IOT chain

you guys really wanna be wagecucks for the rest of our lives? if not, take a look at this.

Company: IOT Chain (ITC)

Founded: 2015

CEO: Xie Zhuopeng

Current Market Cap: $143 Mil

Circulating Supply: 38,052,306

PPS: $3.77

Market: Global IOT

Biggest competitor: IOTA

Market Cap: $10 Billion

Circulating Supply: 2,779,530,283

PPS: $3.59

Competitive advantage: For all the hype surrounding IOTA, there is an equal amount of uncertainty surrounding the security of their “tangle” DAG solution. ITC solves this by using PBFT in conjunction with DAG to balance and optimize speed and security.
They offer frictionless integration via single chip microcomputers. The competition requires self customized or 3rd party solutions.

Massive partnerships already established in China, the largest, fastest growing early market in the IOT space. Chinese companies tend to dominate markets nationally.

The current technical analysis shows a potential break out from current levels is imminent, as we near the end of recent consolidation.

get in now before it's too late or miss the moon


went ballsdeep on this dip today with 10k, Delete now i need more

Fuck this chunk scam
It was a pump and dump

>bought this over a week ago
>mfw still getting JUSTed by it

got it just before that massive pump too

easiest fucking money ever

Lol at dumb fucks buying this instead of INTchain


I don't get paid until next week :(

146 Mill market cap, guarenteed a x20 you fucking mong, wait till youtubers start making vidoes on this its gonna moon

how do i buy this all exchange are chinese

huobi, very easy to use

Bought ATH but still holding because I think this project has good tech. I'm so envious of lucky people who can buy at 1/3 of my buying price.

how do i make it english

get in quick if i was you, already consolidated, gonna take off any time

price was being pushed down yesterday. 150-200k itc sells appeared out of nowhere on okex just as itc are due to start their marketing week.

still believe it will fly once whale are doing accumulating

scam chink coin

top right hand corner, click and itll give you English option

ty basedgod

karma will reward u

dumb mong still saving your lunch money to buy crypto, stick to a 9-5

much love, enjoy your x20


yeah 100000% IoT Chain actually has a future in crypto, not a shit coin like the rest

bought ETH at $10, I prefer 8am-7pm thanks

shame you could only afford 1

I believe in you, maybe this shitcoin can ride of the coat tails of IOTA like XRB and spike. Sell on dead cat bounce though my dude