TRX bagholders should quit crypto

Anyone who deliberately bought this shitcoin should know that they are retarded beyond all redemption, and should probably quit crypto and collect stamps or something.

There are plenty of promising coins that we get JUST'd on anyways. TRX is different. It was so obviously a disaster waiting to happen. The CEO's pathetic promotions, the total lack of any product, the normie support, the insane market cap. If you had any brains at all you would have avoided like like the AIDS that is it.

Luckily, there is good news: huge numbers of people who had no business being in crypto got absolutely destroyed. Sadly Justin Sun, winner of the Time Magazine 2017 'Most Puncheable Face' award, is going to make off with their gains like the miserable parasite that he is. Luckily, every now and then China cracks down on corruption and starts executing people, so this guy could face a firing squad one day and this will all have a happy ending.

TLDR; If you're bagholding TRX, you're a fucking idiot.

I think it's a good time to buy
This is similar to the chainlink fud when it was 14 cents for weeks

fill me in, not holding but interested because cheap

>This is similar to the chainlink fud when it was 14 cents for weeks

lol. chainlink never shilled. this chinke scammer 24x7 shillied to drop his 6 bill trx on normies.

there is a product. it's on their github

justin sun is a problem, yes. hoping he improves his communication because right now he comes off as amateurish and desperate. this is the strongest strike against tron

pretty much all top 20 coins or so have normie support

you can't just scam a bunch of people as a public figure and run away. it's not that easy and if you want proof look at what happened to mark karpeles

in any case, fuck off with the FUD. all coins are down right now. this coin will bounce up to 1 dollar then plummet to around 30 cents

>chainlink never shilled
have you been to Veeky Forums?

I'm retarded beyond belief for making 2k off this coin? Sounds like you're shedding girl tears because you didn't get a chance to take advantage of the retard normie pump a few days ago.

$1 will put it at top 3 or 4 market cap. Doesn't seem plausible when they have not much more than hype.

Chainlink and Smart Contracts Co never shill, ever. They don't even have a marketing team and don't speak to normies. That's what he meant

Fucking TRX retards thinking they're making money lmao

link went 5x ico from shilling on Veeky Forums and low subscriber youtube channels
trx went 100x from full on exposure to the masses, shilling on every single social media platform

He means shilled by the founders you fucking dimwit. Of course everything gets shilled on biz.

glad binance air dropped me 150 dollars for an IQ test.

People who surfed the pump are obviously excused. This PSA is for bagholders only.

>lol. chainlink never shilled
HAHAHAHA go kys you fucking newfag
Chainlink is probably the most shilled shitcoin ever here

>chainlink never shilled

Anyone with lots of money should buy all the cheap Tron at wholesale, steal this guys identity, larp as Justin Sun on Twitter and pnd to normies all over again.

Same here bro, that means we passed.

Anyone who isn't buying at 600 sats should quit crypto but sadly /nubiz/ is full of redditors that aren't going to make it. Go buy more Walton, ripple, and OMG soyboy.

I bought TRX during ico, when it was .001 and made an absolute killing. Sitting comfy as fuck, who's the idiot again?

you're assuming overall market cap for all crypto stays the same, which it will not. 2018 will be bigger than 2017 given that the normies are gonna start flooding trying to get rich quick

>lol. chainlink never shilled.

Even if the market expands as a whole, it isnt likely that tron is going to increase more than the other top 10-20 coins which actually have working products

pump to about 1300 sats incoming

you mean 130 sats

again, you're making another assumption that the tron product doesn't get released in the near future. it will and trx will rise in value as a result

and you are assuming that even with a product it can worth more than the 10 billion ATH