Do. not. sell. your. crypto

do. not. sell. your. crypto.

this is probably the most honest advice you'll read on this board..

won't tell you why atm, but if you don't want to regret this time for the rest of your life, hold on to what you have.

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>won't tell you why atm

any or all? hodl specific?

well obviously there are cryptos that will lose value in the future, some will lose all of it.
but in general. keep the wealth you can in crypto, there aren't a lot of coins that are worse options than exiting right now.

i'd not move any into fiat is all i feel like letting you know atp.


Thanks bought 100k tron

OP needs to get out of huge positions and doesn't want the market to tank.

hes probably droppin some acid tabs knowing he wont be able to do shit with his crypto for 24 hours lmao.or....its satoshi!

any other time i posted on this board, something like this would probably be the case, lol.
but not this time.

both cracked me up.
well i personally wouldn't buy tron, but i have a hard time imagining it not going vastly in the green, compared to USD.

my id changed idk why but its op

inb4 someone starts posting in my name with a different id
3... 2... 1...

are you saying that failed insurance agents, older cleaning ladies and dumb bodybuilders all are going to get rich because bought some crypto coins during last 6 months ?


hint: cryptocurrency is NOT stock.


What kind of a timeframe.

How long do we have to buy in?

Only have about 2.5k in right now.

penny for the chuckle then mthrfckin whale cmon my port is 300$ over here comedy aint free lmao


open all day lmao

Does this have to do with the stock market + crypto rumor i heard

Well said

so you're saying stock market crash?
Ok, when?
BTC and ETH come out on top eh?

>failed insurance agents

t-that cut was pretty deep, user

do not know the timeframe unfortunately

>so you're saying stock market crash?
no, not saying that.


Calm your tits. He's just doing comparitive basic meme lines on the market cap chart.

a bunch of massage therapists, graffiti artists and receptionists and other useless fuckers got rich in dot com 1.0. right place right time.

I'm personally cashing out 10% at the end of every month.
There will come time, when it will not be possible on any way. And when people realize this, the panic will be massive.

Additionaly, at least the 10% gains every month is easy AF.

>don't sell so you can hold my bags
The thread

big funds going in?

not specifically, no

Google literally hired a massage therapist when they were a hole-in-the-wall operation back in the bumfuck 90s. They gave her a shit-ton of shares. She's now a multi-millionaire.

any hints?

>600mcap + in like 1,5 months.

>Don't sell your cryptos :)

news flash you bitter nocoiner brainlet: theres already ppl getting rich off it

Keep coping while the rest of us make it

Because the eventual normie storm, we are still young guys. Don't cash out unless it's absolutely necessary.

Implying normies aren't in yet.

>ever selling skycoin
you must not have heard about coinhours

>i'd not move any into fiat
Uhhhhhhhhh. Should I be telling my parents to cash out their savings?

I have thousands and thousands of an under 10 cent coin that I think will go up by well over 2,000%. I'm holding onto it until I'm a millionaire, which I expect to happen within 2018

Some are, but most aren't. Think about the future with normie workers with 401ks having the option to put it into crypto. Most normal people don't know how to work exchanges and with the news being so "crypto is a bubble" why would they bother?

Fear-based pussy ass shit. you just love jew bux don't you.

What coins, user?


you said stocks are not crypto, alluding to the fact that we're going to see the stock market tank, no?
if not what?


Thanks, just bought 10000000000000k

Checked em

with pac you have no choice but to hold because there is no buy order

a storage related coin, load up quick it just bottomed out

This is true! It just every year new year sale. As usual.

transfer to yobit, trade for doge, get your money out of that trash and buy link

This has happened in the past years in crypto?
I just got in a month ago