Does Veeky Forums have a foot fetish? be honest


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No but fukkensaved anyways

why are her feet orange

Id succk her feet only if they were covered in shit

Ok, saved, sage because this is a trash thread tho

yes especially stinky ones

wtf are those mini sausage ass things gtfo you pajeet street fag

Real talk. Does a foot fetish me you get like turned on my feet? Or it just means you just like feet more than the average person? Does it mean you want to fuck the feet or what? I don’t get it. How do I know if I have a fetish for somethin?

why saved

you get a boner by feet you deem attractive. not all feet applies

I am a foot man, yes.
To say I am not a foot man would be a lie.

Why not

No, my brain is wired correctly.

why would you save if you dont have foot fetish

Read somewhere that the region of the brain responsible for mapping to feet is very close to the region for genitals. This results in feet being a common fetish due to some faulty wiring.

Any interest in seeing my GF's feet?

It's a weird picture idk
What are you, the police? Kys

Ever since I was a toddler yes. Holds equal beauty as a pair of taytays

Get this shit out of Veeky Forums

>be honest

source plz


@footfetish on instagram

No, but I do have a toe fetish apparently. Here is a video that can test if you have a toe fetish.

could be worse

not my type

Gett off of this board, Dan Schneider.

I just sicked into my mouth a little

>implying you would splash your tongue on those soles
she too old for Schneider anyway, 21


foh with that mature bs

No, but could you post some feet pics being rubbed by black cock? Those are the only thing I can jerk off to anymore. It's not a fetish though.

Feet is the most disgusting part of the human body. I tell every girl I've been with to keep their socks on, nothing kills my boner faster than seeing a girl on doggystyle with those nasty feets staring at me. Just, uirhhhghh no

Yes. A lot of INTJ/INTP types are footfags.


Yeah, my gf let’s me put it in her ass, cum on her face, but gets really creeped out if I even touch her feet. I really want to suck/fuck them

pics of her feet?


Honestly feet are the only thing I think about anymore.
I just want to pay a prostitute to lick her feet I don't even want to fuck.

not even cumming on soles?

>tfw when you realize feet are mutated hands

>tfw you realize feet and legs are meant to be attractive and thats why girls wear heels, get pedis, toe rings etc

It’s bretty nice breh. Usually I’m the one that stays up late and she goes to sleep and she’s okay with me just nutting using her feet as long as I don’t wake her up.

No but if I did I would lick it off.

That isn't a fetish, it's a disability. You aren't kinky, you're brain damaged. See Why can't you foot fags shut up about it? Because it commonly co-occurs with autism spectrum disorders. You're obsessed with feet the way the likeable retards are obsessed with trains.


Exactly. I never understood why the same girls who get pedicures and wear sexy shoes get freaked out when a guy says they like their feet. Doesn’t make any fucking sense.

OP, that is disgusting.

I cant fap to this

K I'm sharing GF's feet anyway. Not bad right?

>be middle school
>play truth or dare
>girls dare to lick feet

having a foot fetish is a bonus to sexual satisfaction. especially in the summer

Look like a dude's feet

Nope, diaper fetish master race

what kind of homo doesn't like feet?



>Nope, diaper fetish master race
As much as I wish I could agree we’re really not. Our fetish is a cluster fuck of trannies and other betas with only a handful of people muscular or wealthy enough to be considered alpha

so feet fetish ppl are retarded by genetics. got it!

No, but I work as an adult entertainer, and have way more autistic fetishes

Blech. Look at those mutant flippers.



Yes I do.

You lived my dream from when I was in Middle School, user. Hopefully you gave her a nice, long, slow lick across the entire length of her sole.

>not having a foot fetish

I have a watersports/piss fetish, and I'm going to pay a high end escort to pee on me when I make it.

Which hue of yellow piss do you like?

Dirty dark brown/orange piss


>thinking feet are genitals is great
If you had Down Syndrome you'd probably be boasting about it, that's the nature of mental illness.