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20k here.

UI needs some work. I actually preferred the old one.....

Also, prefer cossmonaut to cossacks.

Lot of amateur mistakes still on the website. The team are a bunch of stuttering potheads. Might still pull through though, they are improving albeit not very quickly. I have about 7000.

Its crazy actually, this shows how much potential value this coin has. The fact that it's so high already despite this. If they literally do just a totally mediocre job and make a reasonably decent exchange the Coss token will be a top 50 coin.


i just hope they can get it done in a timely manner, if the site doesnt work at a normal pace by the end of q1 these guys are utterly incompetent

The site is shit and I wanted to pull out, but you got a point. There's obviously a lot of people holding on to hope on this.

Yeah. Basically, a lot of potential is NOT priced in. It's by FAR the best value exchange coin. If the exchange is ever as good as the other mid-tier exchanges like Hitbc, Liqui, etc, the value of the token will keep driving it higher. I'm holding for now... I agree with you, I really hope they can sort it out.

Supposedly there are new devs starting in house this month. Better be good, there's still time for them to get this going.


scam stay away anons

Yeah I mean we can all agree that the coss exchange is not that good right now. When comparing it to competition however I do see a lot of potential. A marketcap on the coin of only $150M, for a technically working product (albeit needs improvements I do think its undervalued. I rode KCS from $2.50 to $18 and I would not be surprised if Coss's price follows it along as well. I wish Coss had a better referral program however because you saw how quickly everyone heard about Kucoin. The fact that Coss.io has plans of implementing fiat I think will be good in differentiating it from others like kucoin.

Cossmonaut/cossack/bill cossby reporting in. Idk why but I just get comfy feels about coss. own about 5k. I know it sucks shit at the moment but I really feel like it will get better. The dividend model + new exchange engine + fiat gateway will see us through the kuiper belt.


50k+ tuna here. Added a bit more when we fell to the $1.5 range but we bounced back too fast for me to move some ETH over. Trying to add more to my stack, but it looks like we've stabilized at $2. Very narrow band we're bouncing in, can't decide if I should wait or just buy in here.

Probably gonna just sleep on it. Comfy AF.

bought in yesterday at 2,64$
I knew I shouldve waited, but I didn't want to.

yeah shits on sale rn. ive got about 2.5k coss but im going to add about $600 worth of coss to it because shits way to cheap rn.

Do you guys think there is a reason as a dev to put the UI slow like that? To reduce as much as possible the risk of shutdown when uploading the new UI for example, or is it easier for them that way to implement the few more details during this week?
Just asking, I am no dev and don't know shit about that.
Clown fish here, 11K COSS.

Or is it just amateurish work from dev?

fuck I don't know whether to buy now or not. It really tanked today but I was waiting for my BTC to transfer and missed the boat. I guess $2 is still a good price, I just wish I'd been able to get in earlier.

it won't go below 1.3$

It's sitting around $1.90 now. You think it'll go lower?

I meant the resistance is around 1.3$

looking like macd might cross over to an upwards trend according to bitscreener.com soon.

New Medium post from Rune. Good read.

Tldr: he's not super thrilled with his devs, is taking it very seriously, and loves the Coss community

ah gotcha.

New Rune post.


Comfy in my cossby sweater

His drive is what gives me faith in the project. That and his relationship to the community. Good to know he's been reading the feedback on reddit etc. I'll keep holding my Coss for now.

yes but apparently they are working on it

this desu

2 Dev team!?! The fuck?

That's why I'm sticking around. He's at least been very forthcoming about his frustrations with the team. Hopefully that means that he'll be encouraged to increase hiring in the very near future. (And that none-too-subtle hint at being responsible for hiring... and firing.)

COSS is my investment stack. If the exchange goes tits up, then I'll be out a lot of imaginary internet money. But I'm willing to pay $4k for the very real chance to never have to work again.

If FIAT goes live before June, I might just be at that COSS party in Singapore.

I'm not certain that means there's only 2 people. I think he means there's 2 dev team(s)

"Dev decided to split up their time also with a few of them going to sleep after conducting a marathon day of going 33 hour straight."

A few of them going to sleep, if there's only 2 of them? Doesn't make sense. Pretty sure "2 dev team" was some sort of spelling error.

one team in singapore and one in romania

Ok well hopefully they hire more developers now. I have my faith back into the COSS team a bit now after the constant shit show we've been getting from them.

Well Rune has made it pretty clear that he and this project aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Their goals are set quite low for users and volume, so obviously they have the money behind them to take their time. Hell, they're way ahead of their goals so far and by most people's standards they aren't even doing that well.

What I'm saying is I highly doubt your 4k will be worth nothing if you hold for the next year. Maybe it the project does poorly it could drop to half or a quarter of current value, but nothing is highly unlikely.

I'm the same, I've resisted selling even though I'm now up 25x from my 1k investment (close to 40x at the height of that pump, oh well). I'm holding for the chance that it might give me enough weekly income to make my family secure indefinitely.

They just hired like 7 people. New dev starting next week and another in Feb. Hopefully we'll see this come through in the site soon.

>monitor died so running on a small crt
>I can't see the button to cancel an orders
>just have to wait for it to be filled
OH ffs

Not afraid of losing that 4k, I'm holding some very good coins in my trading stack. The only problem I have now is how much I actually want to be shunting towards buying more COSS. Bought another 1k today, but I wish I'd thought to transfer some spare ETH. Could have easily been double.

Apparently mobile site works pretty good, if you want to try that route.

I know the feel. I bought 6k back at 0.10. It dropped to 0.06 over the next few weeks and I said screw it and bought another 6k. Best crypto decision I ever made. Coss is now over 2/3 of my portfolio and I won't be rebalancing, at least not yet.

Thanks that's a good idea

I honestly think its all up from here.
>pic related

I'm glad COSS doesn't have the kucoin pyramid scheme referral system actually. It's very gimmicky and reminiscent of multi level marketing scams.

How much will anyone really get in kick backs from referrals when they drop the payout to 15% ?

I've actually been pleasantly surprised by how stable its been after the rollercoaster. Over 12 straight hours hovering around the 1.90-2.00 mark. Seems most people agree that 1.50 is extremely cheap for COSS.

oh my god it's so much slower

Yeah I was surprised at the stability as well. I was kind of hoping it dropped in the 1.50 range so I could pick up more

Mmm, havent actually tried it myself, only what I heard. Might be your phone if you have a potatoe. If you can actually cancel it might be worth it.

Damn that red candle

wew, all cancelled. I really can't wait for this site to be a bit more functional.

I know, it was delicious. I actually managed to catch the knife for once.

>only 7 new people
Doesn't sound like its enough.

If it's 7 new people working only on the exchange that's a good news.

Waiting till summer