Brain Gang Report in!!

Keep holding strong! This isn't some random altcoin like tron. We have a dedicated team of some of the brightest minds in the world with backing of some of the biggest countries. Don't fall for the FUD!!!

This is a long hold, give it a few weeks, but its one of the safest bets in crypto right now.

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Companies* not countries.


wrong logo op

I was shilling pfr and prl here for you on /biz since both were 0.07 and 0.01 respectively. Get profit on egas and make me (and you) rich.
Take a look@

I’m having a hard time right now. I am all in on DBC, but reallllly want to sell some to buy Ethorse tomorrow. This shit has got to go back up, right?

Yeah for like at least 4 different reasons:
Whales heavily manipulating prices for competition
Very weak hands giving into FUD
Entire Crypto market is in a recession
A lot of people moved over to NEO for the pump.

Whales aren't here to lose money. The only coins they suppress this hard are ones they believe. This is about to explode.


Dude ETH crashed from 400 to 200 and held at 300 for THREE MONTHS. Now everyone who bought, even at the ATH at the time, is up at least 3x. Just have patience.

tumbling down

if anyone wants some encouragement, just go to r/deepbrainchain. you'll find hoards of people enthusiastic about it and talking about how they're looking forward to the recovery from this dip. (this works for just about any coin, but there's much less FUD about DBC than, say, TRX). are they deluded? maybe. but there's some good info there I haven't seen on biz



I keep telling them no coin peaks at 2 weeks. Everytime I see someone wanting to sell I think of the scene from TOTAL RECALL where arnie says 2 weeks disguised as the women and the horror on everyones faces lol

We have posted all the info that can be, however we also get targeted badly by fud and pnd groups hard here.

Also, to anyone saying "Oh but the people on Huobi only make up 10% of volume!" Why would the other 90% fight against other whales, even 10% of them, when they can wait a week, work WITH the tide and bring it down with them, then bring it back up together and make A LOT more money?

The whales realize you don't get rich in a day. Its called strategy.

i left the gang a while guys. best of luck

no one leaves the dbcg alive! blah blah blah blah

Thats ok friend trust your heart and gut too. You are a good person I can tell just take some time and relax, hope you didnt lose money :) love peace and happiness to you.

>shit just keeps going down

im selling and buying down, but holly fuck. Will the whales push it back to ico price or what?

Perfect time to get back in! Actually wait till the morning when its like .2-.22. Contest still has a few days.

got $500. can buy a nintendo switch or chuck money into this....wut do?

keep grabbing up that BBC furfag, i’m taller than you

I tried buying down once... Really screwed me. You never know when the whales are really going to be done. It will probably start rising a little before the contest ends as the whales compete with each other to buy the rest up as low as possible.

You guys know none of the AI/machine learning stuff is gonna pan out right? Do I have to remind people of this coin called Numeraire?

shorting, ill let you sit in my spaceship to the moon though

Wait and see what its at in the morning, the whales have been showing no mercy, so it will probably be a bit lower then. You never know though.

theres a bunch of big chinese investors + being on the neo council. You sure they will be unsuccessful ? I mean i will sell at one point. I hope we didnt get fucked over by chinks

are you going to be investing in MATRIX as well?

...You mean the coin whose purpose was to try and predict the stockmarket by stockpiling data?? This isn't even closely related to that. Are you retarded?

>mfw I hold this coin

I just bought some at 0.26, I feel this will easily go up some day. Just got to HODL.

The coin he is talking about has little to nothing related to the DBC project. Ignore the FUD.

Oh wait it was the exact same world renowned team with an amazing track record with backing from the biggest companies in the world. /s

Ya'll do know that deep brain chain isnt mathematically possibe right?

16k and bought the dip. Master brainlet reporting in

LOL your word, some poor pathetic cuck on the internet, vs the word of the brightest minds in the world. I wonder who I will put my money on.


I'm holding DBC, but you have to go back.

OK, please provide data to show this.

>deepbrain is a genuine product
>it'll keep going down

Enjoy the bags :)

I'm already 300% up

Waiting for 2-3x more

>down to 26c

>every other falls -25% and recovers
>dbc crashes -75% and keeps crashing

DBC is a lost cause


I bought some more on the dip.

the OP's post could've been much more constructive if it wasn't FUD/clickbait style "it's vaporware and here's why". like, the team behind it is comprised of AI experts with experience in providing enterprise AI software. they're not trying to scam anyone; they're creating a legitimate project. criticism is healthy but OP was a fag

I fucking hate that even though that faggot was disproved its still the first link that pops up when you google deep brain chain, I hate pajeets

Then why are you here talking about it if you arent involved with it?

Seems people do that a lot with coins they arent involved in, or perhaps, they are whales or pnds or people that gave up on their dreams and sol at a loss instead of holding out and making their dreams come true.

I will HOLD with the BRAIN GANG!

Delete your trip

Go away, you flaming faggot, you're a disgrace to this token.


Love peace and happiness to you to you both! :D

Daily reminder to be aware of smug pajeets getting paid .02 cents/hr to spread FUD about DBC

BGGG did you ever figure what happened in yesterday's thread with the pnder trying to stop you from posting? Was he legit from a whale discord?

