Here is how you will make it Veeky Forums, I grew 2.5k to 188k doing this shit for 3 weeks

Here is how you will make it Veeky Forums, I grew 2.5k to 188k doing this shit for 3 weeks.

>Create a twitter
>Follow every single top 300 coin twitter
>Download autorefresh, set to refresh feed every 3sec (twitter has inbuilt delay)
>On every good news (you have to decipher shitty ones from good ones) SAFE ones are big partnerships/big exchange listings
>Don't be greedy with your exit, I usually exit around 20%+ into the pump.

No LARP. Just trying to help out my fellow Veeky Forumsrealis.

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post delta

post delta

haven't tested this yet
post will probably disappear quickly
ty user

dost pelta

Post delta and/or blockfolio

post delta

post delta


Are you gonna post this thread 10 more times today larp nigger?

thanks OP, can you go a bit more in depth on anything?

Thanks user, seems like a legit strategy. How often did you find this worked compared to when you ended up bagholding?

aside from delta and blockfolio, is there a portfolio that works well on pc?

>list of top twitters not included

>making it

So do you just sit at your trade station all day checking every ping you get from twatter? Sounds probably effective but I couldn't having to be at the ready / on edge 24/7 like that.

Made this video based on all the dumb shit you guys do.

I don't upkeep a fucking blockfolio/delta for obvious reasons, as it would be a fucking nightmare to enter every trade I do.

Just follow every top 300 coins twitters, it's really that simple. Add some influential cryptotwitter shills (50k+) into the mix and you're done.

It works all the time if you can follow the dont be greedy rule.

And for the rest of you wanting to do this, Kucoin is a good secondary exchange next to Binance, make an account there with my ref code: 1rddr

Yes. I have the twitter on my second screen, I browse Veeky Forums on the other to keep myself entertained.

The pump threshold is not as harsh as you would think. As long as you're in within 1-2 minutes you've usually got a good entry.

Question, when you get a good announcement and want to jump into the coin, do you have to market buy in to beat the crowds? Or do you find you can usually limit buy in at the going rate?

Almost always market-buy.

>I grew 2.5k to 188k doing this shit for 3 weeks
>I don't upkeep a fucking blockfolio/delta for obvious reasons, as it would be a fucking nightmare to enter every trade I do.
Well, enjoy getting assblasted by the IRS.

congrats on ruining your secret. seriously

Pretty good

How frequently do you get announcements when you follow the top 300, and how frequently do you act on them? Like how many times per day do you chase a pump? Very curious.

Very frequently lately, on average I'd guess it's somewhere between 2 and 3 a day.

post the twitter accounts

WTC just pumped 25% on an announcement, it's actually a good strategy

Revealing this will just make the pumps harder user.

Thanks. Inspired by Pony thread simulator

nigga, post the twitter accounts u fallow ?

I picked it up and made almost 6ETH just now.

KEK please do one every week

Lazy nigger. I'm giving you the blueprint to building a machine printing money, the least you can do is putting it together yourself

How did you do this from 2.5k? Don't you need to have a bunch of money spread between a bunch of shit exchanges to catch the pumps? I'm a neet so I might actually try this have about 2-3k I can start with.

thanks for the wisdom OP

i mean honestly? You should just automate this shit so that i can just follow one twitter that will announce to me everything instead of following every single one. Do you think I could be bothered to follow 300 twitters? Lick my anus after I go poop. I'm going back to my ethercraft passive gains

is there a daily follow limit on twitter? don't want my account banned after like 200+ accounts followed.

I used to go all-in on binance coins only when I started out. Now I have around 120k on binance, with the rest spread out on ED, Kucoin, Cryptopia and bittrex. If the coin is low volume/mcap, I recommend sizing your entry accordingly. I don't go all-in on lowcap shitcoins, but if VEN/ICX or one of the giants were to get a big announcement, I'd go all-in.

Dont even consider this if you are a burger

35%. Every. Trade.

Can do. Please share it. I don't give a shit about the youtube views but I'd love for this to become a meme.

But it's barter tax and you're trading exact value so you're taxed 0.00 on every trade.

Sounds like a good strategy for traders.
Short-term tax on your end profit. Even if your bracket is 35%, that's still 65% of your gains that you keep.

fuck off with this shit, seriously you guys are stupid.

You get taxed on the appreciation of your asset that you're trading away.

I like your strategy. I think I'm gonna give it a go. So you started out only doing Binance coins? Same strategy though, right? Just hawked on twitter and bought ASAP? Did you just market buy right away?

Sorry for all the questions I'm very interested, been in crypto for almost 6 months now I've made great gains but I want to utilize my time and partially autistic ways to make some money.

More specifics OP? How much do you diversify and how much did you diversify back when you ahd 2.5k, and how long do you ride the pump?


99% of the time I market buy, yeah.
Went all in every time at 2.5k, started diversifying at 20k~

I appreciate the advice op but if you would I would like your twitter handle so I can do this quickly otherwise I will do it slowly. Thanks for sharing.

what exchanges do you use and what % of your capital do you spread between them?

