Hello memecoiners

Hello memecoiners

My parents gave me 200€ as Christmas gift.

What should I do now ?
I never invested in any crypto before.

Any noob guide and suggestions ?

Can I double these 200€ in a couple of weeks, or this place is just full of bullshit ?

>help, I'm poor

Pretty sure you can 10x those 200 euros in a couple of weeks at the least

Go to reddit if you're a noob. This is like a combination of FUD and good advice, you'll get lost.

spend all of it on dogecoin and sell as soon as it reaches 149 satoshi

all in link

>Can I double these 200€ in a couple of weeks, or this place is just full of bullshit
Depends on the market user, no one knows. We could be in a bear market for the next couple of months. On the other hands this could just be a correction.

If I were you i'd put it all in REQ, or put it in ETH if you want to be safe

Oh and never listen to Veeky Forums half the people here are fucking retarded. My main advice is to DYOR, never buy high/sell low, if Veeky Forums is shilling and praising coins that are ATH it's probably about to crash. Likewise if it's ATL and there is FUD everywhere it's probably going to go up. Oh and don't day trade, it's not worth it.

Again i'd go all in REQ or maybe MOD. I'd say XLM but after today's hack it's made me nervous

>Go to reddit if you're a noob.
that place is a MESS
where do I have to look ?

I hope so

dogecoin ?
satoshi ?
well, fuck me

200€ is enough ?

What If I make a test with only 50€ and sees who it goes ?


What If I invest 10$/€ in some ICO coin shit like Refereum ?

Buy tokens for 0,01 is a good investiment (I guess)

Idk i never been there,I learned on here by choosing a shit coin and losing/gaining money with it. 200 euro is nothing.

50 euros is not enough. Throw the 200, you won't lose anything.

Dogecoin is a meme coin, don't buy into that. Buy safe tickets to the moon.

Satoshi is just the nerd way of shortening BTC prices. It is a one hundred millionth of a single bitcoin (0.00000001 BTC)

What is this worth in white people money?

An orginal Xbox One, at least, here in Pizzaland

>Buy safe tickets to the moon.
do you mean ?

Jesus do some research and buy coins that have a real product and a real team behind them, not shitcoins like Doge

Yep, I gonna invest on some Refereum on February.

Just 50€, idk.

Is that pee money? It looks like you got that from a loo.

Buy a $100 amazon code on bitflur for like $80 in BTC.

Repeat and invest in alts

Put in in Enigma, ENG. Check back on it Q4 2018. Thank me later.

I meant to say resell it and increase your BTC holdings

there's no way that actually works right

Unless you're looking just to have a few bitcoins as part of your portfolio, you will get suckered trying to day trade altcoins, and honestly 200 isnt enough. Anyway, I think the only way to really make money somewhat safely on shitcoins is to at least be part of a pump and dump or know its happening. Check out something like this discord.gg slash TKXXhsV
might as well get in on the ground floor