CoffeeCoin CFC

The last unshilled gem on Cryptopia that hasn't mooned yet.

Market Cap


i actually was signed to their newsletter (still am) and considered joining the ico. in the end i guess i'm glad i didn't as the coin is below the ocean atm. but everything with such insanely low money in it could be absurdly profitable when it gets a measly 25mil... prolly gonna put in a little money soon.

fuck that orderbook is thin

i actually like coffee... going to throw in 100 bucks in, why not

Alright bros, do I drop $2k? Yes or no

Better get some now. I'm about to clear the order book

please wait till my transfer goes through

How much u pumping in?

everything that is for sale on cryptopia. Who's ready for a rocket ride?

Why not? Every other microcoin has mooned, and this one is actually doing business with it's coin. Expect press on this soon. Easy 4/5x moons. Veeky Forums is yet to pump it too.

surely we can shill the hell out of this and make crazy gains. the marketcap is nothing

Dubs and this will be acquired by Starbucks EOM

Where can I buy this pure hybrid of garbage and shit coin?

Holy shit bros, it's moon'n!!!

Shit already up 15%. I’m sold. I’m dropping 0.2 Btc on this in a minute. Last chance to buy in.

What do you mean this coin hasn't mooned yet?
Yes it has, and it also cratered back into shit.
What if it gets delsited?

kek. OP is a bag holder. The fucking leddit hasn't been posted in 2 years. This shitcoin is dead. Anyone who buys deserves to get coin herpes

Putting 0.5 Btc in soon hope you all bought

I’m dropping 0.2 as we speak. Cheers

spread this to some redditors to pump it

I just bought it 20 minutes ago faggot. The company put out an announcement yesterday, they sold/bought a bunch of coffee yesterday. It wouldnt take shit to get this up 4/500% market cap is 10k

Looks good to me

Yep, it’s updated regularly. Weird that it has little exposure

Haven't see one mention of this coin on Veeky Forums It's so fucking thin too. It'll move with ease.

Where can I buy the trash you fucking FAGGOTS

Cryptopia yobitz

I'm sold, but dont see it on binance. I'm also a noob, any guidance? How many exchanges are you guys on? I never see any of the very low value coins on binance

you have to own 10 BNB first before gaining access to the lower valued coins

Coffee is doing fine without crypto

I'll throw some shekels on it later. I fucking love coffee.

thanks man, didnt know that

don't listen to him its only listed on cryptopia

then thanks to you

Cryptopia seems to have the most cheap coins. Thats where I bought it.