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Smokey doesn't even care about forest fires anymore. He just wants that awesome coin burn.


Posters #21 #48 #64 and #193 will recieve 5 bnb if and when bnb hits $50

Post addys and win some free BNB!

The HK Fire Department is helpless to stop this coin burn!

18k incoming!

see you on the moon bby

Coin burn has been priced in since $5. U faggots are gonna get rekt let me tell ya.


Let's see your math.

don't use such mean words ya fuking chink!
Tryin to get you on board the mother ship you ungrateful cumdumpster.

Hold on there, fellas, we're just supposed to burn the coins!

When 100 dolares Rakesh?

looking good boys

fuck yeah it is!

Hold tight and/or buy the dip guys, a small correction is due

dip bought!

I hope you're form the future


buy before announcement

I used to be.


Buy now? What is THE expected Price of this shit coin?

This is already priced in, sorry fellas

Watch the orderbook, somebody is buying a literal shitton at this price. 1k+

support @155k Next wall @160k

Got a rocket in my pocket.

Should i buy or not i cannot decide any projections for this?

down we go

Whales are about to dump, get out while you can

This is a coin people actually need. It allows them to save on trading fees on Binance. The price is going up. This means that the earlier you buy, the more you can save on trading fees.

There might be other reasons to have BNB as well... anybody?

Get out!!
Binance insiders are dumping

Projection: $8


an insider clearly

You mean like house mice?


yard moles

"Circulating supply is the amount of coin among the people, being actively traded and held onto. Since Binance determines when they will release coins, and controls the supply, once they have the coin from your fees its no longer "circulating". Therefore, when they destroy it, they are only lowering the total supply, but not the circulating supply, therefore, mathematically, the coin burn will have no effect on the price.

HOWEVER, coin burns create hype and people don't have all the information, therefore it creates demand on bnb and increases its price that way"

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

this is about BNB you fucktard get out of here.

Bnb will hit 30 bucks I bet. I'd be surprised if it goes to 50

Will it peak at a prime number?
That's all I really care about.
I just need one of them juicy prime numbers.

Selling scam coins is bad karma, user.

It depends on supply... if this thing gets down to a 40 million supply, them based on current cap it would be about $60. But as they burn and price rises, more people buy in. It has actual use case, you can get discounts on ICOs, and it will be gas on their future dex.

This thing will be a $10 billion cap and that means if they ever burnt down to 40 million we are looking at $250.

The next burn is big. If its a huge number, the next one will include months of 8+ billion daily volume, people will anticipate galactically bigger burn in the spring. This will drive this shit to pluto.


Burn taking place now. Post from CEO

holy shit its real^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Keep your arms and legs inside the rocket at all times.

Anybody going all in?

Dude so ready for 100% gainz all in at 16500 sats lets go!

just went all in

>20 btc sell wall
we need another revolution

HAHA GOT YOU it was all just a prank

Tired of seeing red. Sold all my BAT to hopefully see some gains :/

all in regardless, the tweet is real


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Let's do some math real quick:

Circulating Supply x Price = Market Cap
99,014,000 BNB x $23.27 = $2,303,808,245 USD

This is simple. What you all fail to understand is there's a difference between circulating supply and total supply. Coin burns are done with the coins not in circulation. Therefore, there will be no effect on the price, it's just hype.

Total Supply:
199,013,968 BNB

However, regardless of basic knowledge, the price will probably rise because people are stupid and stupid money wins in crypto.




lowering the total ammount of coins which could be in supply in the future should have no effect on price


>decentralized liquidity

>106 btc wall

They came so far in such a small amount of time. Only /pol/tards and people who didn't properly research Bancor don't believe.

I'm so glad the article 'Why Bancor is Flawed' was the first google hit for so long. Kept the price low for me.

Can it break ATH?

they dont burn the coins in reserve you dumb faggot they literally buy them back did you even read the fucking whitepaper lol

You are a dumb ass. Coin burn decreases the supply you fuck. Whatever is priced in is going to go up because of decrease in supply. Got damn some of you are retarded.

what did he mean by this?

Pretty much this, we "fee burn" around 300 000-500 000 BNB a day, Token burn will be insane to say the least.

Too late to all in?

Its a bot

Why are there so many sell orders?

hasnt reached its old ATH it set a few days ago

and i fakking bought into it…
i want this fucker to move NAO!

all in. how much money am I going to lose?

Stop selling this, niggers.
Let it rise a little bit so I can buy my kids some milk.

The problem with your expectations guys, is that supply is already limited for a while. They had been accumulating those coins for a while, ejecting them from circulation. So the burn itself isn't going to do anything real. I think it will even drop a bit.

he just tweeted 'the burn' and i think it had attached a photo but it didn't load and now its gone

here it is, burn was 40m usd

have people not seen this?

W-why isnt it mooning right now

Because it was already priced in several days ago

Look at the historical data for BNB. Last burn was in October 15-20. Did anything happen? Get back to me with a reply.

so i just bought the top?

it will rise to t least 30 bucks till tomorrow.

At least you know for certain it'll moon next quarter when they burn again



Wait a minute... they just burned 1.8 mln tokens out of 199. I thought it's going to be bigger.

Y'all seriously couldnt do the math?
Ive known how much itd be for weeks.

look at it this way... you just bought the new bottom come Q2 burn

0.05%; that's 5 USD for 10.000 USD traded. With this votality it doesn't really matter.

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Lol it's tanking hard. Well, I'm still holding, it's gonna double anyway.

what the fuck is up with this tank bro

This happened after the last burn too, it'll recover, just give it a couple of hours

Just woke up and then I sees this
lol what's going on guis?

1min chart really?
go 4 hours

The burn was completed. The price of BNB dropped after the last burn too because people always expect more and then when less are burned they freak out and sell. It'll recover soon, like last time

LOL I can't believe you faggots fell for the coin burn meme again. Don't you remember when we dumped on you last time there was a coin burn/buyback?

I can't imagine being as retarded as you. Thanks for taking care of my bags for me though. :)

dude it's almost completely you talking bout?