Someone shill me on why I should dump money into this and what I should put it in

Someone shill me on why I should dump money into this and what I should put it in.

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we re going parabolic ETHS the name making moneys the game
THIS Shit is literally about to double, cheap as fuck, and people buy it so you'll make money on them buying it. Promise its the best thing to buy low key

Pepe hat.

It seems like at worse it will be a well pulled off pyramid scheme and people who got in in the first 24-48 hours will profit. At best it seems like this game will be legitimate and even a small investment will be enough to make you rich.

What EXACTLY is best to throw it into though. Noticed the necklace above, but whats the reasoning. I wasn't a part of the kitties shit so i'm just trying to understand.


>he isn't going on all in bread

plz give me any free item, I have no ETH

The sheckelberg equipment, it gives you 5% more gold but keep in mind this only will be useful if they release the game.

Get anything below 170 as it doubles then. Jolly items are a hit in any MMO.

What causes it to double when it is below 170.

yes sure faggot

friendly reminder to report all streetshitting beggars. I really fucking wish gookmoot would just ban the entire country of india from biz, so at the very least the only ones who could access it are ones smart enough to use a vpn

Best item for sure

Just the way the smart contract is coded to execute- have been watching all items since it launched.

bagholding has evolved

I had the same idea. yours sucks


my nibba

fellow bagholder

In case you guys didn't notice, the Mage Mincer is the only weapon with a special ability.
The dev announced in telegram that all of these items will only be available for a month and that after, only regular items will be available through crafting... These legendary items will be the only ones in existence.

>could have gotten 2x on my investment had i invested in the first topic i saw
>got FUDded by Veeky Forumstards acting like pajeets "you've missed etheremon, you've missed cryptokitties"
god damn

Get in now, user. Still some time.

saved lulz