This strat only works if you have absolutely no fucks about regret cause youll be selling eth at 700 and neo at 40 etc etc

60%~ Binance, 20% bittrex, 10%~ Kucoin, 5%~ cryptopia, 5%~ ED

I've made way more than I would than if I had bagheld ETH or NEO from when I started out, what regrets?

I tried this shit once and it doesn't work to be honest. Even with a lot of the good news, people can dump. I did way, way better just holding the good coins.

No one checked your quads, but I will :)

I'm a big fan of Bittrex. They're U.S. based, withdrawals are quick and they have a good selection of alts.

Can I suck your dick OP?

For example for ETH, would you follow @ethereumproject, @eth_classic, and @vitalikbuterin ? Or just the main page?

You've fell into the brainlet trap then. Yes, people dump on "good" news, but only if the expectations were set sky high by "announcements of announcements", be wary of this.

how are you supposed to know this when your following hundreds of shitcoins? I'd say most news dumps.

OP, when you sign up for Covesting what will be your handle so we can follow you?

>a lot of people are going to google Covesting

Yeah, Microsoft crypto chart.

hard to know the background and sentiment around every coin though to make that decision

I'm a shitcoin autist, and besides that, I can usually tell if there is a possibility of the coin dumping, if I had to break it into tiers it would be

Tier 0: Exchange listings, huge partnerships with household names

Tier 1: Announcements of announcements (We're going to announce a partnership/exchange soon), coins NEVER dump on announcements of announcements

Tier 1.5: Misc Partnerships being announced with no prior warning

Tier 1.5: Any exchange being announced with no prior warning.

--------------------------------- Enter at your own risk -------------

Tier 2: Semibig partnership being announced after an announcement of an announcement

Tier 2.5: Semibig exchange listing after a "NEW EXCHANGE LISTINGS COMING THIS WEEK"

Tier 3: Misc partnership being announced after an announcement of an announcement

Tier 4: Shittier exchange being announced after announcement of an announcement

Thanks UNironically

Thanks for the responses. Might give your method a go with a small stack.

Gonna save this thread, any more useful information you think you could give? I think I got it down.

If you aren't willing to look at their history quickly before making a decision, I'd advise going only for tier 0/1 picks.

thanks OP im in phase one now.

would you recommend cashing out into btc or eth while I sleep?

I usually almost stay almost exclusively in ETH/BTC (randomly distributed depending on the pairing I could get out quickly at). My only long term hold is VEN.

Good shit op

But im asking this question as well

So you have to watch Twitter all day and night? Fuck that, rather be a poor fag

thank you! last question. im 70% in a coin that's down a substantial amount. would you hold or cut your losses and use this system?

Any coins on Binance that are in the shit tier region? I am adding them all to my twitter

Can't know for sure. If you believe it'll rebound I'd stay in it. If it's TRX I'd wait for the next justin shill and get out at the peak.

Thanks OP

Added 1-100 today, gonna do 101-500 tomorrow or later tonight

man thank you so much for this thread

genuine advice.

I put about $2k in recently and im down a few hundred. gonna try to at least break even with my injured coin. I took out some from my all in coin and put it into bnb @ .06461

gonna put it into eth once i hit that 20%. thank you again user

What have been your biggest mistake(s) with this strategy OP? Or if not mistakes than your biggest loss?

XVG at new years eve.

if this works i thank you op.

and i don't see how it wouldn't as long people play the game well

twitter keeps suspending me, their faggot site is glitched or something atm

Hey OP, I've seen the announcement tier list you wrote but I assume one must develop a feeling for how good an announcement is before this works, right? How often does your strategy fail? Can you give a bit more insight on how you decide which announcement is worth it? Thanks for the thread btw.

>following coins on twitter
nigger that should be like 10% of your whole data strategy MAX
I'm talking website statistics, referral traffic analysis, subreddit community metrics, fucking ASTROLOGY STAR CHARTS

I'm going to give this a shot tomorrow since I have off for the day. OP if this works, you're the fucking man. Question: How do you keep track of all 300? That's too many tabs. Is there a method you recommend?

You can't be this stupid, right?

Just use the "Home" tab, any tweets being made by anyone you follow will be shown there.


illl suck your cock dry if this works

where the fuck do i get all that info for free...

I don't use twitter, literally ever, since I made one back in 2008 and posted a single tweet. Guess it's back to twitter : )

bruh you are setting up the jokes well but then you have to show results. like show someone saying they went in at a certain price and show half of the graph at that time then reveal the second half of the graph where the coin shit the bed
just my 0.00002btc

uh no, you're retarded. kill yourself, bud

Announcements of announcements, big exchange listings and big partnerships are safe bets.

Any news being released without prior warning are safe bets (take a look at their twitter history).

Other than that you'll definitively develop a feel, where you instinctively know if people are going to dump on the news after a while, allowing you to make profits in tier 2 announcements.

Give us your top 10 twitter accounts to follow

Why not make a twitter list of top 300 and spoon feed me?

OP before this thread is over make a tripcode so that we know it's you posting in the future. If you help us get rich I'm sure people will want to thank you.

get on cmc for starters you lazy shit

I remember all of these threads lmao

do one of these every week

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