Looking for real world advice

Sup Veeky Forums. Spic here in a really fucked up situation. Long story short, Trump administration has recently denied my visa for renewal under TPS and have until September 2019 to leave the country indefinitely. I can stay, but I wont be able to legally work anywhere.

I've lived in the U.S. since I was 4 years old. I'm 22 y.o. now. I have no memories of El Shitvador, nor do I have a college degree due to the lack of financial aid.

I have 15k in credit card debt, have 15k of credit left, 40k in crypto, and 3k in assets.

What the fuck should I do at this point?

drp thats a good pick

Get a marriage 4 citizenship going. Ez pz?

Fuck the debt, buy bitcoin with the other 15k credit, declare bankruptcy, run away to some fly over state and live above a store or something in some small town. Trade crypto 18 hours a day. Let yourself get deported then move to literally any other country with your crypto gains.

Ill marry you for some eth user

Goodbye paco.

If you can speak El Salvadorean, then you could maybe go there and teach American.

I have no idea how I would even be able to do that at this point. I was thinking of using all of the politics to claim asylum in a country that offers free tuition. Being a burger is awful.

ill gay marry you for 1/2 your crypto

Marry me for 20k user

20k and I’ll gay marry you into a military spice position. Quick citizenship and free healthcare.

You have to go back.

Good. Get the fuck out. Fucking leech.

So good seeing the illegal scum leaving our great country. God bless Trump

>Being a burger is awful.
But you're not a burger if you can't stay, and it seems that the authorities did you a favour in removing you.

I've been paying 350 every year to have my work permit renewed. So I can work. Legally. Since I've been here.

Not all spics are illegals.

That's the way I'm seeing it at this point. I just have no real idea as to where I would even begin to go.

They're forcing the restart button on me and I have no idea what to do at this point. I could get married but then that means actually living as a spic in Burger land with a Nazi as a president. I'm considering just letting my crypto grow until then and using the money as a pillow for when I eventually leave.

RIP dude Al Salvadorians have something wrong with their souls.

>Nazi as president
at first i was sympathetic but now you can go fuck off you disgusting spic piece of a shit

Invest in weaponry and murder the nazi president. After, wait a bit till they overhaul the administration and then see if you can get a visa renewal.


Just stiff the Jews on the debt and then go live off crypto gains like a king in your shithole country.

>live in a country since you are a preschooler
>work like a proper citizen, paying taxes and shit
>suddenly gotta go even though trump is accepting the unwanted illegal immigrants that other countries lock up in detention centres and forget about

Are you protected under daca user?

Move to canada? Idk, pretty chill up here

Cool, another leech out of our system.

nice emotional argument madame

TPS user.

That's plan A atm.

Bruh that's literally what's happening to me.

You have to go back

Kek my grandparents came here in the 60s from Ecuador/Puerto Rico and I'm living an upper middle class life. Maybe your grandparents shouldn't have been complete faggots. Enjoy your ride back you Central American scum.


Go to Canada so you don't get fucked by burger crypto taxes.

>Nazi as a president


get out, and stay out.

stop asking for handout mexican nigger

>not all spics are illegals.
But they're all spics.

Your ancestors came to America looking for work. OP works, and now he cant. How is he a leech?

>lol fuck you im not sympathetic anymore because you said something bad about someone i like
Who be the emotional babby here lmao

what happens to the debt for mexicunts who get sent back? does it actually get collected across the border?

I believe MS-13 are accepting applications.

You were here since you were 4 and your parents never made an effort to become residents nor did you bother doing something about your situation as soon as you turned 18. Don't blame Trump for this, please fuck off and go back to your shithole country where you belong.

How old are you? Marry someone bitch!

If you have a degree and learn french it's really easy to get a job and move to canada

get fucked immigrant scum, see ya never

I've got no simpatico for the illegals. should've never came in the first place

GTFO out of the US. It's a shithole overrun by the likes of Trump and his low-rent tards.

Move to NYC, bitch!

>likening a president who wants to control rampant spic illegal immigration to a nazi
yup get out

Anways, you're set bro. But remember you can't cash in El Salvador, or any other third world country for that matter.

The only legitimate way to get citizenship through TPS is marriage. It's not some "Oh just submit these forms and we'll get back to you." If there was a faster way, I would've done it by now.

