Noble prize winning physicist, advising a NEO-supported & funded chinese version of EOS...

Noble prize winning physicist, advising a NEO-supported & funded chinese version of EOS, while being partnered with UnionPay. All being sold on an overwhelmed small Chinese exchange.

An this is going to be on KuCoin soon.

>I told you at $3
>I told you at $5
>I told you at $10
>I'll tell you again at $15
>I'll tell you again at $50

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Holding bags until it hits KuCoin. This coin is big in my discord

Veeky Forums too busy holding DBC bags?

Fuck it, you guys don't deserve it.

I got in at $5


I think these basement dwelling neckbeards don't understand the size and scale of UnionPay because they have never been far enough away from their chicken tendie feeding mothers.

UnionPay handles 80% of Chinese transactions and is bigger than Visa and MasterCard combined.

This could possibly be the biggest partnership in crypto and people are sleeping on it.

What does the coin actually do?

nobel prize winning physicist? proof?

This coin is already 3x why would I buy it now? Market cap is too high!

The last time I saw that "YOU ARE HERE" text it was referencing a clear PnD (UFR)...

Now I'm pretty sure HPB is legit but you are not distilling confidence.

It's on their website under their team

Yea my dad works here. He said people haven't been showing unto the office lately and have gotten new jobs.

Coin lets you participate in the DPOS mechanism. Think ARK.


Your dad is Chinese and your posting on a maderin basket weaving forum in English. My dad is moot so he'll beat up your dad!

It's similar to EOS. A 1million TPS blockchain.

These are the Blockchains of tomorrow. Ethereum, even with Casper, won't break even a 100tps. Even with Casper and sharding you might get 10,000.

How can they implement their custom hardware to accelerate transactions if anyone can run a delegate?

>Now I'm pretty sure HPB is legit but you are not distilling confidence.
>distilling confidence

he didnt win a nobel prize fuck off.

why does Veeky Forums hate money?

Mco gonna be at 1k dollas by december. Workin product yo

If this coin is so great why is nobody talking about it on reddit?


there is 0 proof he was part of the project.

He is not cited on any of the papers they wrote. He was not mentioned when they awarded the nobel prize.

He has 1 (one) physics publication and its from 2005 and has 0 citations lol.

this is like justin sun saying hes partnered with jack ma


What is its ticker symbol, good sir?

>1,300 followers on Twitter
This project is tiny and a joke

I asked you to apologize.

Yeah, you are best waiting until it has at leas a 1B MC before jumping in. Good idea.

The coin is HPB it's on a shit Chinese exchange good luck lol

i love how there is no mention of the ticker anywhere.

Will probably be $15 eoy better off buying a meme coin like bitbean for a higher ROI

The whitepaper mentions Alibaba and Baidu too

This white paper seems cool but the engrish is a fucking mess their marketing sucks

they're apparently working on a new white paper and are beginning to market to the west.

I am trying but those fucking squints and their shitty exchanges are delaying my transactions.

What's the point of shilling a coin if you don't put the ticker

It's HBR.

I'm not a pro Shiller. I'm excited about the project, and getting people to "buy my bags" isn't high on my list.

The Engrish is hilarious (lab responsible person). But the paper reads much better in the original language.


High-Performance Blockchain

This is the dude for those curious. Saying he won a Nobel is hyperbole. He did make some cool contributions to the higgs team though.

how is it hyperbole? that's a serious question, not saying it isn't hyperbole

Hyperbole was the wrong word. It is innacurate to say he won a Nobel. I'm heavily invested in this project, but it's important to get the facts right. This dude's legit, and even he doesn't claim much about the Nobel.

where tf do i buy it

where can i store this thing? its not erc20 right?

Bibox. Don't send ETH because it will be delayed. Anything else should go through fine.


this shit aint moving past $10 LMAO hf holding your bags retard. New EOS my ass.

Just buy EGAS and hold it...13mil max supply and the price is sub $0.10 - at $1 it will only be 13mil market cap and even if it turns out to be a scamcoin thats still 10x returns.
Take a look@

the fuck. you do any research behind this coin?

I bet this is the same fag that was shilling this yesterday, poor fags desperate for money shut the fuck up, im still accumulating.

It's already past $10. It's hit $14 already, and barley dipped while the rest of the market ate shit.

>bought in at $13 two days ago

Had a quick bullrun, it will probably chill for a day or 2 before running to 20.

The hype around this coin hasn't even started. 2 weeks from now when it hits KuCoin, it'll be shilled all over plebbit and Veeky Forums, and you'll be comfy af.

Join here at the base

>Noble prize