What the FUCK

what the FUCK

fuck my life

Hopped on the low mktcap pnd too late guys. Next Veeky Forums moon mission is high performance blockchain. Sell at $20 for an easy double.

I got in at .15 kek

made 10k off this shitcoin
good thing i didnt hold

Ooh I’ll be picking up your bags when ya’ll can’t hold them anymore.

cowboy confirmed, weak hands give your bags to this true western buckaroo

Up 2x but still wtf is this

just remember that this coin has a very unique premise, small cap, on a shitty exchange. Be patient. Look at the volume, it is just people selling a couple houndred with the occasional big panic dump. patient whales are very happy right now. dont let them win. just hold.

My only regret is that I chose to do a GDAX bank transfer. Been waiting for 2 fucking weeks and I can’t buy on this dip

Looks alot like we are 75% through a double bottom.

Last chance to get on the green trend before this trend reversal is solidified.

Drop dem bags brother, i'll take a bit more before the upwards swing comes in hard.

For the people who are too stupid and lazy to check the BNTY chart.

And for the people who dont have a Kucoin account and is going to miss out if i dont pull them over the fucking finish line myself.

Here is my ref code to Kucoin: 1rddr
Use it, i trade a fuck load, get rich with me

Best time to go all the fuck in.

HODL strong brother. I'm picking up more now.

we /plebbit/ now

What is that even supposed to mean, we dont flinch in the face of incomming gains, we embrace it.

You dont wanna be a part of it cause you got small testicles and hands of glass.

Thats on you brother.

I'm thinking about buying the dip. What's up with kucoin though? I made an account is there something I have to do to verify to be able to withdraw? Or is it some kind of free for all? Anyone ever withdrawn anything from here?

Price is coming in pretty close on my first order. I’m spectin some weak bandits gone be takin my bait. I let the price come to me, only way to buy low these days cowboy.

I've withdrawn from there a bunch. Unverified. It was a little slow when the ETH network was clogged but that's not on them so much.

Havent had any problems withdrawing from Kucoin yet, Eth network seems to be a bit slow-ish lately, but nothing to be worried about.

You know buy high sell low is a joke, right? Bear markets is when you hold and accumulate... bull markets are for taking profits.

Bought in at 0.11 so still semi comfy

had 97k before this dip. Have 130k now bought more at .42. Very comfy now.