along great.
>paid for my tuition and transport
>this allowed me to make it IRL
>now I am playing crypto just for shits and giggles.
Sorry OP dont know your feel.

My dad achieved upper middle class status from being born into poverty so I'm proud of him, be nice to your wagecuck dad if he supported you

My dad made it - really fucking made it big - when I was about 18 years old. I'm talking 9 figures made it.

I've made it to 6 figures on my own but plan not to reveal anything about this to him until I have hit 7 figs. I just want him to be proud.

This, except I am 35, and my dad is nearing 70. I am hoping I can send him and my mom all over the world to experience earth as they please for the remainder of their years without any stress.

t. first generation son

"Black genes"

Wow what a bumch of asshole pieces of shit to their dad

you should just kys

my dad was a multimillionaire and started a super successful business in the 90's. spent my childhood traveling to more countries than states. by 18 I had seen more and done more than most do in their entire lives. at 19 I went on a cruise through the Mediterranean, got in trouble for fucking some thot in the pool on the top deck at night. no fucks given it was fucking dope.

at 21 I went to vegas on his dime and made thousands. I'm good at cards and numbers like him.

he blew all his money on stupid whores and boats and cars and shit. now in trouble with the irs and owes millions.

I just want to make a new family fortune and help him so we can be kings again.

I hope I make it, and make him proud. I won't blow it all on retarded shit though, if there's one thing he taught me it was how to lose money fast.

now wagecucking and dreaming of the past.

life changes fast

thx dad

He should divorce rape her

la luz extinguido

>Dad is 54
>makes like 90kEUR year
>worked all his life
>lives for rent
>got hit hard financially because of divorce and having to pay support for two kids + ex-wife
>likes to travel with his latina wive
>Showed me his stock portfolio a few weeks ago
>Tells me not to tell relatives
>around 70kEUR worth of stocks left
>~55% LOSS in the last few years (one of the biggest bull markets EVER)
>bombed out china scams and mining stocks all over the place + a few normal stocks

>meanwhile user has 7.8MM EUR worth of crypto
>only user knows

Are you planning on telling him?

>>meanwhile user has 7.8MM EUR worth of crypto
>>only user knows
keep it that way user