Hi, guys. I'm new to TA. What do you call this pattern? It's ICX btw.

the trembling spoon

the sharkfin

From your anus to uranus


Ah thats a classic swisheroo delta wave pattern, sell everything right now OP.

I come to warn all friends
Icx delta mainnet to February 28
Never answer twitter or update
They print 30% new coin a year if want to
Coin sinking soon with Korea ban
Sell now
Buy VEN good coin. Has tobacco in blockchain
Can smoke free or sell if want
No one else has tobacco in blockchain

looks like 2/3 of the camel formation

ahh yes i see it now. it's forming the "poo in it".


Im not even sure if youre an exceptional shitposter or an actual pajeet now.

potential cup and handle DYOR faggot


Cup forming, you need a breakout after it attempts ATH for it to be a $$$

Be warned it is but a trick. This is not good to buy. VEN has tabaccos on blockchain now. Free if you just hold it. I get so much it is needing a shed to store it in. Friends love visiting for free smoke. Do not buy this ICX or you'll regret your missing out. Good twitter team and fun. Guarantee

I literally kek’d out loud m8
10/10 Pajeeting

nice just bought 100k

me love big chinee bacco smoke, me hung fang friend roll big smoke for 10 yuan or .00001 ven super big smoke make dizzy

I am to head to elsewhere. Please warn friends. This coin is disaster. ICX not good if money is seek. VEN got focenmert contract with tobacco now. Can force tobacco into blockchain once scanned. Free tobacco for all who own. More coin more tobacco. Good deal! Smart move is buy VEN. Good fun twitter and great guarantee for money. Guarantee. Just sell tobacco and it pay for itself in minimum days


what am I even reading? I want to believe this is just blatant shitposting but I don't even know

Looks like the dingopoinex. It's what happens when white cucks are being dominated by black bulls. Look at 19:-- on the graph where the blue line spikes, you're seeing a purple line going up.

Those green spikes and teency redboxes show a balancing act, bulls breaking into a hard line up. At 11 you're seeing a battle breakout between the bulls and bears, bears pussing out slowly bulls growing negligent.

The dingospot occurs at 3:00 where you see a vaporhex on the .0008th satoshi. If you add the yellow and the purple line it indicates a green box is unlikely to take place for another 20 minutes. In that sense, you have at least a guarantee for 10% gains in a 3 hours period, after which you should sell.