Trump is too stupid to be considered a Nazi. They would have euthanized him in his teens.

>use credit cards for quick education
>max out credit cards buying crypto
>apply for more, repeat
>move everything to cold wallets
>find a fun place to go where your newly-learned skills will be useful
>prepare to fly next year
Stiff the Jews and run off to Europe or somewhere fun. Some 2nd world country might be the perfect place to go big-fish-small-pond.

Adios, leech.

what is this? third world shitholes pay a premium for bit coins

this is what i was thinking, fuck (((them)))

You have to go back, Pablo.

Make El Salvador less shitty while you're at it.

Who does? A country is not a person.

the inhabitants do

You could've done that. What was stopping you? To say it was beyond your control is a lie and you know it. Now, if you were expecting the TPS program to last forever, then you're obviously very naive or just plain retarded, so it's still your fault.

Funny enough when you get back to El Salvador everyone's gonna hate your guts, probably you will be a prime target for regular break-ins and violent attacks on top of earning breadcrumbs for a month's work

Can't say you didn't had it coming

it's easier to get into USA with a degree than Canada LOL

Type of inhabitants? Chicken farmer, street vendor, bank men?

if you have a car, then drive an Uber. if not then I guess find a job that pays under the table.

the money changers

What the fuck is a money changer? The place you change euros into pesos?

So you dont tell why your visa get denied? How did you get with 4 years? Illegally maybe? And you dont even have a college degree have a shit university? Maybe you just should GTFO the country! Bye.

>OP is here under TPS
>Temporary Protected Status
>Gets to live in the greatest country in history with no hassle for nearly 20 years
>Two decades

The presidential administration decides whether or not it gets renewed or not. This year they decided to not renew it any longer.
Letting someone live in a country for almost 90% of their life and suddenly telling them to gtfo is still pretty cruel user.

I can literally taste this coming from a mile away.

I browse Veeky Forums. What makes you think anyone would marry me?

You are here for over 20 years but you have no citizenship, just KYS.
Good bye Idiot

You're right, the status should've been revoked before the Iraq War. Sorry we allowed you to suffer in the terrible hellhole that is the United States for an extra 15 years.

Thankfully we're now making things right and returning the valuable human capital you represent to the vibrant, proud, anti-imperialist nation of El Salvador.

>has recently denied my visa for renewal under TPS
Why was it denied? Could some burger explain this? If he has been living there for almost 20 years legally I assume, this shouldn't happen right?

Well it varies from shithole to shithole. I looked at the shithole of vietnam where bit coins are banned as an example. The buy on LBC is ~ 14.4K burger bucks, so we can see a premium over the weighted 13.8 average on CMC

>What the fuck should I do at this point?
if you have to live in a shithole with a devalued currency
wipe the cc debt
if you can pay off the debt where you will live, keep it.

bonus to living in a shithole is if you have 25k usd you are kinda rich sorta

hahaha get fucked paco. enjoy el salvador hope you don't get decapitated

Come to my country, we dont care about immigrants.

El Salvador had an earthquake in 2001. US politicians exploit illegals (Republicans for cheap labor, Democrats for illegal votes), therefore they granted temporary visas to 200,000 El Salvadorans who were already in the US.

Then kept renewing these "temporary" visas for the next couple decades.

Now maybe you see why people voted Trump.

The T is Temporary parasite. Just admit that you don't want to go back to your country because you don't want to be around people like you.

Also get as much debt as you can before youre deported, cause who cares.

post a pic, i have 240k

He was lucky enough to be under the good good graces of the American taxpayer for 18 years.

He is luckier than most, to have grown up in the greasiest country in the world. He can now go back to his shithole country and make it better.

Upvoted! Spics BTFO!

Welcome to Veeky Forums OP, where 99% want to suck Trumps cock, and the other 1% make money off of those cucks

>the greasiest country in the world
Much more accurate than what you were trying to type, you disgusting braindead subhuman.

Yeah, I didn't know what was the TPS. I read about it and to be honest it's just an exceptional thing, you're right that it should've been revoked a long time ago. Obviously, I still feel bad for this guy here.

trust me the 20k investment never stops taking. Assets now will be ATH