Fuck this coin someone take my bag

>.02 cents/hr
going to the moon faster than we are

lol The BRAIN GANG holds the line just fine vs the fudding.

Sadly they cause weak hands sometimes but in the end they will lose and we will rise to our dreams.

They dont effect me other than giving me amusing stories to tell my family and friends! lol

Like the one who said he could tank all of dbc with his 1 million eth blah blah and when they called his bluff he just left.

or the one who started spamming threads after he was outed as a pnd group guy and he just spammed arabic writing and such and when we called for the ban on him he just stopped and left.

:P or the one who threatened bodily harm to me said he was sending one of his boys out to get me lol!

It is like you stepped into a very toxic video game with a bunch of immature bitter angry net trolls who are bad at their trolling.

Just take a break for a week or two and come back and see that the competition is over my BRAIN GANG friend.

Grats if I had more I would do it too my BRAIN GANG friend!

I sold it long ago and bought coss, cut your losses and move along.

Oh it was multiple of them not just one and yeah go to the archives one dude said he knew their discord and heard they were going to try and fud.

However about 1 week ago same group attacked and we found their posts about the pnd they wanted to do on DBC, well I didnt find it another user did and linked to it lol

They just attack me because they think I make everyone hold their DBC and not get weak hands, and they think by attacking me I might give up on the BRAIN GANG! lol

Do you believe that? My BRAIN GANG has me till they have no need of me. They could sooner break a rock with a foam finger covered in bubble wrap than move my unshakeable soul.

Thats just funny, lol no worries friend just have faith.

Hmm, so you have no DBC, hyping another coin in a DBC thread saying take a loss.

Hmmm lol perhaps you need to go hype your coss coin in their thread, unless hmm, your just a whale or pnd type.

wonder which it is :P

Sell it then lol the exchange is right there! but we both know you are just fudding now dont we.

To the fudders and such, please go find some love peace and happiness. Honestly you have no effect here, you are waiting your time on hate, anger, and bitterness, your soul is suffering.

>buy at 4k sats
itll recover right??

Are you sure the competition affects DBC's price that much? Kucoin's volume and users has increased drastically which is why every coin mooned on Kucoin. Keep in mind that the volume was higher, now the volume is lower and the prices keep lowering, that's where whales begins accumulating. Whales are responsible for big part of Kucoin's volume. The best solution would be listing to a big exchange like Binance. There has also been so much shit news like the Korea FUD, ethereum's growth, whale manipulation due to trading competitions and potential coin etc. Waiting and holding is the best solution right now. Wall street dudes gets their money in January and they've shown interest in cryptos. I also heard that muricans gets tax revenues which is good news too.

I don't want to bleed anymore but I must hold.

Please don't quote me, BGGG.

Will it ever stop to drop ?

No. Back to ICO price by tomorrow

Lol this "Brain gang" faggotry is just clever cope and shilling for the fact that their product isn't feasible at all. Deep learning isn't feasible over internet networks with high latency. Ask any ML researcher at any university.

This shit will stay stagnant forever before fading into obscurity like any number of borderline scam coins. Enjoy those bags.

Stay golden, Brainguy.

Why isn't anyone talking about this video?

bought at 8 cents and sold this garbage at 40, if it dips back to 10 cents i might buy some bags

This low-level FUDclown has invoked the venerable name of Harvard to legitimate a claim based on what he all but admits to being a very limited, personal knowledge of AI neural networks as it has been explained to the global public by a relatively early-stage Chinese company that has direct ties to the CHINESE GOVERNMENT. It's preposterous to presume that this naysayer has gained as much traction as he has, given that fucking DISNEY has partnered with the company he believes to be bluffing. Not to mention that NEO, which is the equivalent of Ethereum but actually has buy-in from its government, is backing the company? It's astonishing how retarded you poor people are when confronted with the real possibility of wealth. Astonishing.

Remember when we were at 30 cents? Man those were the days.

Yeah that’s great and all but earn real money at this Pump discord server discord gg/YQqTCqt


No idea but it's nice to hear and see this content


Oooohh, nice

Its amazing how just when you think it doesnt have any more blood left to give it keeps bleeding.

My point is: hold is a meme, you can make money back in other places. Better for your mental health and your pocket.

I increased my DBC stack by 15% in the last 2 days, and I'm a newbie. I now see that it's preferrable to hold half your stack and fuck around with the other half.

Anyway, can someone with a PhD in memelines confirm or call me a faggot about pic related?

Seems like we'll be mooning

Is thing going back to $0.05?

There were many meme lines earlier that suggested a rebound, and so far none have been right. Its not gonna happen.

t. a bitter holder

Holy shit if my chink nigga aint lying or bluffing this is pretty fucking hype

Yeah this shit is astrology anyway. I actually bought back at 1700 sats. Zooming out I don't think it would drop below 1000 and in the long term we'll reach the ATH, definitely

This is nice


Imma buy more, great fucking project and it's at a good price now

It's getting bullish :)


go the fuck back to r*ddit pleb

I feel sorry for you guys.

EGAS has a 13 mil max coin supply and the price is sub 10cents right now. Even if it turns out to be a scamcoin it will definitely get pumped to $1 before then and that will only put it at 13m market cap.
Take a look@

please leave