This is a poorfag portfolio thread. SHOW EM!

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Reporting for duty

Eternally impoverished reporting in

5.5k PFR
0.25 ETH
that's it


I should just hold half of this in neo and play with the other half at cryptopia. No top 100 coins are going to make us rich.

Kill me

Way too diversified

Plz no shoot

Sitting comfy

Tell me your secrets please. Where do you get your info? How to be successful

5 figures get out reeeee

100 ark is half of my folio, kill me now i will never make it

FOMO’d in last week wish I would have just dumped dumped everything into ETH and just researched before buying any shitcoins. I still have faith fun could go to .50 next month tho.

Got crushed today and lost around $400 - any advice?

- Browse Veeky Forums regularly to find some hidden gems
- Do not go chasing after coins that are currently pumping or have already been pumped recently. Most people cannot resist and subsequently get dumped on hard
- Unironically, browse Reddit and Bitcointalk to confirm whether or not your chosen coin is legit
- Hold your coins unless something has terribly gone wrong (i.e. below -50%). I will dump DBC if it drops further below 20 cents
- Do not day trade with coins that are in the top 100. Again, hold them

Yes, place order for VEN at 0.000434 BTC
It is being played an always goes up and down from 43 to 48

As someone with 2k, where should I be putting my money? Top 100coins or riskier coins?

Correction, place a STOP LIMIT order.
STOP at 0.000432 and LIMIT at 0.000435, it's like a market order (fast!) but isn't shown in the buy/sell lists.

Those who control the flood don't see those orders and it gets them from behind.

Down from 10k yesterday... Hold me bros.

Also, for any other poorfag reading this. Stop diversifying and go ALL FUCKING IN on a low mcap non-shit coin. This is the only way you’re ever going to make it.

I’ll always be a poorfag

I like to keep things simple.

Forgot to include pic

To start off safely, invest 70% in the rank 10 coins and 30% in the sub rank 300 coins

If I were you, I'd put 35% in ETH, 35% in ICX, 15% in PRO, and 15% in whatever next gem you find on Veeky Forums

No need to over-diversify beyond 4-6 different coins. Once you gain 10k, then you can start diversifying further

Will do.

pic related

you're welcome user

how dumb am I?

Beyond dumb

Your portfolio will be worth at least $7,000 some day. Maybe less if you keep the stinky linky.


pre-crash portfolio consisted primarily of req, fuel, odn, qsp, and ven, but i cashed out when eth mooned, reinvested in this current portfolio. ive got to say though, the diversified portfolio was way nicer.

honorably mention goes to wish and mybit, star players senpai.

I'll be using your 'amazing' portfolios for the next video...


Waiting for a little. Apparently this time of year NY stock bros get their bonuses and spend big on cryto. Hoping they pump BTC a bit. But I'm retarded so we'll see if it works.

which app?


I see you visit Veeky Forums often

Just all in on COSS for easy 10x

decent spread. id hold, but im not too educated on pfr enough to voice opinions on it.

icon hasnt been $12 within the past 24 hours.

Poorasfucj reporting in

>icon hasnt been $12 within the past 24 hours.
prices are in CDN rather than USD

Pls halp just started a week ago.


Will I make it desu?

How fast do you want to 10x?

Put $100 in COSS and it will be worth $1,000 by summer.

Im poor also, but I think its too diversified at this price..

That depends. When did you get into Ripple?

1.10 and then I fomo’d @ 2.57

Why are market cycles so cruel?

Noted senpai, best of luck to you.

Starting to come back up from yesterday.

ATH ~$7400

>I don’t wanna be poor forever :(

Meme edition

Ripple is love
Ripple is life

Hodl coss

Son are you retarded

>start with 450$
>up to 1100$
>down to 700$
>708$ now
IDK guys

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@ coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ethgas/

>start with $125k
>up to $200k+
>down to $167k
IDK guys

Explain yourself

Help bizbros

>start with $125k

Shit nigga I started with $250 and I'm at $5600 now. I can only imagine where I would be now if I had six digits to invest.

No until I sell

how long did you start?
I started 2 weeks ago, if it wasn't the korean FUD I would have made $80k in 2 weeks.

shit nigga

replace link with OmiseGo.

what did you invest in, and where would you recommend to go in now?
t. poorfag with $500

I started with $500. I got lucky and hit on XRP and XRB at $0.25 and $2 respectively.

Just DYOR on a small cap coin and go all in.


Ima get fucked