Did you make an account before 2018?

Did you make an account before 2018?

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monaco is one of my favorite theyve partnered with visa and are mooning hard

What's going on?

Obvious bot


switched over to binance because they don't want us ameriguns over there


New users need to have a minimum of $10,000 USD in their account to activate it.

phew just in time

Sounds scammy as fuck, all those recent altcoin listings too.

>ban burgers
>still use burger currency


What's so good about Bitfinex? I have seen people that are willing to pay $1000 for an account

>10000 USD equivalent
>bans burger trading

If no one has an account, But wants one - I never use mine. Happy to pass it on for a small fee ;) created in august 2017 so no silly restrictions

I did, but I'm a burger.

What's the appeal of using them?

They don't list anything exclusive.

Has anyone ever cashed out with them? Are they fast?


One appeal is that they cash out via wire with no limits newfag

They are the most reliable exchange at this point and have the best support.
This says more about the general state of crypto exchanges rather than bitfinex.

Also you can lend your funds for margin trading, it's 25% a year now for usd.
Cryptos a few percent.

Sounds good lads. I'll keep my account.

I really like EGAS, it looks like a scamcoin but even if it is, at this price it can still go 10x before it gets dumped. check it out.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

bitfinex officially only for chads

Nice. Going to sell by account for 5000$ when the time comes.