You fags ready for the bull run tomorrow?

You fags ready for the bull run tomorrow?

>b-b-but user BTC is a shitcoin

probably true, but everyone still knows that all alts will die if BTC gets pumped, so while Wall Street's end game is likely to get into good alts, they can get them for much cheaper if BTC pumps first and all the weak hands are shaken out of alts. No point in them buying into a bull alt market when they can short it and pick up cheap alts in a bearish alt market

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>probably true, but
Made me laugh. But it is due for a pump.

Or WS will just leverage short BTC for a 10x then buy into ETH or BCH for a 10x.

BTC is the only coin that ISN'T a complete shitcoin

I think bitcoin has a bright future. It's possible that they won't be able to upgrade it, but hundreds of billions are on the line. If that's not an incentive for change, then I don't know what is.

How can anyone say this with a straight face? Do you even believe yourself, or are you just trying to convince other people? lmfao

It's got a chance if people actually start using Segwit and later on the Lightning Network, too much politics in the way at the moment though for that.

ETH is definitely not a shitcoin

>ETH is definitely not a shitcoin

stop talking about shitcoins in the only non shitcoin thread

MLK Day tomorrow faggot

There's the original, and then theres a bunch of copycats standing on bitcoin's shoulders and calling themselves tall.

Funny, considering ETH is now starting to run into the same congestion problems Bitcoin has. But no one is calling ETH a shitcoin dinosaur yet (even though it is)

"its expensive so there's no point moving to better technology"

wow good reasoning, did you come over from Reddit?

BTC is a goddamn dinosaur, slow, expensive, outdated, overvalued. There's no real reason it should be over ~$5k, arguably it shouldn't be over $1k

It'll hang around for awhile like the massive turd that it is, but eventually people will continue to drift away from it. It's already pretty much hated and completely disregarded in all Asian markets. Its market dominance has fallen day-by-day in recent months. But hey, continue tying up your investment capital in a dying coin. Smart!

Difference being ETH is doing like 3 - 4x more transactions a day than BTC and has clear attempts at solutions in the roadmap like sharding and Proof of Stake. I'm not even sure what the Bitcoin Core devs are working on at the moment, Lightning Network is looking more and more promising though

I tend to believe in the goodness of people. Letting go bitcoin die would be absolutely catastrophic. Even if it didn't take down the entire market, the implications that any truly decentralized project will eventually meet the same fate is horrendous for the the future of financial freedom from coercive governments, central banking, etc. If bitcoin doesn't succeed (not necessarily remain top dog, but usable and scalable) then we're all fucked.

I'm gonna be so happy I can buy me some villa in a couple years with 1 or 2 dinosaurs


You're missing my point. Bitcoin needs to be able to upgrade in a decentralized way. There are billions of dollars riding on its success or failure. Since there is so much at stake, my hope is that it will incentive cooperation.

What percentage of the anti-bitcoin faggots shitting up this board do you guys think only came here in 2017? north of 80%?

Your math checks out user, $50M got added to tether today.

Whale shark sized whale here. Making some BTC pumps on the 19-20

Help us pump this bitch up again be ready.

Please pump this shit I bought at ‘16.7k. I have some in eth too which is countering the BTC shitiness recently.

What does this mean?

there is also 100mil created on Jan 4