Holy shit this is the most depressing chart in all of crypto atm

holy shit this is the most depressing chart in all of crypto atm

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>what is confido

It has great roadmaps and fundamentals. It'll back up in the long run.

take the time cool and pick your coins wisely, sonm, mco, drp are good moon missions


Tron never should have pumped like that to begin with

>the greens thought they bought the dip

Looks like a good time to nibble

Not depressing for someone about to buy. :)

Just makes your gains back with High performance Blockchain.No reason to hold old bags.


it never was 3k sats.

It's going back to 350 sats. I hope everyone who bought this shitcoin kills themselves for helping to pump chink shit

>great fundamentals
tell me what it does

looks pretty normal for a chink tier scamcoin

>tfw when sold ath for 5x profits

>XRP has gone even lower since this came out


you meant, expected.
the only thing less expected is the 33% retrace and subsequent dump.

all coins are down rn user

and ripple isn't a scam


internet 4.0

Confido was a scam, Tron is a coherent (but not amazing) project. The problem is that it got pumped by norman money and the norman buys wildly without understanding it and has frail hands and doesn't mind losing money.

the norman will return again, there WILL be another pump/retrace

Anyone who bought tron over 20c is literally fucking retarded.

I bought tron for 14.99

The week chart on UFR is just as depressing

Healthy wall seems to be forming

don´t worry user that´s going to be the whole market by April

>tfw sold my free 500 at the very top

Heh nothing personal

decent pump soon. any bagholders may be able to get out. keep watch

How long have you been in crypto, OP? I no longer even remember how many times I've seen this exact pattern on countless coins, shit and legit. The trick is time periods. The markets are huge fractals - zoom in on any fraction of a specific market and you'll see that for the majority of times the chart has been repeating at previous prices. Basic PnD pattern. One that crushes confidence and leads to a few months of fud and memes for biz. Take note, in the monthly charts, the coin will now slowly trend downwards until it reaches the whale preferred support. Could take weeks, could be half a year of consolidation. And then it will begin picking up volume again and grow past the previous ATH and biz will once again be full of idiots lamenting all the (enter coin) they sold back when it crashed.

Hold my cowboy hat